BLACK LOVE Begins At Home!

I’d like to introduce the Black Family to the rest of America. And here it is..

We Are Family! Sister Sledge made this jam a classic and it plays at every family


There comes a time in life when you have to call something for what it is…and let’s face it; some of our people are lost. They want to be part of the mainstream so bad; they think nothing of who they choose as a mate. To begin with; Black love begins at home. It’s really the truth. Why would healthy minded Black people choose to date/marry white people–the oppressor? Why? Louis Farrakhan asked this question.

Why in the world are there Black people who just don’t get it?

I find no joy, pride or validation in being with white folks– NONE .  I’m proud of who I am and where I come from and my family is large on both parents side. Both sides have family reunions and I have more relatives than I can count. I’m proud that you see BLACK PEOPLE throughout my family–who are MARRIED and love each other–and have been so for a very long time. The community I grew up in was the same way. Most of my friends came from two parent homes and the images we had of Black people and Black love were positive and reinforced through our daily interactions outside of our community.

Whenever I see a Black man or woman with a white person; I just look at them with pity and sometimes disgust. They’ve fallen for it: White Supremacy and have crossed over–and can’t cross Black. Sometimes I wonder how they really relate to one another. They can’t have as much joy and fun as a Black couple. I’m sorry…but I enjoy being with my man and we are just silly together. When we walk down the street; it often feels like we get positive vibes from all the Black people that we encounter for choosing one another and envy from the white folks; sad, because we burst their ignorant stereotype wide open: That YES ! Black men actually being romantic toward their own women. Why wouldn’t they? Hell, the entire plastic surgery profession is trying to create the Black woman model in flat-assed white women wanting full hips and lips. And I just have to ask: How does it feel to kiss a man or woman who has slits for lips? What about that bestial odor white folks are known for? How does it feel to wake up to something that smells like a wilder beast–especially after showering? And the aging…Lawd, White folks are just the most disgusting to look at as they age. They have some of the worst skin I’ve ever seen and as they get older; it’s as if they are decomposing. It’s simply disgusting to even imagining being with someone who becomes more like waste material than anything one would actually be reminded of admiring once upon a time. Plus, white folks are nasty–they don’t like to wash their hands and they are prone to get hair and body lice. So again, I ask: WHY IN THE HELL ARE BLACK MEN AND WOMEN DATING AND MARRYING THESE PEOPLE ?

However, to each his own right?

Whatever, but I truly feel that Black people should choose each other to be with over any other. Self preservation is the first law of nature. The Black family was the first family–literally and historically–life began in Africa and our race should honor this fact through marriage to one another. Black women were born to be with Black men and the majority of them desire and choose Black men because home is where the heart is…and Black men are always welcome in the house( If they act right ).

Black Love begins at home, people…and we need to start putting it into practice.


19 comments on “BLACK LOVE Begins At Home!

  1. Deanna says:

    It also is imparities to treat other blacks outside your home with much honor and respect. Whites understand the importants of treating each other with high regards


  2. And here’s the most interesting thing, when it comes to give awards out of a school of 1800 students primarily Eurasian. 98% of the ppl up there are Africans and maybe 3 Asians. The europeans were all there with their mouth wide open shouting smth in their language. Asians are best at music and art, African students are more well rounded. Europeans would be next etc etc


    • I lived in Nigeria for 3 years, though I was born here in Canada, and raised here most of my life…my parents took me there for experience. The education is far better there, most outsiders know that but the oppurtunities are in the west…sadly


      • TTNYCRN says:

        @Toronto Girl

        I remember you from Peanut’s Black Not White Dipped in Chocolate blog(I changed my username from B.R. to TTNYCRN). Hope you enjoyed my stories about black people in New York City

        I wish you the best with your love-life with this Arab guy. Dating in of itself is hard, and it takes time to find the right person. Here in New York, I do get interest from non-black women but black women are my focus or long term relationships.

        Neverthless, I think the crux of TruthAngel’s post is that many black people who date/marry whites are taking white people’s so-called kindness for a weakness. Dont be fooled TorontoGirl, white people are VERY SMART, they are not ignorant and they know what they are doing to promote white supremacy. Since you are Nigerian, you might have heard about this. If not here it is from Louis Farrakhan

        “In terms of how this wicked policy of depopulation has affected Africa and the Third World: During my last visit to Zimbabwe, in southeastern Africa, we learned how the AIDS pandemic was killing 5,000 Zimbabweans a week—20,000 a month. And the biggest industry at the time in the capital city of Harare was the making of coffins … And although it was the Blacks who were dying of AIDS, I asked about the White population—were they dying of AIDS; and the answer was, “No, they were not.” I went to a luncheon sponsored by the Zimbabwean Department of Health, and a wonderful female doctor who was the Minister of Health was so proud to announce that every child in Zimbabwe was vaccinated with vaccines that had come from America and Europe.

        I grieved over the widespread death due to the poisons, not “un”-intentionally put in vaccines, but intentionally put in vaccines to limit the population of Black people in those countries and places in the world where America’s needs for their vital minerals and resources were deemed necessary—in her mind—for her national interests; to keep America in the world as the “No. 1 superpower.”

        Killing off tens of hundreds of thousands of people in Third World nations, because those nations trust the scholars and scientists of the Western world, White people, who claim to want to “help” them. While there are many White people who are sincere, they are the “fronts” that are used to open the door for the insincere Satanic Mind to enter, to practice evil under a claimed “noble motive.”

        You said you are not into white men, so this does not really apply to you. Nevertheless, continue to learn about white supremacy. With the white population going into decline and the recent economic trends(e.g. recent government shutdown in America, poor economic standing of US), white people are going to protect their interests. Remember TorontoGirl, its not about being a pro-black nutcase, its about being a black person that is pro-realistic about this system of death called white supremacy!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Amen. Well stated.


  3. Imhotep says:

    Nice article as always.

    Wp probably look the way they do because they infuriate Our Creator. Now they are talking about coming up with the solution to death. They do all of this because they do not feel appreciated as people. Our Creator does not want anyone undoing Her work. They fail to realize that.


    • truthangel07 says:

      The more I observe white people; the more I realize just how disturbed they are. Malcolm X was totally correct when he said that the basic nature of white people is depraved. I agree with that totally.


  4. Lol, does Arab count? Lol jk, i agree with u definitely…they’re trying to subconsciously (cuz not all realize or will admit this) distant themselves from the other “negroes” and feel accepted into the mainstream. But they will always be brown skinned and beautiful 🙂 I feel like there will always be those awkward moments, so it won’t be fun…like some of my Asian “friends”, a lot of their friends openly dislike blacks. Two, my actual friends, said they saw boondocks as black humor. And I was just like what boondocks is so funny?! I bet they don’t consider FRIENDS white humor?
    And being black, to be more specific Nigerian-Canadian, or Afro-Canadian is a huge part of my experience living in Canada. I need someone who gets the culture, and isn’t always like “huh?” And doesn’t like hanging around BP apart from me…and I’m going to raise my children like how my parents raised me, I don’t know anything about being half-non black.
    But anywho, the guy I like now is dark curly haired Arab. I don’t like white or most non BM…I like DEEP BROWN skinned men. Is that still bad? Cuz I actually like HIM. and this is coming from someone who wants black children, but u could change that for him. Since the first time I saw him, I felt magnetically attracted and I don’t like white guys as I said before. What about that?
    He has full lips, black curly hair, darker than most BPs hair which is actually brown…


    • I’m not even african american, and get confused about certain things in their culture, but I can still find boondocks funny though it’s geared to more AA


    • truthangel07 says:

      That’s on you, Mrs. Ocean. You like who you like. As long as you know who you are–and walk in the pride of your ancestors; naturally, you’ll gravitate toward those who love that part of you as well. Those who don’t: THEY CAN STEP!!! As Beyonce said: “To the left…”


    • Imhotep says:

      @Ms. Ocean

      Their friends try to distance themselves from Black people because they do not want to get hurt. All of civilization comes from us. That means there are asian women who would prefer a strong Black Man over asian men. Asian women know that most Black Men want to marry Black Women. So, asian women go for why-te guys or asian men. Together, that asian woman and her non-black man are bitter towards all Black People together.

      We should not take anything they say or do around us personally. It is them that tries to convince themselves that we look and smell like monkeys to stop having strong feelings for us. It is their problem. It only becomes ours if they try and attack us. Even then, they are the ones that look crazy for trying to attack us. We need to let these other people of color stay to themselves. Our worst problem are the mutated albinos also known as why-te people. The other people of color can stay themselves better without looking to harm us unlike why-te people.


      • Asians look the most like monkeys, straight black hair, pale skin and wide noses….and they’re pretty dumb, I go to an international school and I don’t know why they say Asians are smart maybe at math, but that’s cuz some school don’t allow calculators. But I’ve been to china and Nigeria, china may have big buildings but the ppl are soooo bush and backwards mentally. It’s just that black don’t stick together like Asians, if we did we could easily surpass them.
        And ure reasoning is a little wrong. Most Asian women don’t like BM. The media gives BM a bad rep in most women’s minds…”strong black men” maybe u need to stop being strong which is code for taking WPs BS and since you’re still alive, you’re strong. When u didn’t have a choice. And instead being more independent. africa is the richest continent in the world.
        My Korean friend told me how Korea has no natural resources, so that’s why they focus so much on technology. I’m observing them, most of the time studying non blacks. Art class surprisingly taught me THE MOST about non blacks when it comes to European and Asian History and even Native American and Latinos


  5. Adeen says:

    So true. That is why I don’t like this interracial thing pushed in the media. People are better off being with their own kind and dating and marrying each other.


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