I’m FED UP! …And I Feel No Obligation To Be Nice To White People!

At first I had decided to take a break from racial issues, but, last year, I got preoccupied in a board debate regarding the young girls in Maryland who beat up a transgender white man/woman.  It was all over Youtube.  Added to this, everyday I turn on the news, Donald Trump is still pushing the birther issue. It has already been proven that Obama was born in Hawaii, but that is not enough for the most radical elements within the Republican party; some are making accusations that Obama doesn’t want to show his birth certificate because he is really a Muslim and it states this on his birth certificate. CNN just did an investigation and reported yesterday that they not only located Obama’s birth certificate–they verified the information and also added an addendum of even showing an old birth announcement that clearly indicates his birth on the date of delivery. Would you know, that people are now saying that Obama’s family had this information faked because “they knew he would run for president.”  Almost 50 years to him actually running. Huh? I just sat there along with some co-workers and we just all agreed that these people are just racist and logically, because of their pathological arrogance, some just can’t be reasoned with.

Some white folks actually have accused Obama of being racist.  Yeah.  Imagine that.

This is actually helping Obama.  Because clearly…there are some crazy people in the Republican party.

After that report, CNN had segments of angry white folks shouting down members of Congress during state town hall meetings.

I asked some of my co-workers, when are Black people going to start getting angry? WHEN???? Blacks have the highest level of unemployment. Poverty is still a problem in many urban areas, as well as rural counties. Black males are dropping out of high school at extremely high rates and teenage pregnancy accounts for half of all births now in the Black community.

When will Black people begin to vocalize their anger and frustration at the Obama administration? A better question would be: Do White People Really Understand How Irritating They Are To People Who Are Not White????

Don’t even get me started about the absence of Blacks being nominated for the Oscars. And even American Idol is getting whiter. You rarely even see Black people on television anymore.

What is going on in this country?

As a Black woman, I have to literally pray in order to get some divine assistance and strength in order to not go off on white folks. Living in Georgia has not only made me realize just how racist white people are innately. Many southern whites are intellectually dishonest and really don’t think anything is wrong in celebrating the Civil War–waving rebel flags on their pick-up trucks, homes and t-shirts. Some will even smile at you and have the audacity to tell you, “God bless your heart…” What does that mean? I watch in silence. I shake my head. And my smile is a lie. Deep down, I’m plotting to hurt these people if they continue in their ignorance. Black people subconsciously assist them through their acquiescence, and allow them to keep oppressing them subliminally down here.

Interracial coupling is not the cure-all for racism. And being in an IR union is not an indicator that your partner is not racist.

Quite frankly, one couldn’t pay me enough money to date or marry a white man.  No, baby.  I’m not looking for The Great White Hope.   I love Black men and think they are the sexiest men on earth. Black people should honor each other more in my opinion. And there is no better way to do that than to marry someone that reminds you of yourself.

Basically, I really don’t know how long my reserve is going to last, but I’m telling you, when you keep goading a fight with someone, one day; it’s gon’ come.



22 comments on “I’m FED UP! …And I Feel No Obligation To Be Nice To White People!

  1. L.C. says:

    Also as platonic woman to woman girlfriends they are not to be trusted! White women can’t stand black women and are extremely jealous and enviously of BW. Even the nicest of the when put in a situation you can bet your last bottom $ they will come for you. They are not to be trusted!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Dr. Umar Johnson hit the nail on the head: “Whenever you have any contact with white people; it’s never neutral; it’s usually confrontational–even subliminally.” I make no rookie mistakes with them–for I know who they are. You can’t be a victim when you know who your enemy truly is…and that’s how I see white people.


    • femme muscle says:

      interesting… there is a lesson i did learn from white females. They automatically assume that black women are “mules”. We are the ones to carry the load when no one else does. Because of our history – yes. We were “super women” before the moniker made the mainstream.

      i had to work as a contractor at a facility with another white contractor. She was very petite, waist-length blonde hair – and the lead supervisor was a white male that was married with children. I would take the initiative when the “princess” sat on her butt and flirted and played with the helpless one. She was given the better shift, and did nothing for most of the eight hours she was there. Just small talk and flirting.

      The supervisor never trained me or the other contractors on special studies or certain equipment. But he was showing the princess everything he knew. She was given a better education because of her privilege of being white – as well as more desirable .. than myself – the mule.

      Long story short, our contracts were up. They expected the princess to take over my shift with no supervision because they took the time to train her in all aspects.

      Guess what? the princess basically told them she was not willing to work that hard, and when her contract expired, she left them high and dry.

      The supervisor thinking i was still going to play the mule – role, came running to me asking if i could extend my contract to cover that shift. He already knew the answer before he came to me.

      After that, incident i did not envy that female. I learned from her. It took a long time to get out of that “mule” mentality. It took a very long time to stop taking responsibility for others who will gladly sit on their butt and watch the “slave” do all the work.

      i also learned that white females see themselves as “thoroughbreds”.. even though we black women are the ones that are literally running the race.

      We can stop taking on everyone else’s load ladies.. this is a true sign of “codependence” and “martyrdom”. It’s not healthy. And will be taken advantage of especially by white folks.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Thank you for sharing this story.

        I’ve seen this behavior all of my life–it is also very prevalent in college. Many white females don’t earn their degrees; they FUCK their way to graduation. It’s very real.

        Yes. Many Black woman do work hard and are often overlooked, all the while, the cute blond, or equivalent, just saunters her way around the office, schmoozing it up with the higher-ups; then getting assignments or promotions because of what they do for the boss; not earning respect by the quality of their work.

        Frankly, I’m an uppity one. The kind they love to hate. And I will let white folks, particularly white females understand, that it is against the law of nature for a conscious-minded Black woman to degrade herself in being subservient to a genetic defect. Which is what they are.

        From the womb of one Black woman in Ethiopia, ALL LIFE emanated.

        White people didn’t create us; From Blackness (Africa), all other HUE-mans came.

        Remember that and walk in that knowledge.


  2. LAWD HAD MERCY!!! I could write an effing book on this issue.

    Short story real fast: I work with this little princess of a white girl who really thinks the world is there to serve her. She has this little voice and this blonde hair, and she can wrap a coon around her finger with little effort. Well, what she didn’t know was I am not, nor have I ever been attracted to white women. She asked me to do something that was clearly not my job, and I just walked away. I guess she thought that I was agreeing to do said task. PLEASE!!!! So it didn’t get done, and a lot of prints got ruin because this test was not ran on this printer. Since I knew it wasn’t my job my mind free and clear. They jump in her ass with both feet and do you know this recessive pointed at me and said I was supposed to do it? My manager got her and her manager and sat them both down and read her job description as well as mine. And that was that, they was gonna fire her and if she wasn’t that little blonde princess, I’m sure they would have. She sneaks over to me asking why I didn’t help her out, because all the others helped her? I told that girl with a straight face and all the conviction I could muster: the only reason the others do things for you is because they want to get in your pants, where as for me, I don’t even want to see your face. She couldn’t believe that there is a Black man that didn’t want her. And that’s my story, and I will stick to it.


    • truthangel07 says:

      And I believe you. White chicks really do think that every Black man they encounter want them. Sounds like low self-esteem masking itself around White Privilege with a dash of arrogance. How interesting though that per usual; the white chick hollered (((RAPE))) when she didn’t get her way. That’s a lesson to be learned a reality never to forget about these broads. Still yet; stupid nuccas won’t listen.


  3. TTNYCRN says:

    I agree with mstoogood4yall 100%

    Right now TruthAngel in addition to reading stories about African-Americans(Im reading about the Great Migration that blacks took from the South to the northern cities), I like to read about other non-whites and their battle with white supremacy. Even though some other people of color throw us blacks under the bus sometimes, they too have to deal with a white world. Right now Im learning more about the Native Americans. There is a book called Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee(it deals with the battles Indians had with the government and the right to their land.) In the book, some of the Native Americans sense that white people have a mental makeup of being a “big boss” and thats why its hard to live in peace with them.

    When I was growing up TruthAngel, I thought the racism of white people was due to being ignorant and fearful.HELL NO. White people are not ignorant and they are not fearful. Heck some racist whites have black husbands, wives and children. Its their sense of self-worth. Them being “white” makes them feel that they are better than any person that is not white. Now to be fair TruthAngel, I have met some whites(the 1%) that would try to listen to our concerns about racism but the vast majority are so built in their high self-esteem of “whiteness” that they would not even listen to you and just call you the hater.

    Why do I call white supremacy a system of death. Because your racial background is your biology, and biology means the study of life! As you said TruthAngel, anyone could change their manners(social class), economics, education,etc. However, our African heritage is rooted in our genetics. As a black man, my African heritage is my biology and I will pass that on if I hopefully have children. So, white supremacy is a caste system! Its about being born with a certain color and if that color is white, you have it easier in life. So TruthAngel, that Native American living in poverty on some reservation in North Dakota, that Aboriginal Austrailian living in the ghetto of Sydney and me as a Afro-American living in NYC have the same battle-white supremacy.

    Nevertheless, as msgood4yall has said, black people have to focus on ourselves.Why? Well, Im not in the NOI and Im not a Rastafarian but Babylon will fall. The white population is going into decline hard, the American government is in chaos and the Western world(the basis of white supremacy such as England, America,etc.) is now dealing with “third world” emerging superpowers. White people will hang on to their interests and the blacks who “integrate” will probably be in for a rude awakening! Whatever flaws black nationalism has is one thing, no ideology is perfect. However, integration seems like the assimilation of fools for sure.

    We cant save every Negro TruthAngel, it is what is. Nevertheless, the writing is on the wall. Will black people wake up or will we be marching to Washington, begging for equity and singing kumbaya, we are the human race with white folks. Lets just say, I am very awake,lol!


    • truthangel07 says:

      For quite some time, I’ve felt like a line is being drawn in the sand. Either you’re on one side or the other. What would it benefit me to side with whites? I’m an intelligent woman and I understand posterity and self-preservation very well.

      Blacks who are mutating their genes with these monsters are making a grave mistake.

      White folks are dying and they are scared of what is going to happen to them.

      I feel no pity for them–NONE.

      Whatsoever a man seweth; that shall he also reap.


      • TTNYCRN says:

        The irony of the fall of modern Babylon TruthAngel is that due to their population decline, white people(in regards to interracial dating) are going to be the victims of their own success.

        Who created the one-drop rule?

        Well if a white person mates with a black person, even if that black person is socially ignorant and wants their kids to be colorblind, guess what TruthAngel? The kids of that union in the eyes of the NYPD, Chicago Public system and any other institution in America is a Negro. Even if some biracials do profit off of white supremacy, there are alot of others that dont. For example TruthAngel, there is a mayoral candidate here in NYC(he is white,his wife is black and they have two biracial kids) and his son has obvious African features with a big afro. So even with his white dad,if he goes anywhere, he is definitely a Negro!

        The fall of modern Babylon, and Egypt is indeed something!


      • truthangel07 says:

        The Bible at work. He that is last shall be first; he that is first shall be last. Karma, baby…


  4. Do White People Really Understand How Irritating They Are To People Who Are Not White????

    I don’t think they care and we shouldn’t either, we can’t keep asking why why all the time, we gotta get ourselves together and stop acting like an abused wife that won’t leave her abusive husband and be independent but keeps asking why do u hurt me why won’t u treat me right do u feel bad for hurting me.

    What is going on in this country?

    Backwardness and spiritual warfare

    when are Black people going to start getting angry? WHEN????

    We don’t need to get angry we need to change and start getting our businesses and communities together, we shouldn’t fight angry but smart, what good is it to blindly throw blows and waste energy instead of strategizing and making things count.

    God bless your heart…” What does that mean?

    It is southern talk for oh bless that poor soul trying but not really getting anywhere. My grandma says this when someone tries and fails at something example d tried to bake a pie for c but it came out wrong but c says bless her little heart.


  5. Adeen says:

    I am fed up, too girl! I am sick of the ways of many racist Whites since I live in the South and I experienced mostly subtle and sometimes overt racism thrown in my face since I lived in the South. It is not easy being a Black person in a society that is anti Black and whose oppressors hate them like crazy. And I am sick of the disregard of Black life by White and Black Americans: example Trayvon Martin’s incident. I am sick of the mistreatment, rude stares, being called the n word etc.

    When will I ever be considered a true citizen in this society? All I want is respect and for Whites to live me alone!


    • truthangel07 says:

      All of those are good questions, Adeen, but the solution is for Black people to start loving themselves more and stop expecting whites to give them what they should have intrinsically: SELF-RESPECT!


      • TTNYCRN says:

        Its crazy to hear about your experiences in the Deep South TruthAngel

        And obviously Adeen, you have talked about your experiences before of going from New York to the South.

        Nevertheless Adeen as a fellow native New Yorker, trust me, the whites up here and no different than the ones in the South.

        If you look at how the white residents reacted after the killings of black men in the Italian sections of Howard Beach and Bensonhurst in the late 1980’s, the white residents of NYC make the Southern whites look like first graders!

        Trust me Adeen, all you have to do in Brooklyn is take the B44 bus or the D subway line and you will definitely get that Southern charm!

        And yes TruthAngel, black people need some self-respect instead of forcing ourselves onto white folks and wanting to integrate! In fact, I think we are doing white people a favor by not having to deal with our concerns and making them “pretend” to care!


  6. Hi, white woman talking here. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to write this, but I’m going to try to in the most appropriate way possible. I think you are right. I think there are a lot of things wrong with society, and I think there is a HUGE pitfall of ignorance that captivates American society. I also can say that until I took a college course called, “Intro to Ethnic Studies,” I had NEVER considered how favorably my unearned white privilege was working for me, and against everyone else. That class truly opened my eyes, and now I can’t help but wonder why I had to wait all the way until college to be enlightened about so many aspects of racism that permeate American society. I always knew on some level that our society wasn’t post-racist, but the depths of which racism still grips our society was hard for me to grasp because it was never thrown in my face (perks of white privilege). I get sick when I read some of the comments on Youtube, on Facebook, on Twitter of the ignorance that some people harbor. It’s truly disgusting. I think our education system needs to do a lot better job because quite frankly, “Black History Month” doesn’t cut it. I think issues of race should be taught from a young age, and most importantly white people need to listen. White people need to acknowledge their unearned privilege and try harder to envision what much of humanity is going through.

    Sorry I’m going on a rant here. It may not even be my place to do so. But I hope whenever you find yourself discouraged by other people’s hate, that you know there are others out there who completely support you. I truly believe that love will win out in the end.


    • truthangel07 says:

      First of all, I would like to thank you very much for respecting my blog.

      I don’t discourage whites to post on my blog; I simply will not harbor racists and ignorance that I’ve seen permeate many multicultural blogs.

      Everything you’ve said is quite right and I am impressed by your sincerity and honesty. It is not every day that a white person can even acknowledge the depth of white privilege and will actually attack Black people, like myself, who are telling the absolute truth about what Black people experience.

      Thank you very much for contributing this proactive response.

      I give you my blessing to contribute commentary but also, implore that you study African history beyond what is taught in the schools.

      Africa is the birthplace of life, history, and ALL KNOWLEDGE that Europeans built empires from–yet claimed the glory.

      That must be corrected and that is the real catalyst of my blog and others out there by Blacks.


      • Again, I totally agree with you. Our human history and rhetoric, not just here but all over the world has become so skewed with the ignorance of previous generations that so much has been lost in mainstream history lessons. And of course, what histories suffer most? All those that have been obstructed by this ignorance. I promise you I will continue to study African history. 🙂

        Also I can understand your anger towards whites, because honestly, I was angry when I first started reading more about racism. There were so many things I didn’t see at first, and I was ashamed, but I was also angry. And I’m still angry. Because I can finally see many things I never did before, including how it seems like every white person today plays the, “I’m not racist” card as a cop out to belittle your argument. Or to make you think you’re crazy for seeing something as racist. I can only fathom the resistance you probably do meet with whites because they cannot see what you are forced to see everyday. With time, I truly believe this will all get better, but until then, we all need to keep fighting for the equality that everyone deserves.


      • truthangel07 says:

        “Also I can understand your anger towards whites, because honestly, I was angry when I first started reading more about racism. There were so many things I didn’t see at first, and I was ashamed, but I was also angry. And I’m still angry.”

        Racism can also be compared to classism: you’re angry because humanistically, you know how it feels to be rejected because you don’t belong to “the right group.” That’s universal. However, you can change your class with proper education and diligent hard work. You can’t change your race–even if you become wealthy.

        We live in a white racist society, like it or not.

        When whites say they want to fight for equality; literally, it is an oxymoron, for doing so would be to your own detriment. White Supremacy is a power based system, and if whites are really serious about fighting for equality, by which, ALL have benefited from–even poor whites, visa-vi, White Privilege; in effect, to fight for equality means the end of White Supremacy.

        And thus, this is the true reason why the discussion of race is not talked about with seriousness. Those who understand racial equality knows that this cannot happen unless the system they have been empowered by is totally destroyed.

        The first law of nature is self-preservation and true White Supremacists (liberals) know this full well.


    • Adeen says:

      Wow, it is nice to hear from people like you. I am glad you realize your White privileged status and realize that it is up to us to change the society we live in for the better.

      BTW I am glad there are Whites like you who get it!


      • All I can say is I agree with you TruthAngel, and I only wish more people with white skin would listen and stop living in a pretend world where racism ended with the Civil Rights Movement in the ’60s. I hope and I believe that one day they will listen. And it is not to say I perfectly understand where you are coming from because I will never truly understand from first hand experience how racism affects you, but in other ways and on other scales I can possibly relate to some of your frustrations and your pain (I know a thing or two about sexism). The best I can do is continue to learn and to try, because none of us are equal until we are all equal. I hope with this blog you will be able to find other like-minded people who are of all races and colors, and with it you can open a dialogue. The problem remains however, whether or not whites can finally admit their privilege. I’m sure you’ve already met much defensiveness and aggression with your well-founded assertions on this site. However, with time and education, things will change.

        On that note, I wish to thank you. I know it might sound silly, but I’m very serious. It is because of people like you who aren’t afraid to speak out or to “offend” somebody (I say offend only because sometimes people don’t like hearing the truth) that things change. It seems you live up to your name. So never let anyone stop you. I know many people will try to belittle you, but you are human and deserve to be treated accordingly.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Thank you very much, Whisperedfootprints. Godspeed.

        And you’re more than welcome to grow and learn here.

        I appreciate your humility and respect. That’s really what the issue is…it’s all about RESPECT.


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