The Conundrum of R. Kelly: Artist, Genius, Flawed…But Real

Been doing a lot of thinking about R. Kelly and I wonder does he understand a whole lot about the perceptions surrounding him?

He was acquitted in June of 2008 of child molestation charges, but people still debate his innocence.

As an aside, I only have this to say, the only people that know what happened, are the people that were involved, and the question still remains: Why were teenage girls allowed around a grown man–unchaperoned by parents?  Makes you wonder…

I’m not going to get into that because frankly, I’m tired of talking about it.  But what is evident within this man is his talent.

But who is R. Kelly, the man?  What is he really like? What’s really in his heart?

Back in 1995, while living in Chicago, I attended the WGCI radio Music seminar luncheon, and R. Kelly was one of the invited entertainers who was to speak at the luncheon.  His classic song, I Believe I Can Fly was all over the air waves at that time.  What I remember was the rust colored suit he wore, he was sporting the bald head then…and he spoke candidly about his life.  My impression of him was that he was not pretentious and had no problem relating to the audience.

Although, admitting that he’s illiterate and can’t read very well…R. Kelly has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and continues to be a in demand singer, songwriter, producer and arranger.  I’ve bought every single one: Born Into The Nineties with Public Announcement, 12-Play, R Kelly, R., TP.2, Chocolate Factory, Happy People, Double Up and his latest album was simply entitled: Untitled.  It was released last year and is classic R. Kelly. I liked it immediately..  I’ve also bought the remix cd’s, concert DVD in 2006 and watch his occasional videos on Youtube.

In 2010, R. Kelly’s song Sign of Victory was chosen as the anthem for the South Africa FIFA World Cup.

He is also set to release his memoirs in 2011 with Smiley books.

Although he is much more accomplished today,  and if it weren’t for the scandal back in 2001; R. Kelly would be considered a truly great artist, in the same company of Stevie Wonder, Prince and Micheal Jackson.

I’ve prayed for R. Kelly.  He is only a man and wrestles with demons as we all do.

Whenever I look into his eyes, I see a sadness within them.  I wonder where it comes from–only he and God know, but one thing is for sure, his talent is real and I feel that he has not even come close to writing his greatest album.

Only God can judge him but as for me, I’m a fan for life and I wish him the best.


5 comments on “The Conundrum of R. Kelly: Artist, Genius, Flawed…But Real

  1. I’m not going to lie to you. I have some serious issues with Kelly. Yes he is talented and a great producer. Last cd I bought of his was 12 Play. I still consider it one of his best. No one can take his talent away from him. You’re right that none of his were there when he was with those young girls. They should’ve never been in the room– that’s very true. But he’s still the adult and should’ve known better. Is he a pedophile?? People can make up their own minds. My problem with him is the fact that he married the late R&B singer Aaliyah when she was only 16 years old. In my opinion that seems to show he has a pattern of liking underage girls.
    Elvis Presley dated Priscilla Presley when she was. 15 or 16 years old. Rock singer Jerry Lee Lewis married his 16 year old cousin. Actor Paul Walker(recently deceased) dated a 16 year old girl while he was 33 at the time. My point is we tend to make excuses for entertainers because they’re good looking,great singers or athletes. We shouldn’t put them on pedestals because we like their talents. Just like us regular folk they are not perfect but are usually held to a higher standard. I think Kelly has an amazing talent for music. I will pray for him as well. Only God can judge him. But in this society he will still be judged by the court of public opinion. It is what it is.



      truthangel07 says:

      September 22, 2013 at 4:25 pm

      Too many people are blinded by the shine of many celebrities. Many of these people have tremendous darkness inside.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Not many people are blinded; but parents need to stop assuming that famous or important people have higher virtues than the general public. School your children before they are tempted by life’s realities…


    • truthangel07 says:

      Kushite, my late grandmother was married to my grandmother when she was 16 (he was 22).

      You and I both know that every teenage girl is not innocent–and in the land of entertainment; age might as well not even be relevant.

      Yes, R. Kelly was the adult, but I’m not giving a pass to the girls in that video. I saw 5 minutes of it; and all I can say is that there was no innocence there at all. Somebody had turned those girls out long before R. Kelly. However, that is why parents should school their children. It is absolutely irresponsible to assume that some adults will act morally. Everyone was not taught the Golden Rule.

      This issue will probably be debated to infinity, but as far as I’m concerned–the parenting failed, and if it had been working; this would never had become an issue.


      • I respect your opinion but I disagree with it. I guess we all have our own perspective on issues like this. Our experiences shape our perceptions. This is probably why our perceptions are different. It’s cool,we can agree to disagree. No big deal.


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