DuSable to Obama: Chicago’s Black Metropolis…

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Do you wake up in the morning and wonder…what happened to Black people? Let’s face it. All of us come from predominantly Black communities, but many people think that is synonymous with living in a ghetto.

Says who?

Every Black person you cross has not grown up in the ghetto, in fact, many have grown up in very strong, predominantly African American communities like myself.

Over the years, on various websites, I’ve bragged and cherished the town I grew up in, Chicago, IL.


Because…it is a city that reflects everything that I respect: hard work, Black pride, energy, family, originality, courage, heart and class.

Founded by a Black Haitian by the name of Jean Baptiste Point DuSable; is it a wonder why Blacks in Chicago have thrived? They are built strong here. No joke. During the 1960’s, Chicago replaced Harlem as the Capital of Black America and has no rival anywhere.

I Grew up on Chicago’s prestigious North Shore, where the median income, even in the 90’s, was over $75,000. People drove nice cars and took care of their homes. Yes, the communities far north get a little more diverse, but overall, living is very comfortable.

I’ve always felt it was a blessing to live and work here.

My life in the city was fun and I thought I’d never leave. However, I had to move to Georgia in 2004 to go see about my mother. I was born in Augusta, Georgia many moons ago. It’s the birthplace of the late James Brown. Great coincidence, but Georgia just isn’t where I belong.

I’ve been debating if and when I move back to Chicago. Because…although I’m just a few hours from Atlanta; it’s not like the Chi. And I really just want to go home.

For those of you who are thinking about moving to or visiting Chicago, please…I hope you’re staying more than a week. There’s so much to see and do. You’ll love your stay.

The city of Chicago is known internationally as a World Class City. However, for most visitors, they never get a chance to see some of Chicago’s famous vibrant African American communities that can match any areas in New York, like, Chatham, South Shore, Hyde Park, Pill Hill, Kenwood, Homewood, Flossmoor, Olympia Fields, Country Club Hills and Matteson, to name a few. These areas are on the South Side. There are also areas out where I grew up, Rogers Park(large WI population), Evanston(same as RP), Waukegan that boast very diverse populations.

In the 1960’s, Chicago replaced New York as being the capital of Black America, which is the title it still holds. Louis Farrakhan, head of the NOI resides on Chicago’s famed South Side. Also, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Micheal Jordan, R. Kelly, Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, the late Bernie Mac, Chaka Khan, Earth Wind And Fire members/leader Maurice White, and his brother Verdeen And of course, our President, Barack H. Obama, and his lovely wife Michelle. There are many that I haven’t named, but I’m sure you get the picture. Michelle grew up on the South Side. There has always been a strong nationalist movement in Chicago and people are very much aware of issues that are affecting the Black community.

Chicago is a very political city and there are many in the Black community who are organized and active in all of the city’s comings and goings.

What makes Blacks in Chicago special? They haven’t lost their identities. They know where they come from and are some of the “realest” people you’ll ever meet. No joke. Typically, they are not pretentious and have a strong “down home” appeal. There are those who came up from the South who still have their accents and then you have those who are as chic or more than those you’d see in New York, L.A. or Paris. It’s s lively mix of people: talented, entertaining, funny, beautiful and warm. The Black folks in Chi are always going to say hello, but won’t hesitate to tell you about yourself if you don’t come correct. You like yourself better just being around them.

Again…I’m PROUD that I grew up there.

THIS IS THE REAL CHICAGO that you don’t hear anything about…

***For anyone planning to visit or move to Chicago, you’re making a smart decision.

You’ll love the place.

Link: http://www.richard-seaman.com/USA/Ci…goAtNight1.jpg


11 comments on “DuSable to Obama: Chicago’s Black Metropolis…

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  3. OH GOD YES!! I had the best of both worlds, and both worlds were BLACK. I spent summers with my grandparents in very rural SC on their farm. These people grew everything, and it was my complete safe place.

    During the school year my home was Washington, D.C., a world that I talked about a lot so I shall spare you. But let it be known that I could go for months not see a white face in person. I didn’t suffer not one bit for it. No ghettos, no pimps and hookers running around, no open junkies and you could most certainly walk down the street and hear Curtis Mayfeild.


  4. TTNYCRN says:

    It is very nice to hear about your hometown TruthAngel. Chicago sounds like a very interesting place and I would like to visit the city one day in my life. The only thing that I would never forgive Chicago for is when the Bulls were crushing my Knicks back in the NBA playoffs during the 1990s,lol!

    My hometown of New York City is a very ironic place for black people. As you know TruthAngel, the most famous black neighborhood in the world, Harlem, is in New York. From my knowledge, NYC has the largest urban black population in the U.S. NYC also has the most diversified black community, at least in my opinion, as there are blacks from the South, the Caribbean like Haiti,Trinidad,Jamaica, Barbados, mainland Africa like Nigeria,Ghana, Cameroon and Afro-Latinos from Panama, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. Outside of NYC, the only other cities that I could think of that have American and foreign born blacks is Miami(huge Haitian population) and Boston(Caribbean blacks and people from the African nation of Cape Verde live in the black areas like Roxbury). You could correct me if I am wrong TruthAngel but I dont think many foreign born blacks live in Chicago as the black population is mainly traced via the Great Migration from the South.
    On one hand, NYC has the numbers of black people to really be a strong center of black nationalism. However TruthAngel, the black people here REALLY have petty differences. The irony is this. You said-“What makes Blacks in Chicago special? They haven’t lost their identities. They know where they come from and are some of the “realest” people you’ll ever meet. No joke. Typically, they are not pretentious and have a strong “down home” appeal. There are those who came up from the South who still have their accents.”
    What makes the Blacks in New York City weird? They have not lost their identities to the point of not seeing their collective problem. The Southern blacks got issues with the Caribbean blacks. The Haitians got issues with the Dominicans. The Trinidadians have issues with the Jamaicans. Sometimes both the Southern blacks and Caribbean blacks have issues with the blacks from mainland Africa. And of course, the Afro-Latinos like to show how “Hispanic” they are even when they have obvious Black African physical features. The American blacks usually live in Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville. The Caribbean blacks usually live in East Flatbush, Canarsie, and some parts of Queens. The Africans usually live in The Bronx and in small numbers on Staten Island. The Afro-Latinos, since they want to be more Hispanic than black, live in the Hispanic areas of NYC, like Washington Heights and the South Bronx.
    Dont get me wrong TruthAngel, there are some Pan-African pride moments here in NYC(e.g. Caribbean day parade). Of course, Al Sharpton is from NYC and some famous black activists(e.g. Charles Barron, the late Sonny Carson) are rooted here. However, unless there is some racial incident(e.g. the Howard Beach & Bensonhurst killings of black men in the late 1980s) that forces blacks to come together, the black people here in NYC are far too petty to have strong black nationalist elements like the blacks in the Chicago.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I think the differences are smaller. When people really stop trying to be difficult with one another and forge bonds based on commonalities; the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

      It’s all about choice.


  5. Au Matu says:

    Synchronicity must have led me here…Already have plans to move to Chi next month (only 90 miles away in Milwaukee x_x), & have been counting the days for the past 2 months..Thanks much for this confirmation!


  6. Adeen says:

    I like this post because it reminds me that I want to go back up north but live down south. It is so segregated where I live. I want to go back to a more diversified setting and live around my own Black people.


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