The Book Every Black Person In The World Should Read!


The Destruction of Black Civilization took Chancellor Williams sixteen years of research and field study to compile. The book, which was to serve as a reinterpretation of the history of the African race, was intended to be “a general rebellion against the subtle message from even the most ‘liberal’ white authors (and their Negro disciples): ‘You belong to a race of nobodies. You have no worthwhile history to point to with pride.'” The book was written at a time when many black students, educators, and scholars were starting to piece together the connection between the way their history was taught and the way they were perceived by others and by themselves. They began to question assumptions made about their history and took it upon themselves to create a new body of historical research. The book is premised on the question: “If the Blacks were among the very first builders of civilization and their land the birthplace of civilization, what has happened to them that has left them since then, at the bottom of world society, precisely what happened? The Caucasian answer is simple and well-known: The Blacks have always been at the bottom.” Williams instead contends that many elements—nature, imperialism, and stolen legacies— have aided in the destruction of the black civilization. The Destruction of Black Civilization is revelatory and revolutionary because it offers a new approach to the research, teaching, and study of African history by shifting the main focus from the history of Arabs and Europeans in Africa to the Africans themselves, offering instead “a history of blacks that is a history of blacks. Because only from history can we learn what our strengths were and, especially, in what particular aspect we are weak and vulnerable. Our history can then become at once the foundation and guiding light for united efforts in serious[ly] planning what we should be about now.” It was part of the evolution of the black revolution that took place in the 1970s, as the focus shifted from politics to matters of the mind.

This is the blueprint for Black Empowerment.

When I read it over 10 years ago, destiny brought us together.  I was working on my first novel, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman and while at the library looking for research material, by some kind of serendipitous leading; I literally stumbled upon the book by chance.  I flipped through the pages…and liked the words.  I checked it out. When I got home; I was hooked.  It opened me up–again…like The Autobiography of Malcolm X and the Narrative Autobiography of Frederick Douglass had.

I’ve never been the same since.

And neither will you.

13 comments on “The Book Every Black Person In The World Should Read!

  1. Habibi says:

    You made various fine points there. I did a search on the theme and found nearly all persons will have the same opinion with your blog.


  2. I’ve bought this book about 7 time since leaving high school. For some reason it tends to sprout feet and legs and just roaming off into the sunset. Has your ever done that?

    No, I give them away mostly and consider it an investment. I’ve read it at least three times and even had a real cool girlfriend that would read it to me on slow weekends, that was the best. And it will change your life. Also, read anything on the Gullah/Semiole Wars as well. You’ll get a different take on what really freed us slaves from chains.


  3. TTNYCRN says:

    Just curious TruthAngel, have you read any books by Elijah Muhammed(e.g. Message to the BlackMan,Fall of America,etc.).Even though I am not in the NOI, I would really like to read those books. He(Muhammed) was truly a black man before his time!


  4. I’m proud to say I read this book over ten years ago. It really opened my eyes a lot! All black people should read it. It gives a better perspective on our beautiful history. I would also say that Isis Papers by Frances Welsing and The Code book by Neely Fuller are must reads for all black people. These two books alone will awaken any “sleepers” out there. They both give great insight on how racism operates all around us.


    • truthangel07 says:

      A few people have told me about those two books. I’m going to get some books for the holidays. I’ll put them on my list.


      • I think you’ll like them. Also check out Blacked out through Whitewash by Dr Suzar. She is a brilliant woman! She goes into great detail about how our history was stolen from us. And all the lies in Anerican history books. You will never see things the same after reading it! I guarantee it!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Will do. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m almost finished with my second novel.

        I’ll take some time to read them after publishing it.


  5. TTNYCRN says:

    And this is from a reggae singer from Jamaica but got his skills in London during the 1970s.


  6. TTNYCRN says:

    Interesting book TruthAngel. When I have a chance, I will check it out and try to read it. Here are two songs that I think every black person,at least the conscious ones, should listen to. This from a black movie in the 1970s


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