Empowering Others…My Holiday Gift!


Greetings everybody.

We have 13 days left in this year and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the support–and those who follow this blog.

The words I use are sometimes powerful but the intent is deeply spiritual.

Innately, I have the natural ability to empower others and I write with that purpose and intent.  It is not my desire to hurt anyone, particularly verbally; however, the truth of what I say is meant solely to make people take a pause, THINK, and be accountable for their behavior.

We live in a world where some people never stop to think about what they say or what they do–their actions injure people; their audacity to assess that it’s of no consequence to them is a direct assault at peace and order.  Actions have consequences and if someone reads something on my blog that hits them in the gut–and then makes them pause, analyze, and correct their behavior or speech.  I’ve achieved something.

I do hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a prosperous New Year.

God Bless…


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