Marrying White Women Tarnish Black Men…

For years…I’ve been looking for the right words to express the constant irritation, offense, perplexion, and even outright anger toward Black men who marry white women; and today, it just came to me.

This issue is still at the forefront because many Black people look at Black men with white women in particular as the ultimate traitors of our race.  Why?  Because the nature of loving your enemy is an abomination and creating children with the woman of your enemy–who just 50 or 60 years ago; could have been the catalyst for lynching.

It’s offensive to Black people, but particularly Black women, because it is the ultimate symbol of self-hatred and idiocy.  Many Black men suffer from an identity crisis and their choice of woman is proof of that.  You see it in many wealthy Black men.  How many are married to white women?  A lot.  Why?  There’s something unusual about this.  If a Black man exclusively dates/marries a white woman; he is saying that “I can’t be the white man, but I can have what he values above all else in order to be racially esteemed”.  Ultimately, this type of man has bought into white supremacy; thus, the woman he wakes up to each morning  both confirms his racial inferiority; and cure for having Black skin–in his mind.  This Black man condemns coming from a Black womb.  Everything around him negates The Black Experience. His white wife/girlfriend doesn’t hold him accountable if another Black boy gets shot.  She soothes his anxiety to be concerned about our community because everything she comes from entitles her.  She never gives him any static about being racially conscious because it doesn’t affect the white community that she was birthed from. You can learn a lot about a Black man by whom he chooses to marry.  You can not be in love with a white woman and try to convince the Black community that your loyalty is with the Black race.  That is a lie. Your choice of a mate is more political than it is romantic.  Such a man has a divided consciousness.  It is an illusion.

And I’m calling out Black men today.

You have betrayed your mother by marrying a white woman.  The womb of the Black woman birthed not only Africa–but every species of man that has lived on this earth.  A white woman did not do that.

What have white women done for the Black race or even for Black men that deserves respect?  What?  Name 10 contributions.

Each time I see a Black man with a white woman; it sickens me how many are just clueless to the fact that not only have they been brainwashed into thinking they have found their soul mate; it reinforces the racist mindset to believe that ALL BLACK PEOPLE want to be white. They are made more confident in their behavior and machination to continue the strategic psychological warfare against the Black family, Black man, and future generations of our people.

The Black man is to be the leader, but how can you lead a people when your innate being is confused as to the true nature of your enemy?

I just can’t understand men who esteem a woman who has been the the culprit of murder of many Black men.  It is the nature of fear of Black males that was conditioned into white society from the minds of White men, that ALL Black males are dangerous and must be kept from their “sacred white women”.  White women who engaged in marital affairs often would lie and tell their irate husbands that a Black man had raped them in order to hide their infidelity in order to protect the identity of their white lover.  Yet.  This white woman–whose descendants now brazenly flaunt their affairs with Black men; also would be present–even laughing…as innocent Black men were lynched on their behalf.

Look at all of those loving white women….
This is what Black men who marry white women are in bed with….

You know…life can be funny.  I’m not a bitter Black woman by a long-shot.  I just speak my mind.  For years, I’ve heard many Black people make the observation of how depraved and nasty white people are.  They smell like dogs…that’s why they love ’em so much, they get hair lice (very true), etc.  And what is interesting to me is that over the years I’ve seen a lot.  And I don’t know if it’s cultural or what, but I can honestly say that I have seen some interesting behavior of white females; one of them being, these women do not like to wash their hands after using the bathroom.  I used to think that it was and anomaly but it’s not.  A lot of Black men like to wave their affairs in the faces of Black women, as if to say: “Yeah, look at what I got…she’s better than you–even when she’s not trying to be.”  But you know what…that broad is in your kitchen and you think she loves you so much; but the bitch didn’t respect herself enough to wash her hands after using the bathroom–and now…she’s cooking your food.

However, the naive among us really want to promote non-racism and people should be able to marry who they choose philosophy…Really?  Ok.

The wise among us know that a snake will always shed its skin; but it’s nature will never change.

Black men who who marry white women are lost.  And deserve no respect.

Yet.  Black women are supposed to feel intimidated.  No.  We just laugh at how stupid ALL Black men are who are ignorant enough not to realize that white men are using their women to steal your Black manhood because any man that hates himself; and what reminds him of himself–IS NOT A MAN AT ALL!!! and you’d rather settle for a something that has to pay serious money to have the illusion of attributes that were given to the Black woman by God.

Of course…I digress and end on this one fact: A group of white women were entrusted as jurors of the George Zimmerman trial some months back.  If it were any time for white women to solidify this assumption of being more understanding and admiring of Black men; it would be their response to a non-Black man who gunned down an innocent Black male–a child.  Well, those women spoke.  They found George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY and in their eyes; even if a young Black male did not do anything to justify this type of violence; at the end of the day, he had to be guilty of something, and George Zimmerman was granted innocence based on that presumption of White Privilege.

19 comments on “Marrying White Women Tarnish Black Men…

  1. Kitten says:

    You can not be comfortable with your future, if you don’t know your past… Most African Americans don’t know their history and can’t walk through life feeling pride in themselves and their community. So, before you click the “looking for a white girl” site. Search your history…it will change everything.


  2. Mino says:

    Your point of vieww is interesting but i cannot agree totally with that. I know that in the past,in the USA,mixed marriages were forbidden and all mulattos were considered Black ( it was a way to avoid that those mulattos inherit things from their “white” family ).

    Now people are more free regarding that matter and it’s normal that the amount of mixed marriages rises.Some racist white people say exactly what you do,they dont want Black men to marry White girls because they think that those kind of weddings put their race in danger.

    To me that kind of speech is bullshit,even if the mixed marriages are rising,most Black people and most of the White people get married with someone of their own community,i think you should have a look on the wedding statistics before getting angry at those Black guys who dates White women…


  3. Excellilent commentary


  4. Do you think this applies to black men who marry Asian women as well. My brother married an Asian woman a couple of years ago, and now I wonder if the marriage was more political than romantic. To my knowledge, he has never dated a black woman. Just white and Asian women.


  5. I’m proud to say I’ve never dated a white woman. They’re the least attractive women on the planet. I have a black co- worker that worships white chicks. He only compliments non black women. He and I don’t get along very well. He’s a total disgrace!
    But guys like him are mentally dead. Unfortunately there are black women running to white men as well. Society has created a divide between the genders. This is why some of us think dating interracially is a better alternative. This gender war is created by the media. I love my sistas and that will never change. We have to stand against media assault. I could never date a white woman. It would be an insult to my mother.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Kushite, I don’t know what is wrong with many Black people today…but this is unacceptable, and I’m just trying to add some common sense on the matter. You have my permission to refer your friend to this blog for an education in cultural pride, knowledge, and wisdom on matter impacting our community.


  6. juan petro says:

    Question OP, there was a black female on the jury of zimmerman… respond to that?


    • truthangel07 says:

      The woman that sat on the jury that your were referring to was Hispanic. She wanted to choose a guilty verdict, but she allowed the white females on that jury to persuade her vote. Her life since the Zimmerman trial has not been good.


      • pixie says:

        wow you soooo speak the truth. i’ve had this on my mind for a very VERY long time for why i get annoyed, at the least, whenever i see black men with white women. you articulated that which i’ve felt unable to put into words.


      • truthangel07 says:

        And White women are mad about it, girl. As I replied to the unfortunate ones who dared come here and try to show their ass: they will not be privileged here. Take their asses to Stormfront and profess their love to all of those loving white males as to why they love Black men.


  7. Adeen says:

    But Black men in America don’t even like us anymore so why should we care about them? Let White and non Black women have them. They hate us because they hate themselves. There is many Black men from the African Diaspora to choose from so I don’t even bother or mess with Black American men anymore. I am tired of the hatred and abuse I receive from them and the way they make fun of Black women online and in public.

    I would much rather an Black man from the Caribbean, Latin America or Africa. I find them more respectful, nicer and actually love and respect Black women. Plus dating and marrying an Black man from Africa and the Caribbean helps us retain our genes and Black DNA.


    • Imhotep says:

      Some Black men and women living in America are horribly brainwashed. They believe that “‘light’ signifies goodness, purity and resolution, whereas, the ‘dark’ signifies evil, misery and disaster.”


      • truthangel07 says:

        That’s very true.

        The white slave masters knew exactly what they were doing when they came up with their master plan to control the slave: Create division among them buy instilling fear, inferiority, and insecurity. This ensured that they could control them psychologically.

        Sadly…this seems to still be working in many of our people.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Adeen, exactly what has happened to you?


  8. wmabel217 says:

    Interesting…while I don’t agree with everything you say, your comments about not being held accountable for being active in the black community did give me something to think about. Thanks for sharing.


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