Excuse Me! I’m Not Your Mirror!


Every single day that I go out in public there seems to be somebody that you approach who feels it’s your responsibility to make them feel good about themselves.  First, the stare.  You start feeling uncomfortable…then…they just gaze at you; as if they are expecting some type of greeting–YOU DON’T KNOW THEM…mind you, but that doesn’t matter–it’s now your responsibility to make this person feel as though they are important.  Uhm…you were just walking to the store to get some milk and bacon–now; it’s SHOWTIME.  So, you smile…and keep walking.  As you pass they, you get a strange vibe.  Then…you feel annoyed.  You pray this will be the only encounter.

However, each and every single day…this keeps happening.

Whether you go to the grocery store, gas station, mall, et al., there seem to be a lot of people out there, who have it in their mind, that it’s someone else’s responsibility to make them feel good about themselves.

I see it a lot at the grocery store, particularly at Wal-Mart.  People get angry with the cashiers if they aren’t greeted or smiled at.  One woman actually complained that the cashier wouldn’t talk to her during the transaction.  Really?  Wow!  Another time, I’ve literally seen a person in back of a customer so nosy; they started rummaging through the person’s grocery items, inquiring as to what they were doing with some of the particular choices.  Uh…that’s call for a beat down. You don’t put your hands on anyone’s food–or anything else.

And let us not forget the folks who seem to think that you just have to talk to them–even when your body language says: I DON’T CARE ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!  I’M NOT YOUR FRIEND, DAMNIT!

Personally, I’ve had these type of experiences and I’m just letting it be known: I don’t have to talk to anyone that I choose not to.  I do not like people butting in my conversations.  I don’t like strangers taking it upon themselves to intrude on my personal space…and please…please…please…KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS TO YOURSELF.

I’m not Your Mirror!  If you can’t stand your reflection; perhaps you need to take a deeper look within.


3 comments on “Excuse Me! I’m Not Your Mirror!

  1. L.C. says:

    Adeen: Yes! They are that insecure and jealous. You need to push back at them every time they try and come for you. WW are serious B**tches and can NOT be trusted! They are worst than WM with their viciousness and hatred towards us. I truly don’t understand why any BM would even want to get with them. Then again I’m glad those confused low self esteem BM are taking out of the dating pool. They would only bring their toxic baggage on dump it on some BW doorstep for her to unpack.

    Back to those WWB. Stand your ground with them. They use intimidation to get you. Push back and let them h*”s know that their treatment/aggressiveness/passive aggressiveness you will NOT tolerate under any circumstances. Put them back in their place.


  2. Adeen says:

    I agree. That is why I can’t stand it when girls at school try as hard as they can to make me feel bad about myself. What did I do to them? Are they that insecure that they want me to feel bad? Or is it just me?


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