Why White People Are Afraid of OUR TRUTH!


Question:  Why Are White People Attracted To What Black People Say; But Can’t Take What They Hear?

This has to be an extremely broad question but one in which many Black people can relate to.

Many of us have visited websites that are marketed to the AA community; only to be infiltrated by “them”.  They stay in the shadows for a while–observing what is being discussed, then, with masked intentions; they try to take a dip in the deep end of the pool, only to risk drowning because the truth we speak is just TOO DEEP for their minds.  You see, white people aren’t accustomed to anything that is not customized from the white privilege they are used to.  This is a white supremacist society: everything in print, the media, social settings, et al., is based on that system.  They can’t see that.  It’s a truism they can’t face.  I guess one could look at it this way: white privilege is like an American Express card–THEY NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.


Isn’t that how it is?

How many times have Black websites literally shut down because white folks–who were never invited, decided to crash a party where no one wanted their company?  Freedom of Speech applies to Black people as well–not just “them”.  However, how dare we say things that don’t esteem or privilege them.  No.  It just can’t be…this contradicts the self-righteous and biased view they have of themselves.  Their behavior is never challenged.  THEY ARE WHITE!  

We need to discuss the behavior- -without mercy if need be.

For the past two weeks, I’ve literally disabled white bloggers from infiltrating my blog haven.  It’s my spot–I control who gets in and who doesn’t.  I’m PRIVILEGED here.  It’s my domain and I Rule it with absolute authority.  The racists are always easy to spot.  Their comments genuinely condemn them; however, I’ve even had some try to mask their intentions with faux intellectualism, only to be exposed by some err in their exchange.

There were two white women just recently who had a problem with something I said on some older blogs.  And you know what?  I really didn’t care.

A note was put on my door from jump:  NWA (No Whites Allowed).  You will not get any White Privilege on this blog.  No ma’am.  And I’m not interested in hearing from white women who think that it’s a place for them to celebrate their unions with Black men–nor those who seem to be envious of Black people because they have something that they feel Blacks are supposed to have.  You will not be given a seat at the head of the table here.  

This blog will not be contaminated by “them”.  I won’t allow it.

I giggle when they get upset at the temerity of this Negro woman to say such things.  HA!  Be gone.  I could care less!  I SEE THROUGH THEM.  No matter how hard some try to mask it: They are as racist as the sky is high.

There is a truism that white folks need to face about themselves: what they have has been because of the labor of someone else.  They are inheritors of wealth that allows them the freedom they have tried to deny others to have.  Slavery was a major economic boost for many wealthy white families in this country.  Over $800 Trillion dollars was generated from slavery–and that is just an estimate.  Add to that, how institutionalized racism benefited them as well.  And even our founding fathers understood posterity very well; many of their heirs inheriting the slaves of the authors of the Declaration of Independence.  What a contradiction.

Black people were shut out of the system for over 400 years, but BY GOD!  We overcame–and they just can’t figure that out.  Black people are natural hustlers–we will find a way to make it. It’s just in us, but really, it’s very African.  In Africa, over 90% of the people are entrepreneurs.  It’s in their nature to create goods or provide service to the people in their villages.  It’s second-nature.

I love my people.  And many that come here are just looking for a place where they can talk freely about the issues that impact us all–and to discuss the issues that matter most to US–without some white man/woman interjecting their thoughts on those issues, but with malice and ill intent. Basically, to mask their bias against Black people.  Our history is AMERICAN HISTORY.  Without us; America would not even have much of a culture. It is our inventions, creativity, work ethic, contributions, and sharp intellects that have given much benefit to this country.  And we simply will not be treated with indignation any further.  We know what white people are and will tell them to their faces about themselves.  Basically, we’re sick of them and this is true purging.

The real truth: White people need to face themselves and the system(White Supremacy).  Are they really serious when they say they are interested in equality?  I don’t believe most of them…and the reason being is that when you say you are interested in equality, it comes with a caveat: to truly believe in it; literally means the end of White Privilege. And this is where white folks stumble.  They love supporting the Civil Rights movement, but when it came right down to it, it all boils down to equality–and even some of the most well-intentioned white folks, just can’t get their minds around that for it truly means the end of everything they know.  This would mean that the redistribution of wealth would change–they would have less.  Yes, it would be fairer, but this is scarier than the Exorcist for white folks who’ve become accustomed to affluence, material control/gain; and comforts from being in the upper-classes.  And the biggest fear: That POC (People of color) would gain control over them, gaining political, economic, and cultural control–as they have had control over POC’s.  They fear that what they did to others will come back on them.

Can you say: KARMA!

Whatever the case may be, the bottom line here is: The Truth is the foundation of this site, and I don’t give a damn if white folks can’t handle it.  If they can’t accept that–BOUNCE.

Ever since Obama was elected, these people have been losing their damn minds.  How many mass shootings have we had in the last 5 years?  With exception to two; the majority of the shooters were WHITE MALES.  They were upset because their lives were interrupted.  Oh!  The Irony.  Who f*cked up the economy?  Not Black people, but yet; we keep ending up as victims

An alarm has gone off.  Those who heard it will respond in time.  Those who are asleep shall perish.

Trust me; I pull no punches. White people keep asking for it.  Seriously,  I think it’s high time to TELL IT LIKE IT IS>>>Put hot sauce on it; and stuff it down their throats.

Don’t keep waving your hand in front of a lion; sooner or later he’s gonna bite it off to remind you that HE’S A LION!

With that, to answer my own question:  White people can’t handle what they hear from us because many are just too arrogant and stupid to understand the truth coming from a proud, educated Black person. They fear it because it EXPOSES them without apology. And thus,  If I have said anything that has offended whites: I’M DELIGHTED!


30 comments on “Why White People Are Afraid of OUR TRUTH!


    hey sister am an African (Ethiopian) … i like your blog what you’re doing is good and as a black man i know that white people are racist to their bones keeping that in mind if we want to be free what we have to do is get education as much as we can, accumulate wealth as much as we can, and help those who have creative mind but couldn’t afford school fee. Then as we become wealthier every body will respect us even if they don’t like it. That’s how the world works. So as people lets stop making excuses and work hard,change our life. we are strong people, we are resilient, we can go through any problem. Life taught us that so we’re lucky. ACTUALLY WHITE PEOPLE KNOW US BETTER THAN WE KNOW OURSELVES. THEY KNOW WE ARE INVINCIBLE IF WE HAVE ACCESS TO EVERYTHING THEY HAVE ACCESS TO.THEY KNOW IF WE ARE FREE WE WILL BE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING.THATS WHY THEY TRY TO MESS UP OUR LIFE.SO BE STRONG BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

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  7. vieome says:

    Well for us in Africa, our lack of freedoms, and right to basic human needs, is being imposed on us, by people with the same skin color as ours. Our black leaders satisfy their greed at our expense. The richest continent on the earth, has the most suffering, because the black at top, feels nothing for the black man at the bottom. So yes white people are like that, and so are many blacks, it is a human trait, the potential for evil. Trust me I would rather be an African American, then a plain old African, given the status quo of the African life.

    thoughts: The auto-tune rapper with blood diamonds in his teeth, blood diamonds around his neck, blood diamonds around his wrist, loud and proudly calling himself an African American, when he aint never being to Africa, and several Africans had to die to satisfy his fashion sense.


  8. Because white people are just that.


  9. vieome says:

    God is Love. Satan is Hate. Don’t let the hate that hate produced produce hate in you.


    • truthangel07 says:

      God is also TRUTH; and you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.


      • vieome says:

        Exactly, you have to Acknowledge the truth, that white hate birthed the hate in you, by you reflecting the hate back at them, makes you no different. Nelson Madela seen this truth and let go of his hate. Malcom X too let go of his hate. I have let go of my hate. Be the change you want to see in this world, let go of the past, you cant drive a car while looking in the review mirror. If they want to be evil let them be, dont become apart of that system, be better then that.


    • Adeen says:

      So true. I am trying to let go of my hate as well.


      • TTNYCRN says:

        I long realized that by dealing with white people and with white society at large, you will get that feeling of anger, and hatred. However, I realize that hatred is a complete waste of my time and energy. I channel that by doing positive things within the black community and hoping to see change within our areas, that is why I like TruthAngel’s blog. Whatever white folks do is the least of my concern, our lives don’t need that vibes of negative non-sense.


      • TTNYCRN says:

        Don’t know if my comment went through but I will try again, sometimes WordPress is weird.

        Speaking of Malcolm X, this my favorite quote-“They called me “the angriest Negro in America.” I wouldn’t deny that charge. I spoke exactly as I felt. “I believe in anger. The Bible says there is a time for anger.” They called me “a teacher, a fomentor of violence.” I would say point blank, “That is a lie. I’m not for wanton violence, I’m for justice.” – Malcolm X

        Dealing with white society will cause anger and hatred in us but I do believe it is better to channel out thoughts into improving the quality of life in our black areas. Whatever white folks do is on them, don’t waste your time and energy on the anger, that’s their way of mental control over us!


  10. Ashlee says:

    Put whitey and co. in their place.


  11. Imhotep says:

    Amerikkka is Hell on Earth.


  12. Adeen says:

    Girl, I love how you tell it how it is even if it offends other people! Now that is a Sista I have respect for!


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