The Top (10) Deadliest ENEMIES of The Black Community:

*Ever wonder why things are the way they are? What you see in some areas within the Black Community today are the effects of CHOICES made decades prior. Here is a list of the 10 worst enemies of the Black community:

1.) Irresponsible Baby Breeders( Why are so many woman having children they can’t afford? )
2.) Absentee fathers(It takes a man to MAKE A MAN !)
3.) Criminals that degrade their communities with their behavior and lack of moral values
4.) Dysfunctional families
5.) Parents that won’t discipline their children
6.) Materialism
7.) Class bigotry
8.) Lack of solidarity in communities
9.) Churches that don’t care
10.) Uncaring neighbors

Notice that I didn’t include the KKK or White America as being the main culprits of the many of the problems that are existent in some areas of the Black community today.

The above issues are the main ingredients that created the problems facing many communities in Black America.

Sometimes, we are the enemy and if we don’t care about who we are as a people; then we should not expect others to care either.

It all starts and ends with US .


*** A healthy debate is encouraged ***


11 comments on “The Top (10) Deadliest ENEMIES of The Black Community:

  1. TTNYCRN says:

    I agree 100% with this post, especially with points #1,2,3 & 9!


  2. Adeen says:

    Well said. We need to clean up the mess in our own communities first because it is ridiculous that 73% of our children come from unwed single mother homes. It is sad that our children have a hard time graduating from high school. It is not good that many of us are unemployed or have babies out of wedlock for no reason.

    We need to being back pride in our race and then maybe we can fix the problems in our communities. But for now, we are between a rock and a hard place right now as a community


  3. Imhotep says:

    I don’t know if other races would have respect for us if we were to care about who we are as a people. A lot of our people in Amerikkka are under the impression that yts do not really care about us. We are still here in Amerikkka because they needed our people for labor. I believe that yt men do not like seeing the Black family together.
    Why-te men, during the days of slavery, stomped on our babies to death or feed them to alligators. When I was younger, I used to believe that they just hated us for no reason really. Through my life experiences, I realized that yt men are jealous of Black Men. They turn red in the face whenever they are forced to do something positive for us. They naturally hate Black Men. They are aware that Our Creator made the Black Man for the Black Woman. While we were slaves, they did everything they could to make us hate ourselves and see them as superior. Worst of all, we were not allowed to call them pathetic which is how they looked for having them explain to us that they have superior intellects to us.

    All of this is complicated. They are mutated inbred Afrikan albinos incapable of having self-love. A lot of our people are not aware of that fact. More of our people need to wake up and realize that we are in this ongoing race war. We are all we have in this.


    • Adeen says:

      Well said. The Black family structure was broken down during slavery and still continues to this very day.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Bottom line: White people must be exterminated. Period. It’s the only solution.


      • Imhotep says:

        That’s the truth.


      • Imhotep says:

        Yet, our people did nothing to them. They came from the Caucaus Mountains back to Afrika. They tricked our people, who (at the time) were unaware of who yt people truly were, to sell us into slavery for 400 years. To them, we shouldn’t be angry at all? We should “just get over it”? Some of our brothers think we are cursed by the Creator because of our slavery. They never apologized as a whole. Instead, they said that slavery was best for us. Even today, are we supposed to hear the story of our brothers being shot every 28 hours by a policeman or viligante, and care less?! They are heartless. There has never been a race more selfish than them. They try to point the finger back at us. The other non-Black races probably dislike the Black famly too. Many of them have enslaved us as well. The yt man in Amerikkka has used them against us in many cases. So, they ar the worst out of them all, to me.

        They are devils. Almost every word out of the why-te man’s mouth is a lie. The yt woman just denies that they do harm. The yt man only truly has respect for himself and nobody else. He uses the yt woman for his “white supremacy” thing, and we can all see it by now.

        There is an order to everything on Earth. Our Creator is in control. Yts are confusing to study. They want to do things in private, but they never want to give us any privacy. When they show up at our rallies to march alongside us, we do nothing to them. We are good people to them. Yet, let one of my Sisters run for mayor of a predminonately white city…. they would burn her house down or throw watermelons at her for hours on end. Our people should not want to be where they are anyway. When we are not around them, we have to question what they have waiting for us. They talk about their minds and the size of their foreheads in comparison to ours, but they cannot seem to enjoy the company of themselves.


      • truthangel07 says:

        We as a people have to stop shuckin’ and jivin’ with white people. Look them in the eyes…and SAY WHAT WE ARE REALLY THINKING and MEAN IT!


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