Who Is This Chick?


The color blue represents cool, inspiration and spirituality.  It also is very soothing.  Just looking at it calms the nerves.  Blue is also the symbol color of TRUTH and moderation.

And it is exactly this which inspires this piece of my soul…

Who am I?  Why should I care about what happens to you?  Why wouldn’t I?  Who am I? I’m that little Black girl that remembers sitting in front of the television, watching the PBS special on Martin Luther King and listening to his I Have A Dream Speech–and then watching his casket being drawn down the street–thousands marching behind it; tears streaming down their cheeks, but still finding the strength to sing, We Shall Overcome.

When I heard the powerful Malcolm X challenge us to THINK and do for ourselves, build up our communities, and defend ourselves–BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY; my mind expanded to the tenth power.  Suddenly, mysteries that were once unknown to me,  became most profound, and I grew little higher from knowing what I had never known.   I felt deep–Like I was part of the clique.  Things started to snap!  And my intellect was on fire.

Lord knows, telling the truth has its consequences, but it also empowers, and frees the soul.

I will not live in a cage.  The audacity I have to speak what is true in my heart, has provoked many, but so many more have been set free from the ignorance that tries to choke their souls.   It has helped them to evolve.

Fear never even has a chance to penetrate the words I speak.  The temerity that motivates the conversations that open up those closed minds, is the greatest reward, which enables me to keep going–and never be intimidated by those who think that lies and deception are the only way to live in this world–no matter who gets hurt.

Either one is part of the problem…or part of the SOLUTION.

Who Am I?



5 comments on “Who Is This Chick?

  1. GINA says:

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  2. **standing up putting hands together slowly a first until I reach a fever pitch of applaud**

    I really really liked that sis. For some reason it echoed in me. Must be that blue you talked about.


  3. Adeen says:

    Well written article. Our communities would be in much better shape if we just stuck together and try to help each other solve our own communities


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