What Makes a Woman Beautiful?


Mirror…mirror…on the wall…tell me…am I the greatest chick of all?

There’s nothing wrong with a little vanity but at what price are some women paying to look sexy?

The amount of money spent by women on manicures, pedicures, make-up, hair extensions (some) or basic hair care and other beauty products, reaches into the billions.  Yet, over 50 percent of Black women are single.  Is there something else we’re missing?

Don’t get me wrong…many sistahs are walking down the aisle, still yet; some of us seem to think that hair weave, fake lashes, big butts et al is all there is to getting a man.  The kicker is to KEEP HIM.

Yes.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but what exactly do men see that women don’t?


I took the time to ask this question to some guys and here is what a couple of them said:

  • The most alluring quality that adorns a woman’s sexuality ,is her effortlessness way of expressing it : to try is to fail.
  • self confidence and understanding her woman side

I’m still waiting for more response…but notice; nothing was ever said about appearance.  Men are looking for “quality and substance”.  Women are focused on the superficial.

Is there any wonder why so many women are single?

You see…let me just break it down: I don’t care how good you look.  A man is going to get used to you.  And I’m telling you; it takes more than beauty to keep a man’s attention.

What else do you do?  Can you cook?  Are you a good homemaker?  Are you emotionally supportive?  Do you show him you care?

The traits that endear a man to a woman are her values and the strength of a woman is her spirituality.  Add to this; her basic essence–how she carries herself…is what really draws men.

There is nothing wrong with looking good ladies, but it’s who you are inside that matters.

That’s my take…now what’s yours?

2 comments on “What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

  1. Adeen says:

    Inner beauty is what makes a woman beautiful not outer beauty. Outer beauty fades away but what is in our hearts doesn’t. Nothing is wrong with trying to look good to impress a man but focusing on your appearance too much is not good.


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