A Woman’s Fragrance Is Her Signature…


Gentleman…it’s that time of year when guys around the world put on their Big boy pants and brave it to the mall.  Their on high adrenaline thinking about getting that “something” for the special lady in their life.  Some are absolutely clueless; and assume; “Hey!  She’ll love that!” Really?  Are you sure about that?  Because if the guy is not; women will not hesitate to let you know.  And with this comment; I’m led to give some sisterly advice to you fellas out there.

Personally, I love good perfume.  There’s just nothing in this world that can put a woman in a great mood than to have a fragrance(s) that really heighten her senses.  Women just love perfume. It makes them feel so feminine and desirable.  Smelling that “special aroma” makes us smile, and happy at the same time.  Why that is.  Well, to get a little scientific, some researchers suggest that it has something to do with pheromones.  Often certain scents of perfumes will trigger more pheromones a woman can produce. But most important; it’s all about reproduction, gentleman.  Women really love the attention they get FROM YOU when they are wearing something YOU LIKE.  Men go crazy over a fine woman that smells pretty.

Isn’t that what you guys want?

Well, one way to kill that is to get your lady a fragrance that she hates.  The smell just makes her cringe.  She’ll give you that Sybil look before she morphs into The Bitch That Stole Your Ego.  And won’t apologize. It’s simply offensive for any man to give a woman a bottle of perfume that she never asked you for; never wore; and certainly would never buy for herself.

Perfume is one of the absolute essential barometers of a relationship when a man knows exactly what to buy for his lady.  And we love you for it.  And please don’t think that your lady will love the next celebrity perfume.  Some who are status hungry might like it; but those ladies out there who are very sophisticated and in touch with themselves, already know what they like and the bottom line is: if it doesn’t smell good–she won’t be wearing it.

No woman can ever have too much perfume.  We love it like men love cash.  Like American Express; we never leave home without it.  Seriously.  We don’t just want the fragrance, but we have to have the body lotion, hand cream, and whatever else can be thought of by the human brain.

In a nutshell; a woman’s fragrance is her signature.  It says everything about her.  Are you paying attention?

I’ll give you a hint: I love Estee Lauder perfumes–and so do many women.  That is one lady who got it right…

So, gentleman; I do hope that you all take heed to what has been said to you in this blog entry and may your ladies make you happy and jolly after trying out that new scent you buy her. Hopefully, you’ll be very merry.


3 comments on “A Woman’s Fragrance Is Her Signature…

  1. shopchakra says:

    Nice information, i like it thank for sharing.


  2. Oh got damn, you are so right. I can remember when I was in the farmer market about a month ago. A woman walked past me smelling so damn good I wanted to take a bite outta her ass. I swear I had to find her and ask her to marry me and have my children she smelled so good, but all I asked is what was the name of that nectar she was wearing. She said it was Usher, and I was so disappointed, but it smelled so good on her. In fact, she was so impressed that noticed her scent I got her phone number and maybe I’ll get…………………………………never mind HA!!

    True story though.


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