I’m Not Mad At Racists! I HATE WHITE LIBERALS!


This thread will be short and sweet.

As a proud African American, I can tell you that I really don’t give much energy getting mad at blatant racists. I know where they stand.

What I despise are lying ass liberal whites who love to put on an act as though they are not racists; but, when they are among other whites; how they truly feel becomes quite apparent. As in: giving money to underprivileged communities or services, but not giving honest advice about how to become financially independent. The logic being, Black people aren’t smart enough to understand complex financial initiatives and lack basic money skills. Or, say for instance, two Black people are talking at a party and a white guest casually strolls up and interrupts them by prefacing his/her concern for racial equality. The kicker is…the two Black guests were talking about astronomy and concurring their fascination with space exploration. The presumption here from the white guest was that being Black automatically meant that race was the only issue two Black people could possibly be interested in. Certainly not astronomy?   Right…

Black folks who fall for the game only get played.  White folks only are concerned with their own interest and if they show an inkling of interest in Black issues; it’s guaranteed there is an ulterior motive.

Malcolm X once said that it’s moments like these that go right over many Black folks heads of the racist mindsets of whites–although subtle. He believed that no matter how nice many whites came across; all had racism in them.

One of the biggest mistakes many white folks make is the presumption that Blacks aren’t intelligent.  A true manipulator knows how to manipulate the violator; never revealing their true intent to disarm them, weaken them and bankrupt them, simply by feeding their narcissism and arrogance to them, as one gives poison to an unsuspecting soul.

We see through this…

And you will get checked.



6 comments on “I’m Not Mad At Racists! I HATE WHITE LIBERALS!

  1. The white devil says:

    I have read a handful of blogs with similar rhetoric. What makes me smile is comments such as “the truth isn’t racist”. I especially love privilege, and the concept that it must be checked to genuinely love or befriend someone who isn’t a privileged whitey. Whites who appear kind must be viewed with suspicion, some MAY be able to prove they see their privilege,but they still have to prove it. This post is old so I don’t know if I’ll get a reply. The reality of life itself makes it hard to take offense. It is hard to feel anything but amusement or pity. The truth is, if you belong to any first world country, you have responsibilities. You have bills. You have to eat, have power, pay rent or own a home. Pay taxes. Get healthcare. These are needs that everyone has. These needs don’t give a shit about relationships, they don’t give a shit about privilege. They don’t give a shit about race. Advantages. Disadvantages. Past or present atrocities. Racism. They are things you need, and things don’t give a fuck about your situation. Now to apply it to you. If you want those things you need a job, you need to know people to make connections, you need working relationships with those people. To really go anywhere you need an education or a lot of luck. You need banks for mortgage loans. What do all of these things have in common? White people will be there for all of it, whether they are nice or not. White collar, high paying jobs are white dominate. College professors will be mostly white. Your loan officers are most likely going to be white.You live in a white world, and until there’s an all black alternative to any of that (there fucking isn’t), everything you said in your post, everything you feel about white liberals or racists is basically shooting yourself in the foot. The rules or unfair, but unless you want to live in poverty and condemn future posterity to the same they are the rules you’re going to play. If you’re going to college, getting a job, loans…etc, there is a high possibility you’ll be handing it to the white devil. That white devil, doesn’t need you, but you need him in almost every scenario that will get you ahead in life. That’s where whitey can not care what you think about them. I have no problem making friends with white people. I don’t have to like my professors or my boss, but I’m totally fine being their buddy if it means my kids get ahead. A white man can check his privilege, but he’s still going to take every advantage that you don’t have to get ahead in life. Bottom line, life doesn’t give a fuck about your views on white people, you have to prove you’re genuine and want the relationships to achieve your success, not the other way around. So you have a few choices. You can succeed and hate the whites that will be involved in everything you need to succeed in life. Hate the whites and have nothing to do with them and most likely get none of this without moving. Or you can drop the bullshit and realize the white man doesn’t give a shit about privilege and has no fucking need to prove anything to you, have genuine relationships, and succeed that way. It’s really up to you, and it won’t put the white man at a disadvantage, only you.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I don’t allow whites on my blog.

      However, I’ll let your post stand so that others may respond to you.

      As for myself; in 1996, the white population reached negative birthrate. And given your position that “we’ll always need white folks”; my rebuttal to that in regards to nature, not so. White skin is a result of a genetic defect (you can’t produce melanin). You see, white people have always acted on a presumption of intelligence. You, in your grand whiteness, have assumed that every race on earth can’t do anything without your participation. That is historically incorrect and based on an attitude of pathological narcissism. Through your psychic affinity, all of what makes up White America was createad. But I pose this question: Where was the white man when the foundations of the earth was created? When the white man appeared on the earth–emerging from caves, 100,000 years of history had already been completed. Civilization began in Africa.

      It is very clear that you have never heard of Black Wall Street. Blacks had only been freed from slavery for 46 years and were quickly becoming an economic threat to white supremacy. Something had to be done to impede it. http://sfbayview.com/2011/02/what-happened-to-black-wall-street-on-june-1-1921/ The economic success of these Black people scared whites so much, they resorted to violence to stop it.

      Black people don’t fear white people; many simply don’t over-stand just how weak white men really are. White people became who you are because of KNOWLEDGE SUPPRESSION. Using information and misinformation as weapons of psychological warfare against Black people and other people of color in order to oppress, handicap, and destabilize those groups in which you felt would impede the economic empires you built from the labor of poor people. You can’t compete with us fairly, thus, you bend the rules to your favor, strengthened by white supremacy, and extended privileges based on your white privilege. This is what has caused so much destruction of many people of color. We have had to adopt to a paradigm that was meant for our destruction; it was meant to keep us below the ceiling of our potential.

      Innately, you are evil people. You have no spiritual consciousness and this is why you have been selected by nature and God for extinction. Your actions on this earth have been judged and this is your sentence.

      If you didn’t fear Black people; there would be no need to hinder this population for your survival.

      That is coming to and end.

      There are higher laws in this universe and they apply to white folks as well. Like it or not.


  2. TTNYCRN says:

    Isn’t it funny TruthAngel that the most “liberal” white cities in America are probably more racist than the Southern states. My rundown

    Boston-So called liberal city. Yet the racial busing program of the 1970s showed how “liberal” those white people really are

    NYC-My hometown. Let me take the subway or bus to Bensonhurst, Howard Beach or Staten Island and those Italians will show me how “liberal” they really are

    Philly- Frank Rizzo and the Black Panthers.Nuff said

    Chicago-Your hometown=Mayor Daley.Nuff said

    The sad part is that black folks want to be loved by whites so bad that they really dont see how evil these so-called nice white people really are


  3. Adeen says:

    Yup the Whites who hang around Blacks and act friendly towards us are bigger threats to us than any White supremacist or Skinhead. At least with White supremacists and Skinheads, you know that they don’t like us and want to associate with us Black people. But these Liberal Whites are even worse because they hide their racism in ”helping us out”. These Liberal Whites are more dangerous because they act like they are our friends but they aren’t. Thus we are tricked into thinking they are on our side and for our cause when in reality they are using us for their own ulterior motive.

    That is why I have more respect for Skinheads, White Nationalists and White supremacists than I do for an average White American person because I know where they stand and know that they don’t like Black people right off the bat. An average White American would hide their racism or use subtle racial ways and actions yet say they aren’t racist. Just admit your racist, I would have more respect for them that way.

    Either way, I don’t trust White people and probably never will.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I work with a woman who is like this. She has stated publically that she’s not happy about her daughter dating outside of her race. She’s dating a Mexican. She actually told one Black woman that she didn’t want her daughter involved with a Black man at all.

      White people always assume that it’s minority men chasing white women. NOT! White chicks who usually date minority men are the ones who can’t get the white guy of their dream to want them.


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