The Change In Chris Brown…Frightening?

Chris Brown came on the music scene over 7 years ago.  His energetic dancing and vocal talent, mixed with catchy hooks in his songs, helped him moved quickly up the music charts. His first album went platinum with lightening quick speed.  Then he dropped his second album, more hits–6 albums total; then…it all happened that night:  In 2009; he slapped, then, girlfriend Rihanna, and his world crashed.  It changed his personality–his image–and even changed him psychologically.  Overnight; Chris became a thug.  He became dark.

The public turned on him.  He’s been on a downward spiral ever since,.

While looking at some old photos; I just was struck at how much his image has changed:

The eyes are the window to one’s soul; and it’s becoming quite clear that there is a lot of darkness in Chris Brown.

Honestly, I don’t hate him.  He’s a young man that made a mistake, but he has wonderful talent and with some much needed changes; Chris Brown could actually be a great artist.

I say: he needs to get rid of everyone that has got him in this dark place–clean house; then recreate his image and start focusing on his art.

He’s a talented young man.  I’d hate to see his talent go to waste, leading to another tragedy.

6 comments on “The Change In Chris Brown…Frightening?

  1. I think this is just the price one must pay to become successful or at least move to another stage in ones career. I think you have to give up something to “graduate”, while some give up family members other give themselves up. Just look at Miley Virus, or Rihanna, a beautiful young lady at first and now–she ain’t had no clothes on two years.

    You gotta give it up if you wanna continue to eat, but also, these careers have a very limited self lives unless one can find something else to “give up.” Unless you’re white of course then the sky is the limit as long as you feed the beast.

    And one last thing: look at those whores over there at the Kardashian household. Nothing but tramps and there mother pimped these girls out and continues to do so. Kanye wants to wife a woman famous for being screwed on tape. A woman who has nothing to offer but her ass, a true hoe. And the rest shall follow. One has got to ask one self what in the hell is happening right in front of us.


  2. I used to be a fan of his and bought his album and posters and I had a huge crush on him, after I noticed him changing I am no longer a fan and don’t buy anything of his. he used to be handsome and sweet, now he looks crazy and I can’t stand his hair color and all those crazy lookin tattoos.


  3. Adeen says:

    I agree but you know how the media is when a Black person messes up….they don’t see us as fully human and when we mess up, they think it is typical of Blacks to mess up. That is why the media always taunted MJ and Whitney while they were alive. As well as Chris Brown always being villified in the media for beating up Rihanna. Kim Kardashian and not even Paris Hilton are taunted that much in the media either because in their minds White is right.


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