First Annual State of The Union Blog Address:


Greetings Followers,

The time has come for candid words in response of what has become apparent in our society currently: people are too sensitive and because of this, honest dialogue has been suppressed.

America is still the land of Freedom of Speech. This is one of our most important rights in this country. If you look around the world at oppressed nations; one of the first things taken away from people who live in these places is their ability to speak without fear of retribution.

Even the Bible speaks about how powerful truth is. Jesus said it would set us free. But one must know that they are bound in order to appreciate that logic. In our society, truth has become negotiable.

Today, many folks feel that they can do whatever to whomever, whenever, with impunity. But there are consequences to our actions and one must expect response to their behavior, words or actions in equal measure.

My general attitude is that it is my responsibility to treat others as I wish to be treated, but when someone steps out of line and causes injury either verbally or through their actions; I have a moral duty to speak the truth and correct them. There are some who view this as wrong.

Take the Gay and Lesbian issue: many of these people have become so hypersensitive about rejection of their lifestyle; they are quick to brand anyone that disagrees with their sexual ideology as homophobic or accuse them of gay bashing. The world is not gay. And by denying people to speak the truth about their views; the G&L groups are doing exactly what they accuse others of doing to them. If they are comfortable about their sexuality, why do I have to validate it? It’s not my life. And the last time I checked, America is still a democracy.

My grandparents grew up at a time in this country, when Black folks could not talk back to white folks. It was against the law for any Black person to do that–adding to injury; they were to act submissive and even looking a white person in the eyes was considered insolence and would be met with hostility.

But God sent Malcolm X to our people and he looked into a camera and for the first time, America heard the honest thoughts coming from a Black man. His words were blunt, unapologetic and exposed White America for what they were to the world. For the first time, Black people had someone who actually intellectualized and verbalize how they had felt for hundreds of years in this country.

The Black Power era broke that rule forever with the powerful mantra: TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!! And Black folks did just that.

Whenever I hear someone telling someone else to shut up, simply because another person disagrees with them…it’s almost as if they are telling folks not to even dare talking back to them, regardless if they are right or wrong.

If you value freedom than you value the tenets of it. In a free society, we must insure the rights of others, even when our views, beliefs, opinions, ideologies and attitudes are challenged.


7 comments on “First Annual State of The Union Blog Address:

  1. You know my tongue has never been bitten–at least not by me, and I’ll keep it that way. We have become to sensitive and soft and as Black people we need to stop that. We need all the hard truth that we can take and then given a little more for the road.

    This is the reason I don’t follow a lot of blogs and comment on even less. I will not kiss a blogger’s ass no matter the topic and if you don’t like it as your reader/follower then block me. I have been blocked by more bloggers than I can even remember.

    I love truthangel because she has always posted what I said in full. Rather she agreed or not, and I know she doesn’t agree with most of what I write.

    I learned from my grandfather and his tongue remain unbitten.

    Yet another really good and timely piece sis. Big up.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Thanks, Hung. I’ve been around for a long time…and trust me: I KNOW WHERE YOU’RE COMING FROM. This world is built on lies and anyone telling the truth is treated harshly by the masses because those lies have built empires and anyone making other people THINK is considered dangerous in this unrighteous world.

      However, anyone that has God in them–will not hesitate in speaking the truth; for the truth really will set us free.

      I’m glad to oblige those who are willing to listen, understand, and be educated. To those who are not–they are free to go where they can roam in their ignorant abyss.

      You’re always welcome here my friend….


  2. Adeen says:

    Love this post and so true. I have been told to shut up many times because they didn’t agree with me. Why can’t I be outspoken against White supremacy without being told to shut up?


    • truthangel07 says:

      For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been “spamming” whites who are trying to infiltrate my blog–based on the topics I choose to discuss. Got a question: Why are white people attracted to what we say,but can’t take what they hear? I think I’ll pose that question in a blog…


  3. Great post! Many excellent points!


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