The Conspiracy To Destroy Black America…


You don’t see Black people on television. Not one show has an all Black line-up. The News that we get is largely constructed to form public opinion and being that the government controls the media; can one assess why even someone in the most distant parts of the world, have negative views of African Americans? It is by design. Everything negative that you see about US is “created” literally to construct social-engineering. Its intent: To maintain White Dominance.

You think this is a joke?

I invite you to read this posted on the Assata Shakur forum: There really is a media conspiracy against Black People – Assata Shakur Speaks – Hands Off Assata – Let’s Get Free – Revolutionary – Pan-Africanism – Black On Purpose – Liberation – Forum

Where I live in Georgia, our local paper has a section called “Sound Off” in which people in the community can call and leave anonymous messages about anything that is bothering them. Well…I had been thinking about it for a long time, but I took the time to express how southern whites seem to think they can disrespect Black folks down here with absolute impunity. The arrogance, obnoxiousness and ignorance that many of them have toward African Americans is downright repugnant. Whether you go to the local Wal-Mart or the mall…McDonald’s, etc., white folks have this audacity to presume they can talk or say anything to Black folks, whether they invite the interaction or not. I always tell folks that Georgia is a beautiful state, but Rednecks and that old Good ‘Ol Boy system of the south f*ck it up.

I just spoke the truth to the paper…and I can’t wait until my comments are published.

As relates to the country, I ask myself when…WHEN? Are Black people going to get angry? When are we going to wild out. The unemployment rate in and of itself calls for protest. Black people are losing their homes at record rates. Black males have dismal numbers in just about every category, yet, you dont’ hear anything about our issues. Is it because we’ve become to lax and apathy has taken us over? Is it fear to SPEAK THE TRUTH? What?

Obama is not even addressing these issues and those advising him(mostly white) continue to convince him not confront our condition. I’ve lost respect for Obama and his cowardice is giving me reason to either support a different candidate in the upcoming election or actually sit out and not vote at all. This would be a travesty, but I’m disgusted with his administration.

Hell–Bill Clinton was awarded the moniker “The Nations First Black President” when he was in office because of his support and many programs he created to help the Black community and other minorities. He was honored to be given that title.

Obama, the brown man, doesn’t even want to be considered as The Black President.

An irony?

Whatever it is, I am demanding that all of you start writing your congressman and telling them what is wrong in your community and exercising your right as a voter and American citizen to be treated with dignity and respect by those WE ELECT to represent us.

Those in the Tea Party were not afraid to do this.

Black America has no excuse.


6 comments on “The Conspiracy To Destroy Black America…

  1. Rob C. says:

    You are right that blacks are suffering by design. Big mouth minority of whites are stirred up and say and do things that are plain wrong. But they are not your real problem.

    They are not organized, with a strategy and funding and a desperate need for black votes. Your real enemy usually has a white face, but also has black skin.
    They need a voting block that is consistently aggrieved and in need of govt provided funds. They want 100% of your votes but don’t want you to have 100% of your children….because if you had all your children you would be too I large of a voting block to be satisfied with the games they play to make you upset over substance programs. You could move beyond their bad schools kept by on purpose so you have little chance as a group if people.

    If you succeeded in large numbers, you would finally integrate and gain the acceptance via success that you deserve. You would finally find out most white people want you to succeed, and enjoy the great things of our country. You may also find out most white people say absolutely nothing at all….paralyzed that they might say something wrong or offensive. So the only whites that speak up are racists or parrots…..not the rest of us.

    The same media that influences blacks as described in this blog makes clear white people are to shut up and stay in the corner. So, they do. So have I.

    Ideas like school vouchers to free your children from union run public schools are defeated, time and again, as blacks reliably vote along with those who are destroying their children….the unions….on behalf of the party that “loves” black people.

    The party that gave us the civil war, Jim Crow laws, and fought against Civil Rights, found a trickier way to keep blacks on their plantation. Controlled, manipulated, and rightfully unhappy. And they give you an enemy to hate. Whit people. The ones silent, in the corner, and wanting the best for you….although most don’t know how to help you.

    I am tired of being the poster boy for black anger. Because I am white, middle aged, bald overweight family man…. I look the part. I don’t vote with you, because I want what is best for our country. I along with many like you support school vouchers to help your children to be well prepared to compete for their rightful place in all areas of society.

    I don’t pretend to agree with protests that are fanning flames of anger on false premises. But I also understand that the false premise is created on purpose, because the backdrop is years of suffering, and the single event is dwarfed. But the false premise brings out those that argue that the premise is false, so two sides can argue and build hatred….it is toxic and destructive.

    I won’t be heard, because I am speaking out against the common narratives created by a small number of people who control our media, our banks, and our politics. And because I am white.

    There is a path to your success as group of people. But it is not the path you are currently on, no matter how much I more you do it. We will all lose, but you will continue to lose the most.

    Find out who your real enemy is, target them, and change your lives against what they keep teaching you. Allow others of you to go against that stream, and watch the heat build. They will really fight you. Unlike the silenced whites, these vicious folks will go to any extreme to keep you in the place they designed for you.


  2. We have been pacified and supported right out of existence.

    I live in the Atlanta metro area, and I see first hand how we as a people will allow anything and buy anything. We’ll eat anything and wait in line to do all of it. We don’t have any real leadership and our family has been destroyed. And just don’t even let start on the Black church, that is a mess by itself. That is not a conspiracy, that is a plan in action.


    If you haven’t watched a Cheif Keef video, hold your nose and do it and keep in mind this boy is 17. I have no doubt that if they allowed him and boys they would kill every Black person that didn’t like the sounds they put out. Hell, he even says as much.

    Conspiracy? No, this is a plan in motion sista.


    • truthangel07 says:

      I believe it. My blog has been attracting a lot of white folks lately–many as racist as the sky is high. I won’t even give them the chance to enter into my domain. I zap ’em every single time. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR a White version of the reality I and so many Black people live. We don’t have the right to speak our truth; NOPE! We have to play to the script. I’m not a follower baby and I’m sure as hell no damn fool.


  3. Adeen says:

    Yes it is a conspiracy to ruin and destroy our communities.

    The goals of White supremacy:
    Emasculate the Black man.
    Effeminize the Black woman
    Breakdown the Black family
    Put drugs in our community and make the Youth addicted to drugs
    Produce Gangster Rap to replace real, Rap that identifies with Blackness
    Keep Black people ignorant of their true potential and history
    Keep Black people fighting among each other.
    Make Blacks hate themselves and love the White man.
    Keep the Black man from providing for himself and his family by not hiring him as much.
    Brainwash Black men to think White, Latina and Asian women are better than Black women.
    Brainwash rejected Black women to look for the ”Great, White Hope”.
    Keep Black people down.

    Last but not least, divide and conquer. We should all know the goal of White supremacy is to kill and destroy us as a people. So far, it is not working because we, as a people, still rise and preserve as a race of people.


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