R. Kelly Is BLACK Like A Mutha!


Uh-huh…here it is…for all the folks who thought R. Kelly had retired from the raunch–NOPE! He’s Baaaccckkk!  With A Bomb.  His latest album, amptly entitled, Black Panties, will be out on December 11, 2013.

There are two different album colors; the first one is for the deluxe edition.


Just when e’rbody thought The Pied Piper had got some religion and changed his sex ways–HA! Hardly….

Check out the playlist:

01. Legs Shakin’ (ft. Ludacris)

02. Cookie

03. Throw This Money on You

04. Prelude

05. Marry the Pussy

06. You Deserve Better

07. Genius

08. All the Way (ft. Kelly Rowland)

09. My Story (ft. 2 Chainz)

10. Right Back

11. Spend That (ft. Jeezy)

12. Crazy Sex

13. Shut Up

14. Tear It Up (ft. Future) [deluxe edition]

15. Show Ya Pussy (ft. Migos and Juicy J) [deluxe edition]

16. Physical [deluxe edition]

17. Every Position [deluxe edition]

Ooh…weee…Heaven Help the chicks out there after your men listen to this album.

Radio is already eating it up…and for all you chicks that was reading that book by E.L. James, 50 Shades of Grey; you’re gonna pay for it now….


Your man is gonna put on that Kelz cd; take one look at you, then…he’s gonna see just exactly what you learned after reading it.  Yeah…he was watchin’ ya, girl.

Teach him some thangs…

Like it or not; R. Kelly is one gifted musician.

Certified Classic!

Got milk?

12 comments on “R. Kelly Is BLACK Like A Mutha!

  1. I’ve been looking for a while for a good read covering this issue . Searching in Bing I managed to find your blog post. After reading this information I’m really glad to say that I have a good feeling I found just what I was looking for. I will make sure to remember blog and come again on a constant basis. Thanks!


  2. Ay Dios Mios!!! says:

    So no one is allowed to have an opinion? I thought only the truth was spoken here?


  3. the album covers disgust me, all those black bodies packed in the first pic reminds me of the pics of blacks packed on slave ships. the second pic where he is basically playing her as if she is a violin which is an object, objectifying black women. smh


  4. throw this money on u. hmm and then we wonder why black women are objectified and classified as gold diggers. no woman wants money thrown on her but maybe sometimes spent on her.

    Marry the p233y. I would hope a man marries me and not my p22sy as if that is the case there is always someone out there that will have better.

    shutup, so women should shutup be seen not heard ok.

    tear it up, that sounds painful my vajajay is not something that needs to be torn, smashed, bashed, hammered, pounded, etc.

    show ya p!22y , um yeah how bout I show u the door. black women are not strippers and someone u can tell to smile or show our privates that is something we choose to do on our own. if a woman said show me the money she’s a gold digger, u say show me ya p3azy and u the man, ok sit down.

    you deserve better, u know that is the only thing I can agree with black women do deserve better, black people deserve better. We deserve better music that doesn’t portray stereotypes and reduce black women to s3x objects and black men to bucks just singing/ rapping about screwing women.


  5. I know you love some R. but at best he’s coon and at worst he’s a pedophile. That’s just how I see him, I’m sorry sista.


    • lol jesus, I wasn’t gonna say anything but.. I don’t listen or support ppl that are dysfunctional and rap/sing about sex, drugs, cheating etc. I have never heard any of these songs but the title to these songs alone make me not ever want to listen to it. like track 1, 5, 12,13,14,15 screw it just pretty much the whole song list sounds nasty. I like watching certain vids on youtube written and produced by black ppl but sometimes I have to stop watching because it starts portraying stereotypes of black ppl even though its a black person that wrote it and you’d think they know better smh. Black ppl listen to some of the most dysfunctional music nowadays, its always the same the male singers sing about sex and tearing that p up. the black female singers sing about being with an unfaithful man, being in love with another man, their man cheating on them, the breakup, the I’m in love with a bad boy songs. then we see it play out in the way some of our people behave. some black males treating black women as objects and some black women going after the bad boy. Gone are the days of black ppl singing about love, makin love,family, marriage and unity.


      • You are pretty evolved for someone your age. I’m truly impressed.

        Let’s be clear; there is a place for everything and if you’re with someone who loves and respects you then that could be the place. I’m not against sex, and I think it’s a good thing if all involved are down. It’s even better with someone you love even the nasty parts. I just don’t care for R because he’s a clown and sexist clown at that. And I believe he engages in underage sex.

        He needs to be locked the hell up, but women love him for some reason. But they would look at me sideways if the heels on my shoes were a bit worn. We sometimes don’t see the forest because of all them trees be in the way.


    • yeah jesus i’m not against sex either or singing about it, it’s the way they go about it is what annoys me. I mean have some mystery I used to listen to some songs when I was younger that I didn’t know were dirty until I looked up the lyrics and connect the dots and was like oh that is what they were singing about. I just wish it wasn’t so in ur face and just blunt like I wanna f u tonight. if they want to sing about having sex in a functional relationship that is fine but lets be honest most of the songs are about one night stands and screwing someone that u met at the club. It’s not about oh i’m having crazy sex with a woman i’m commited to as that I have no issue with.


      • Even when I was running all over the globe while in the Air Force I was never much of a womanizer. I thought it was more fun to be with one person at a time. Plus I’m kinda funny about germs and things and it seemed nasty to be bouncing around from one female to another. The males in my family got it bad, they have never meet a woman they didn’t want. I didn’t get that gene thankful.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Well…there’s nothing wrong with that. You just have standards. And as an aside: I have several cousins in the Air Force; and one uncle retired. Imagine that. *wink*


      • truthangel07 says:

        My take on it is that men who only want the physical act of sex; and not intimacy, have deeper issues.


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