A Letter To Black America: Neutralize The Threat!

* My tale of almost become THE ANGRY BLACK WOMAN who beat down a white bitch!

Yesterday, while leaving my local Wal-Mart, a white woman almost hit me–she backed her Ford Bronco into my path–literally causing me to avert being hit.  The bitch looked back at me–not even giving a sign of concern.  I had forgot my cell phone at home, but as soon as I got home, I reported this bitch to police and took the time to post her tag information to the local police on FB.She got close enough to me so that I could get her license plate number: APP 8582.  If there is anyone here who can expose this woman to police (GA).  I welcome it.

I was livid.  So much so, I threw up the middle finger–not once, but twice.

She had a teenage girl in the car, possibly her daughter, and this impudent spec of white trash threw back her middle finger to me.

It was an acknowledgement that we don’t care about your Black ass.  Micro-racism; Subliminal racism, RACISM!  It found me.

My life was threatened by some whacked out Redneck–and if I hadn’t have seen her, I’d probably be in the hospital today just two weeks before Christmas.

This incident made me start thinking:  Black people, no matter where you live, must take the pathology of white people seriously.  It’s these random situations that make us all vulnerable.

Georgia is a state filled with the old guard of southern white male domination–and this new generation is not much different than their fore-bearers.

White females are an extension of White Domination and have the audacity of White Privilege that provoked this behavior in this woman to commit this willful act without fear of consequence.

And you know something…the Black people in Georgia are some of the most cowardly that I’ve ever encountered.  They tolerate the disrespect; so much so, there is a subliminal attitude among whites that they can do whatever they want to Blacks with impunity.

Not this chick!

So help me, God, that woman is going to pay.  I’ve posted her tag information on several sites, and called my local paper discussing the incident–which WILL BE PRINTED!!!

A lesson to this broad: Pick your battles wisely.  Know your enemy, baby!

You threaten my life–I’ll take yours.

I’m from Chicago–and it’s how we get down.

Obviously this piece of white trash didn’t think of that.

She picked the wrong woman to mess with.

We must stop making excuses for white people.

It’s time to neutralize the threat that can impact any one of us at any time.

At first I wasn’t going to say anything about this…but then, keeping silent is part of the reason why so many whites get away with the hateful things they do to Black people every single day across this country.

Information is powerful; and I’m exposing this heifer all over the world.


17 comments on “A Letter To Black America: Neutralize The Threat!

  1. TTNYCRN says:

    This might be a bit off topic but you know what is funny TruthAngel considering the events of Nelson Mandela who recently passed away.

    Alot of white people hated him during his lifetime(just like Dr. King) yet in death, he is a saint! And somehow they dont mention the quality of life for the Black South Africans is really no different than when he came into office in 1994.

    You are right TruthAngel, white people dont really change, they just use “buzz” words that trick slow-minded Negroes not to see how brutal they are!


  2. TorontoGirl says:

    You’re right though I should have told my
    Parents, I only told friends


  3. L.C. says:

    This happens every single day! Like I said before in many post here and other places, “white women hate black women with a passion.” They are not your friends and are not to be trusted PERIOD! Like I said they are worst than their white men. Vicious nasty hateful b**ches!

    They will engage in fights with black women at ever chance. I suggest you learn how to fight back in a different way to get them as they will goad you at every moment to react to them violently, verbally and make a sceen so that you the black women end up in a bad situation. Come up with a good way at getting back at them and making it stick.

    They know we are reactionary and they play on that. Lean how those heffa’s operate and beat them at their own game while at the same time staying out of trouble. They live for f***ing with us! Don’t react but get them good!! Trust me this will drive them bat ass crazy when they can’t get a reaction from you and put them on front street.


  4. TorontoGirl says:

    Lol this has actually happened to me a few times with them recentlyand they get angry at me. One was an old guy at my school, who magically zoomed out of parking and nearly hit me, my hand landed on his car, that’s how close it was. Then he starts yelling at me in gibberish, hardly has any teeth.
    Then some wm chased me off the road in zig zags, if I didn’t run my fastest. I swear, I’m just glad I’m a fast runner and thank God too.
    It was a place many kids pass though it wasn’t really a place you’re allowed to cross, but still he could have just honked. Damn, getting all angry I was so scared that day. I don’t see them doing that to the white kids


    • truthangel07 says:

      You should have called the police immediately as well as your family! BACK UP! That’s vehicular assault. And if it ever happens to you again–don’t try to be nice–ATTACK with a plan of action.


  5. TTNYCRN says:

    Sorry to hear about this incident TruthAngel. Thankfully you are alive and well. Well just like the Native Americans learned, white supremacy never dies!


    • truthangel07 says:

      No it doesn’t. And it’s why they must die. Period. People don’t change–they just modify their behavior.


    • Imhotep says:

      Unfortunately, their spiritual connection to Africa does not die, either. It is the reason why they will never forget about us. I have heard stories of why-te men beating up their sons while calling them the n-word. When they say the n-word, they are referring to black men. We stay on their mind that much. It’s sad to say, but wm probably rape their children thinking of our sisters. It seems like they spend their lives trying to be better than us, also. Wm enjoy calling black men “lousy fathers”. Many of them are only try to make their marriages work to prove to women that they are superior to all other men, especially black men. They are no different from any other man on Earth. They cheat behind their spouses back, also. Many of them have murdered their wives to be with other women. I’m sure why-te women do not even feel comfortable around them. They do not even like raising them.

      Wm have never really cared for ww, anyway. That book, “White Girl Bleed A Lot”, only exists so they can demonize black men. The why-te woman is a tool in this war.


      • truthangel07 says:

        My blog has been attracting a lot of whites who are outraged that someone like myself is out there just smashing their white privilege in their face. Of course…I never allow them on this blog. Not that I’m afraid of their responses–quite the contrary. They will not be allowed on this blog because it’s about WHAT I THINK–And I really don’t give a damn if it offends them. We put up with their garbage day in and day out. I laugh at some of the responses. And of, of course…THEY AREN’T RACIST, but they all think we’re on welfare. Yeah. Got it. Tell that to the white women on EBT these days.


  6. Adeen says:

    I understand where you are coming from. I used to sit with a table of Latinos and I stopped because of how subliminally racist they are. I have had similar experiences with Whites as well. I hope that woman pays for what she did to you. She is sick.

    The younger generation of Whites aren’t much different from your generation. Trust me, they aren’t. I deal with them at school so I know. The younger generation of Whites are just hide their racism with political correctness. The vast majority of White Americans 80% are racist and their actions show that too.


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