People Are Getting On My Damn Nerves!


My mother raised me to be thankful each and every day.  I’m really not a complainer at all, but when I do get aggravated–I’ve typically reached my limit.

I’ll just get right to it: I’m sick of some people right now.  Really…I am.  Just being in the presence of some of the folks whose images are running from my mind prompt me to picture those scenes in the 2000 epic movie, Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger.  Keeyah!

There are days when I feel like the majority of people around me are losing their minds and I’m trying desperately to hold mine together in spite of it all.



Lord…I wish I could fly and kick ass in the wind…

What’s annoying me?

Here I am living in my home state for the very first time, yet, I haven’t enjoyed it…nor do I feel at home.  Why?  The white folks here are some of the most racist in the world; and they don’t exactly try to hide it.  I can deal with that, however, my anger is directed at the Black people that take it–even in 2014.  There still is a subliminal stronghold on people here.  They aren’t empowered and when you’re a transplant like myself; it’s very disheartening and emotionally draining to see people live in defeat–and never say a damn thing about it.

I grew up during the Black power era.  It’s just not in my nature to be subservient.  Sometimes you have to be the example in times where there aren’t many role models.

The joy of being free in the mind is a beautiful thing.  When it is freed; the rest will follow.

I try to stay positive nonetheless.

But I would appreciate it if people would stop taking out their problems on strangers and just look in the mirror.

That would help a lot.

As for myself; I haven’t punched anyone yet, but I’m damn close.

3 comments on “People Are Getting On My Damn Nerves!

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  2. Being born and raised in the south I’ll tell you that it burn my ass up to see some Negroes shuck and jive. I was never raised in that and in fact, I was raised opposite of that by my father and grandfather. One in SC and the other in DC.

    It’s embarrassing and it keeps a certain mindset intact. But that same person that shuck and jive with the white man will put a bullet in a Black man without second thought.


  3. Adeen says:

    I understand. I am also a transplant from the North and living in the South. I don’t like it because there is so much racism from Whites where I live and the Blacks here also seem to be okay with it. I hate it and it makes me frustrated too. I understand.


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