Tupac: Me Against The World [Full Album]

Good morning, Mates.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years…

Last night, I watched Tupac: Resurrection for the very first time and the memories that started to surface in my brain just imparted the impact this young man had on not only Rap; but Tupac was a revolutionary in his own way. He brought attention to things in his art that needed to be confronted and talked about.

When this album came out, I was managing a record store. I’ll never forget how the album redeemed Tupac who had been going through many legal problems, including imprisonment when it came out. The album debuted at Number 1.  It was one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

I thought I’d post the full album today for those of you who slept on it…to be reminded of the genius we lost the day Tupac died. His death was a tragedy, but his art will never be forgotten.

[Bopping my head] *Memories*

And we miss him still.


7 comments on “Tupac: Me Against The World [Full Album]

  1. Nat Turners' Revenge says:

    With all this extra stressin’
    The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath
    When will I finally get to rest? Through this supression
    They punish the people that’s askin questions
    And those that possess, steal from the ones without possessions
    The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons
    Don’t settle for less – even a genius asks-es questions
    Be grateful for blessings
    Don’t ever change, keep your essence
    The power is in the people and politics we address
    Always do your best, don’t let the pressure make you panic
    And when you get stranded
    And things don’t go the way you planned it
    Dreamin of riches, in a position of makin a difference
    Politicians and hypocrites, they don’t wanna listen
    If I’m insane, it’s the fame made a brother change
    It wasn’t nuttin like the game
    It’s just me against the world

    Do you really understand the genius that is Tupac?

    Me Against the World & Makaveli is gospel.


  2. Adeen says:

    I love this album. Why was Tupac killed?


    • truthangel07 says:

      Street politics. Not really sure of the actual motive because his killer was never caught.


    • Imhotep says:

      Tupac was a Brotha that exposed the system for what it was to a generation. He was always hated first and foremost for being a Black Man (Made in the image and given the strength of The Creator) like we all are. All of these non-black men wish they had black skin (like some of them originally had). All men can see that Black Woman are the most gorgeous women alive. Non-black men are Afrikan and come from us, but they do not have our skin. Because they don’t have it, they punish and sometimes murder us. GZ had a Queen for a prom date. Out of jealously for all black men, he murdered Trayvon. Men of other races (why-te men) embraced it because they wish they could do it, also. We are in this slow and ongoing race war because of the bond that we naturally have to one another as black people. It is our skin color that tied the First Man to the First Woman. It still does today whenever we are called the n-word or the j-word. Our people are trying to live like humans should be able to live anywhere. As people with our skin color, we will always be hated by those who do not have us as partners and some that do. It’s frightening because when their comments do not get to us, they only get angrier. They only have The Creator to be mad at, and not us.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Black people are and have always been…more civilized than White People. That’s a fact. Yes, there are bad Black people–that’s a no-brainer, but when I think about the real battle; Morality, spirituality, and basic human decency are at the crux of it. Just look at the things white people do: rape, incest, child pornography, pedophilia; bestiality, killing their families, murder-for-hire, serial killings, cannibalism (current and historic); prostitution and other forms of sexual deviancy: group sex, bondage/torture, ritualistic, etc.; one clearly sees where the disconnect is.

        They are…and always have been depraved–and any intelligent Black person will call them out on it. Malcolm X did. They never challenged him.

        Wonder why…


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