Some of you might have wondered why I haven’t posted much about Black history this month. For one, Black history should be 365 days a year; not just one month (…and the shortest one). It should be included in American history–period.

You can’t separate our history from the mainstream narrative.

However, white historians have done just that.m  They’ve used history as a mechanism of power to tell it from their perspective in order to control the narrative and subjugate those whom they oppressed.  It also is a political tool to control history: what stories get told, who gets gloried, etc.

One of the most radical things one can do is to learn their history.  Affirm you place on this earth.

We’ve had great leaders that have shaped the entire history of this country.  They not only inspired our people; they changed history.  We memorize their stories and recite their words.


There’s been great debate if we should abolish Black History Month and push to have it included in the mainstream–not just slavery–the entire history (over 10 millenniums worth).

Sounds like a plan to me.

And if we really want to combat racism; we must first expose how one-sided history has been.

The truth shall only set us free.


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