My Letter To CNN…


Some of you probably remember an earlier blog I created entitled Is Don Lemon Helping Us or Hurting Us.  In that blog, I questioned his comments regarding his 5 talking points giving Black people advice about what things they could change in order to not being profiled.

MANY African Americans, including myself, were appalled at his gross naivete’ and condescending tone to our community.  It was apparent to us that Don Lemon is only trying to speak for whites too afraid to say what he does to our faces.

He was called out for this.

Well, he’s at it again: CNN host Don Lemon got a big chunk of Twitter very mad at him on Tuesday after he endorsed New York’s reviled stop and frisk policies.

Speaking during his regular slot on the Tom Joyner show he said:

Here’s what  Uncle Ruckus Thomas Lancaster DuBois Lemon had to say:

f you question many people in New York City, even some black and Hispanic people,” Lemon claimed, “they will tell you that on the surface they don’t really have an issue with stop-question-and-frisk. Not the idea of it, at least. Not if the controversial policy was conducted like the occasional, random airport screening.”

Lemon noted that minorities want to believe that officers would stop someone and “politely” say, “Sir, I’m sorry, but I need to check your bag and your person,” but, he lamented, “they know that that’s not the reality of things on the street.”

“They know that in reality they will probably be ordered to put their hands up, spread their legs, or lay on the ground and be handcuffed while an officer or officers have their ways with them,” the CNN host said, “touching them wherever they’d like or handling them however they’d like.”

“So goes New York City, so goes the rest of the country,” he said of stop-and-frisk, adding his suggestion that if a new mayor “alters the equation of the formula that has reduced crime in New York City to its lowest in decades,” it could result in the “creeping back up” of crime rates, the reduction in tourism, and the suffering of “international consequences.” He posited that other major cities could follow suit.

“Whatever the mayor here decides will be reflected in your city, reflected in your crime rate, and in your economy,” Lemon concluded. “So the question is: would you rather be politically correct or safe and alive? That’s the real issue facing the citizens of New York and, pretty soon, ultimately you.

Well, I got tired of it and went to and wrote a very nice letter about how I felt about Mr. Lemon.

If some of you would like to add a complaint about Mr. Lemon, please voice your concerns at: * Just go to “comments about an anchor or reporter“.

I’l wait and see if this will become one of his Talking Points.


13 comments on “My Letter To CNN…

  1. Adeen says:

    Another Uncle Tom sellout. Sometimes I think we do more harm to ourselves than any White person could do.


  2. Imhotep says:

    If only he saw how stupid he looked saying that on TV. He is a Black Man, period. His sexuality does not matter to the average wm or Hispanic cop. The women of Amerikkka will talk about how handsome he is, even though he is gay. Their husbands do not want to hear that.

    We, as black people, need to remember that everything on TV is by wp supremacists for wp supremacists. The rich elite private yt people, themselves, would much rather read a book than turn on the TV. The poorer yts watch TV.


  3. Hey Don….hey girl!!!

    It’s obvious that Lemon is a state sponsored stooge who should not be taken seriously. He speak to white people, cause he sure as hell ain’t talking to me. And how can a gay person get up on a high horse and say anything to anybody? Go rinse your mouth out Lemon and shut the fuck up..


  4. smh don lemon, but rofl at some of the tweets check some of these out they had me laughing


  5. I am do sick of this loud mouth sissy! He needs to have a seat somewhere! Every time he opens his mouth lately he has something ignorant to say. He’s nothing more than a tool for his elite bosses at CNN. He’s just there to insult black people and get us pissed off! He’s a total disgrace! I can’t stand to even look at him.


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