Kanye West Needs Help!


This morning while listening to The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Kanye West came up in the discussion, and it was the opinion of the guest DJ (Skip) in for the vacationing Tom Joyner; based on his behavior, current and past, and recent interviews, he felt that Kanye West needed help.

And you know what?  I agree.

Ever since the passing of his mother, Dr. Donda West in 2007, Kanye seems to be going through some kind of downward spiral.  He’s still hurting.


He’s an only child and I wonder if he has any relatives that he can go to.  It’s quite clear that he needs emotional support of some kind.

I’ve written about my objection to his relationship with Kim KarTRASHian–he’s not thinking clearly.  This woman is a tramp; and now he has a child with her and want to marry her?

Whatever is going on with Kanye…I can only pray that he gets help.


11 comments on “Kanye West Needs Help!

  1. L.C. says:

    Listen! I don’t have one ounce of sadness for this crazed fools madness! He made the pack with the devil and he has to live with it. All what ever he did to get where he is cost and its time for him to pay. He made is bed!


    • truthangel07 says:

      I have to agree with that.

      See…that’s what people don’t get in the entertainment industry–there really are evil spirits whose only purpose is to DESTROY human beings. When you open doors; you give them permission to reak havoc in your life.

      Kanye West sold his soul to the Devil and began to make music gloryfying him.

      Now look at his life….



  2. Jorge says:

    Kanye West needs to buck up and start behaving like a grown man with grown man manners, his pathetic tantrums for attention don’t befit the character some other man in his shoes would surely demonstrate, some therapist should tell him his mamma’s boy days are OVER…


  3. I recognize a lot of the behavior that Mr. West displays. It’s anger, and it’s not unlike any mad ass Black man, it’s just he has the income that allows his fuckery to be epic. I think he feels magnetized for some reason, and I don’t think he feels white people look up to him the way he wants. He (to me) wants white approval, and that’s just not gonna happen. His coupling with the attention whore and subsequent baby with said tramp is really beyond me. If his mother were still alive I don’t think that would have happened.

    Truly when you see Mr. West, you see me and all other Black men trying to fit in and be seen for what we are. Not for what some clown did up the street. He wants his propers, and he wants it now. That leads to frustration and confusion, but I could be wrong.

    Let’s not forget what he said during Katrina. He said that for Black person that takes breath in this country and we all knew from the giddy up he was right. For that he’ll always be relevant in my book.


    • yeah I respect him for what he said during Katrina it still lmao at how they cut the feed and the way the white guy next to him was looking bahwhwa.U know I did not know that his father used to be a black panther maybe that is where he gets some of his conscious outbursts from. But yeah he is looking for approval and to be seen and heard, that is normal to want those things but to seek it from people that care nothing about u is what’s not normal.


    • truthangel07 says:

      He needs to take a deep look in the mirror. His image and his real self are conflicting…


  4. I see in the pic with him and his mom he seems content but in the first pic he looks angry. I notice most of the pics of him nowadays he has that look where he’s clenching his jaw. At one point I thought kanye could be a good conscious rapper against white supremacy but it seems he upholds it and jumps between the two and stays saying ignorant things and comparing his woman (and I use that term loosely) to mrs Obama. oh goodness the word loose does describe that thing of his better. At the same time I do think a lot of things are set up, kanye has been lusting for kim for a while and I think they finally gave her to him to keep him quiet and to not use his platform the right way. his mother may have been the last person in his life that kept him on the straight and narrow now they’ve completely corrupted him after his mother died/ possibly sacrificed. people need to be on guard especially men as if a woman can break a strong man like Samson it could happen to anybody.


  5. Adeen says:

    Yes he does need help especially now that he is with Kim Kardashian. I couldn’t believe it when I read an article the other day that he said Kim Kardashian is better than Michelle Obama. Who in the world thinks that? Michelle Obama is the most elegant woman in the media right now and saying any woman especially Kim is better is crazy.

    Yes, he needs help.


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