Should We Try To Save Those Who Don’t Want To Be Saved?

*From Black Talk Radio Network: 

Scandal: Should we try to save Black women who do not want to be saved?

 Scotty Reid, 4/27/2013, opinion, culture, education

I recently came across a post on Facebook by Tribal Unity 4 Liberation about the hard-core porn websites specializing in Black women being degraded by White males. This post brought to my mind the ongoing debate about the popular television program “Scandal” starring Kerry Washington playing a Washington, DC harlot.

In my mind, soft porn like Scandal being peddled on the public airwaves represents the same attack on Black women but in a milder made for television format. Also on Facebook, I have read status messages from Black women in defense of “Scandal” stating that Black men are “hating” on the ABC program because the character is choosing to have sex with a powerful white man.

This is what I say to you if you are of like minds, if you do not understand the past, you certainly cannot discern the future…..

In the past, we have seen many blatant racist images of Black women being negatively portrayed as mammies with dark skin, big lips and often overweight speaking in broken English. Then we saw the Blaxploitation films of the seventies where the Black “heroin” is often compromised sexually in order to get back at “the man”. Then in the nineties we saw the invasion of the video vixens in corporate rap videos to now having one of the most popular programs among Black women being a show featuring a Black woman who has adulteress sex with a powerful married white male while rejecting the advances of an accomplished Black senator because he is boring. The character Olivia Pope is said by the creator to be based on the real life exploits of a Black woman who also works to help produce the show.

As the Tribal Unity 4 Liberation Facebook post points out, you have all these hardcore porn sites with Black women and teenagers allowing themselves to be degraded in the most depraved ways imaginable. Why are these Black women allowing themselves to be degraded this way?

Did the soft porn on network television masquerading as daytime and nighttime soap opera dramas soften us up to the point that Black female actors get scandalous NAACP Image Awards for playing whores on television? Are Black women so starved for fortune and fame that there are no depths to which they will not sink? Are we as a people so starved to see Black faces in television that any role will not only do but the most depraved roles praised?

For any Black woman to say Black men are only “hating” on “Scandal” because the character is sleeping with a white male implying that we are practicing racism is not even laughable, it is tragic. Any man of any ethnicity or racial classification should be naturally outraged at the exploitation of their women and daughters by those within the group or from without. If you are a Black woman and truly feel this way about Black men then you should not say a thing about Black men not standing up to protect Black women and defend their honor because obviously from your defense of this garbage media you possibly have no honor worth defending.

To my fellow Black men that are speaking out on this degrading media, keep doing so for the few queens left among us and for the sake of our future queens.

In relation to those women who insist that there is nothing wrong with this degrading media portrayal of the Black woman, I am reminded by a rap song by Project Pat and Three 6 Mafia, “Don’t save her, she don’t want to be saved”.

 *Something to THINK ABOUT!!!

35 comments on “Should We Try To Save Those Who Don’t Want To Be Saved?

  1. shoes says:

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  2. qhpysqyio says:

    Should We Try To Save Those Who Don’t Want To Be Saved? « From The Mind of Truthangel


  3. truthangel07 says:

    Like you said, they are asleep.


  4. Williams says:

    I’m astonished, I must reveal. Rarely do I encounter a website that is certainly intriguing and likewise educative, and with no question, you have hit the nail in the top. %KW%


    • truthangel07 says:

      I try, Williams. Please feel free to scan the articles I’ve written. I speak the absolute truth here–some people can handle; some can’t, but no matter what the opinion may be from some–I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE for the truth I speak.


  5. Nat Turners' Revenge says:

    Can you delete one? I didn’t intend to post twice.


  6. Nat Turners' Revenge says:

    I still get excited when I see black people on TV & in film. I try to support them as well until the second the exploitation of the caricature of the false stereotype is presented, then we done.

    Love me some Kerry Washington. She has a beautiful mind outside of acting. I like hearing her political points for example.

    The one time I watched Scandal after hearing numerous ladies yap about it Pope was leaving a black man for this married wm.

    I midas well have been watching roots or queen. Anyway I was done and when explaining my reasons to my sistas… Well let’s just say they not “woke” yet. They are not sleep but vision’s blurry as they try & come to.

    My question is why many vanguard actors/actresses flock to these shows/films when they not hurting for work nor coin?


  7. Jay in the Black Dimension says:

    The point that everyone can’t be saved should really be emphasized. I just read your article on Don Lemon. We can’t do anything with people like that. We have to cut them off.

    By the way, what do you think about this?

    We have a lot of people in our community who take these people serious. We have to separate from them. Period.


  8. This was a great blog.


  9. I ask this question a few time a week, and I don’t think so. I got other fish to fry and sometimes it actual fish.


  10. Rashada J says:

    Hate that show with a passion. Period. It plays smack dab into the racial stereotypes, and the majority do not see this. To answer your question regarding those who don’t want to be saved, hopefully this saying will fit:

    Leave him in error who loves his error.


  11. Adeen says:

    We can’t save everybody. I wish I can save my little brother from his self hate and Whitewash but I am afraid that I can’t unless a White person makes him realize that he is an N word. I wish we realized how White supremacy affects his life daily and how Whites truly feel about Black people.

    How does it relate to this topic?

    This topic tells me that we can’t save every Black person because many of them are Whitewashed and self hating.


  12. Imhotep says:

    Our problem as a people is that all of civilization started in Afrika. From my understanding, the first Black Woman and Man gave birth to our own worst enemy (the albinos). They are our enemy because they do not want us to have love or respect for ourselves. Unfortunately, our own worst enemy, due to genetic mutation, wants us (as black people) to engage in sexual acts with them immediately. It is all of them that feel this way. They knew that Europe was too close to Afrika, so we were brought over to what is now Amerikkka. We want to believe that yt men naturally go for why-te women. They do not. All why-te men want a Black Woman to sexually objectify and vice versa for why-te women and Black Men. They are a very selfish bunch that does not give up, unfortunately. They do not understand that God made Black Man for Black Woman and Black Woman for Black Man. The Black Woman MUST love the Black Man to live healthier. The same goes for us as Brothers. I do not like seeing yt boys with my Sisters. Many Sisters are upset to see Black Men with lice headed cave monsters. These altered albinos have an undying hope in their hearts that they can have us. It is only those with why-te skin who feel they must be possessive of us. The people with dark skin from other cultures can stay to themselves better without wanting to oppress us.

    Yt folks do not understand that We never meant to give birth to children with albinism. They never appear to throw in the towel. Our people have to stand up to them. Yts are not going to leave us to ourselves. They want us to live in this land they made for us. No sane Brother or Sister is happy here. Until we stand up to them, everyday will be the same for us.


  13. TTNYCRN says:

    I agree with the commenters above. Nevertheless, there is a reason why I could care less about sellouts,Aunt Jeminas and Uncle Toms.

    White supremacy is a system of death. It will fall and they will fall also.

    For example ladies, in England, many Afro-Caribbeans immigrated there,mainly to London. Since the Black population is no-where as large as the African-American population, there are quite a few blacks married to whites(both black men and black women).However, the quality of life for blacks in England, including their biracial children, was ranked the poorest out of all ethnic groups. The blacks in England have inferior schools, high unemployment(even higher than Afro-Americans if Im not mistaken), live in the ghettos of the major cities of England like London and Birmingham, suffer police brutality,etc. So these integration mad Negroes did the assimilation hardcore, created a new life/lives by laying in bed with a white person, and what did it profit them? Pretty much the same thing that most blacks go through, poor economics, poor education and a poor quality of life!

    Trust me ladies, as conscious black people, sellouts should be the least of our problems!


    • Adeen says:

      I hate Blacks who think like this. I have one in my class and I can’t get too close to her because of the way she thinks she is White. My little brother is one, (I don’t hate him but I am concerned) and he thinks Black Nationalism is racist and that Blacks are racist against Whites and Mexicans. And Black people don’t have the power to oppress people so how can we be racist?

      We can’t trust these sellout Uncle Toms at all. Let the example of integrationist Negros who live a poor quality life and married to Whites tell you something.


      • TTNYCRN says:

        Hey Adeen, as I told you before, your brother seems like a harcore integrationist. Well when thinks black nationalism is “racist” you should ask him this question

        -If the vast majority of whites do not want to deal with blacks(e.g. white flight, the busing riots in Boston in the 1970’s,etc.), if you keep on forcing yourself onto white folks,especially when the economy is poor and their population is declining, I would assume that your brother is REALLY aganist the interests of most white people. Dont you think? Besides, as Macolm X implied, integration makes white people act in “pretend to like black people” manner. That is very anti-white by not letting white folks be themselves

        Unless a black nationalist is advocating for criminal behavior, I support most elements of black nationalism. Or here is a quote from Malcolm X to prove it!

        “They called me “the angriest Negro in America.” I wouldn’t deny that charge. I spoke exactly as I felt. “I believe in anger. The Bible says there is a time for anger.” They called me “a teacher, a fomentor of violence.” I would say point blank, “That is a lie. I’m not for wanton violence, I’m for justice.” – Malcolm X


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’m wall aware of the IR issue over there. Have seen many debates about it. Marrying a white person doesn’t mean you will profit from White Privilege by proxy.


      • TTNYCRN says:

        Thank you TruthAngel. You know it got my thinking, if those white people are so sincere about the system of death that affects their black husband, wife and children, where are they to make British society more fair or to make the living the quality in Brixton(its like London’s Harlem, where the black people live) better. Considering they created a life with a black person, where are they to make sure that their children will have a decent quality of life in a racist society(from my understanding, England is just as racist as America)

        In other words, like your post, where are these “good” white people?


      • truthangel07 says:

        Precisely. They prove themselves to be exactly what we know them to be–every single time.

        I don’t know what is wrong with them, but they are definitely empty spiritually. There is just some type of deficit in them.

        Honestly, I really can’t tolerate them. They vex my spirit.


  14. Living Consciously says:

    I’m so sick to my stomach constantly having to read about, watch or hear about the depths of depravity black women and people will go for the dollar!

    A lot of blacks are messed up F**k int he mind as well. It’s sickens me to the core that most of our culture is so sick and depraved knowingly so to do these things for money! Yes the comment above is true “We can’t save everyone and some just need to get taken out!”

    Women who do these disgusting, degrading things as mentioned in this post are the lowest of the low. It does seem like our people will do ANY THING for money to the detriment of self & culture. Some people say that the jews will sell their souls and family down the river for money and it seems a lot of blacks are doing the same. I just don’t know SMH!

    – Black women degrading willingly by white men porn
    – Popeye’s chicken jive talking chicken slinging black woman
    – Pinesol lady
    – The credit card commercial
    – The insurance commercial
    – The list goes on
    – Reality Shows – Too many to list here

    Some blacks will sell themselves for money at any cost to our communities. Both women and men. From Politicians, Black Elite, Business Men & Women, Actors, Singer/Rapper (including gospel,) Religious Leaders, Entertainers. Sick, SICK, and more SICK! And no one says a damn thing except for a small percentage of us who’s voices are being muffelled by those I listed above.

    I agree that NO we can’t save them and Yes they don’t want to be saved! Let them eradicate themselves from the planet. And may the All Mighty allow our culture to rebound healthy from these evil perpetrators willingly destroying our fabric!


  15. I think these same black women that love this show and call black men haters would not watch the show if it was about a white woman screwing a married black man married to a black woman. They mostly watch because the black female lead, which we don’t see a lot, but they ignore the fact she is being a side chick and feeding into the jezebel stereotype as well as the stereotype that black women would rather be a side chick.
    There are some black males that don’t like this show but are hypocrites and won’t call out the degrading things other black males do (mandingo parties), and then there are some that are genuine and think black women deserve to be portrayed better.
    I feel no sympathy for black men or women that degrade themselves in this way and allow ppl to treat them like this. Or the sick ones that have slave reenactment sexual fetishes, I have none for them.
    we can’t save everybody and not everybody wants to be saved or knows how to act. some people are so messed up they think abuse is love and they love dysfunction. We gotta leave them alone or we will be dragged down by them. Even god doesn’t save everybody so who are we to take on his/her role and be captain save a lost soul, we can’t do it better than the creator, sometimes the creator flips out on ppl and destroys them. The bad have to be separated from the good, if the good wants to be foolish and stand by the bad then they should expect to receive the same penalty as the bad(guilt by association). Think sodom and Gomorrah did the good ppl say u know lets try to save all of them and not move when the lord tells us let’s stay right here. Heck no they left and didn’t look back (well some did rofl) so they wouldn’t get slaughtered too. The creator will slaughter anybody I look at it and I’m like dam, just think if ppl didn’t leave or they didn’t do as instructed like putting blood on their doorway they would’ve been slaughtered right along with the wicked people. When the creator is angry nobody is safe unless u are protected by the creator and do as the creator says. But anyway we need to save ourselves everybody’s natural instinct is to save themselves but black ppl are the only ones that have been tricked and beaten into going against that instinct and trying to save everybody else first. it is the massa is we sick thing in a modern way where we try to help everyone and give until there’s nothing left. It don’t mean we should be cold hearted but wise with who we lend a hand to. example of that, god did not send Ananias to saul until after saul was changed because had he sent Ananias before saul was made weak he might have been harmed. we can’t save ppl that is the creators job we can only be there for them when they are made right or on the track to becoming whole.


  16. TorontoGirl says:

    I agree, and I’m not american so maybe I shouldn’t be talking. But where are these AA men when rappers are constantly bashing bw? Cuz that’s where I learnt that bw weren’t liked. BM are nice in Canada, it’s the non BM that are mean and stereotype bw based on what they see in TV.


  17. TTNYCRN says:

    The Blacks who align with whites will fall with Babylon!Check out this video.(young Farrakhan was fly back in the day


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