How Some Black Women Get Their Men…

There are women out there who just seem to attract men.

Forums all over the internet are inundated with topics from females who seem to think that every Black man on planet earth is after non Black women. Listening to some famous women lately, Jill Scott, Regina King to name a few, you’d think that every Black woman is just pathetic when it comes to men. Statistically, that is not true. Black men prefer Black women and marry them every single day.

Whenever something becomes viral, an idea, soundbite, attitude, false beliefs, stereotypes; it is almost impossible to stop them.

Personally, I’ve never had a problem attracting Black men. The funny thing is…I don’t attract negative Black men at all. Throughout my adult years, the majority of Black men I meet have always been respectful towards me. Typically, I’m greeted with smiles and compliments. They open doors for me, when I would go out to restaurants or clubs, I’ve had men actually put my coat on for me. I’ve never asked for this treatment. The only thing I can say is that if women would just get the chips off of their shoulders; you’d find out just how many good brothers out there really do desire to be with us and want to spoil us. But you’ve got to be open to that.

I just don’t find it necessary or even entertain the thought of competing with a man in a relationship–he’s my partner, I want to please him–make him laugh and smile. I like to have fun. I love to cook and I’m extremely family and community oriented. The adventurous nature I have, definitely seems to be a plus and men enjoy a woman they feel like they are taking a great excursion with; and they may just be staying in the house for the day. It’s your attitude and how you feel about yourself that keeps a man focused on you.



A word of advice to sistahs out there having issues with the bruthas: Get that degree. Become a success, but stop taking yourselves so seriously. Laugh a little. You can get that hair whipped up and those nails buffed every week, but it’s not about how you look–but it’s your character that matters. Fashion can’t hide the ugly within.

When you don’t have to beg a man to spend time with you…and he really doesn’t find anything else as fun or interesting as being with his woman– YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.


4 comments on “How Some Black Women Get Their Men…

  1. I always say the wrong things when it comes to this topic so I’ll just say good article sis.


  2. Adeen says:

    I am apart of the younger generation and I had a different experience with Black American men. They are always rude to me or disrespect me. I am thinking of moving onto other races or just date foreign Black men. I had enough of colorstruck Beyoncé obsessed Black men of my generation calling me ugly, too dark and too skinny.

    I am done with Black American men for now.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Adeen, I wish I could talk to you more in depth. I know that young Black men today seem very confused and strange. However, do not stroke them all with a broad brush.

      The problem is mainly how the media portrays us; still yet promoting White Supremacy.

      I touched on this issue in my book A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman.


      • Adeen says:

        I am moving onto Caribbean and African Black men. I find them more respectful and nicer. I am completely done with Black American men and it is for good.


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