Book Buzz: My New Novel…Just In Time For The Holidays!


My New Book, Butterflies in Bronzeville will be out just in time for the holidays.

Briefly, what is Butterflies in Bronzeville about?  Growing up on Chicago’s North shore, I had long heard of an interesting neighborhood on the city’s south side, named Bronzeville.  It was a magical place. Bronzeville was to Chicago’s African American community what Harlem was to African Americans in New York.   Bronzeville was the center of Black Metropolis in Chicago.  It was a place where you could get a shoe shine and then go next door for a doctor’s appointment.  Hard working middle class Black folks rubbed shoulders with the crème de la crème of the Black Elite.

1962 was the last year of innocence in America.  It was the calm before the storm of everything that would happen in the 1960’s.  Teenagers, Fred Peebles and Gwynette Burgess have a chance encounter on the “L” train coming home from school that will change their lives forever.  Through a succession of fascinating events impacting the other, combined with a series of twists and turns; their lives intertwine with other connecting stories, and exciting characters over 3 decades, highlighting love, hate, joy, sadness, the challenges of class, social prejudice, and the unexpected.

So, what is Butterflies in Bronzeville about? It’s the first book of a planned sequel. Butterflies in Bronzeville is a “feel good” story about love, community, and lifelong friendship, and the bonds that bring the meaning of life to our culture.

Stay tuned…more details to follow

***Please feel free to check out my current novel, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman available at…


3 comments on “Book Buzz: My New Novel…Just In Time For The Holidays!

  1. Adeen says:

    Wow, I would love to read the novel you have out. I am in the process of writing one right now.


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