White Women Who Went Black…Then Became Single Mothers of Biracial Children!


Article: http://voices.yahoo.com/once-go-black-never-go-backand-then-become-8667397.html

There is no statistical data for it yet really…but what has become very clear is how many white women are raising biracial children alone.

Someone told a joke on a website some time back when a young white woman posted a picture of herself and her biracial child.  One of the white males quipped: “What do you call a white woman who has a baby by a Black man?”  Someone then quipped, “a single mother.”  The white guys all began to make various comments, but the perception is already out there.

Are we, and I do mean, Black people, supposed to feel sorry for them?

Some don’t.

Many Blacks site how single white mothers are glorified in the media; while Black single mothers are not.

Media always tries to paint white women as the saints.

However, some are not so complimentary.  Many feel that white women are looking for sexual thrills with Black men–not caring whatsoever about character.  Then, they get a baby in the mix–suddenly, the exhilaration dips after reality sets in that they got-GOT!  Then he bounces.  And thus, the precious white thing suddenly realizes that she just got fucked by a real N*gger!

I’ll let people decide for themselves how to view this topic but if history serves correctly; it sounds as if the media is trying to paint the white woman as the victim but truthfully; when a grown woman thinks like a girl; the mistake she makes can have long-lasting consequences.

The Black community has nothing to to with this…


48 comments on “White Women Who Went Black…Then Became Single Mothers of Biracial Children!

  1. Anonymous says:

    TruthAngel07, You are right. The USA will be brown. YOU WIN!

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  2. I’ll say this, not all black guys want to date white women but there’s a significant percentage that do (my estimates are at about 30-40%). Those that do unfortunately mostly get rejected and play a pressure/numbers game to maximise their chances – seen it day in day out, they ask as many white women a=out as they can in clubs, college campuses, on the street etc. Online they fail and mostly get flat out rejections, in real life they play the pressure game to turn a no into a yes – imo its pathetic. Its driven by a variety of factors but one cannot underestimate that interracial porn has given them a false sense of ego. There are some good intelligent black guys, unfortunately among the white chasers they are in the minority. The real issue is that interracial porn is driving this – one has to question what role it plays in rapes/sexual assaults when much of it is often violent and appears to promote sexual assault of white women by black men. This is something that is not talked about since you instantly get accused of racism but I it REALLY needs to be addressed


    • Truthangel07 says:

      “The real issue is that interracial porn is driving this – one has to question what role it plays in rapes/sexual assaults when much of it is often violent and appears to promote sexual assault of white women by black men.”

      First of all, white women get raped primarily BY WHITE MALES. And in regards to interracial rape; I doubt that many Black men have to rape white women. Mentally ill white women use “rape” as a default when their white privilege doesn’t produce the magic response from the Black guy chosen by a white female for seduction.

      Most white women are seen as international whores, thanks to white males who make, produce and distribute porn around this world.

      Nice try…but I’m not going to let your bias slip.

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      • so you are saying the violent depiction of sex in interracial porn by black men on white women does not promote rape? hmmmmmmmm


      • Truthangel07 says:

        How is an interracial sex movie provoking rape?

        You don’t even make any sense.

        An individuals actions are willful and premeditated.

        No one can make you act outside of your nature–you were disturbed from the beginning.

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      • well the actual FBI DOJ math says different niggers rape white women approximately 13,000 times a year whites rape black women zero times a year, I cant honestly recall if 13,000 is more or less than whites rapng whites but judging by other violent black crime rates i seriously doubt it and we also know that most white rape is not actual rape but feminist rape while nigger rape is real rape.


      • Ann Eds says:

        Boom! goes the dynamite. Thank you for not allowing his obvious bias to rule the day. He’s working very hard to appear unbiased, but bias seeps through. You lost and your true self is open for viewing.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Exactly. Words are merely insignia’s of our subconscious thoughts.


  3. Davon Owenz says:

    stupid white b****s really have no clue. how much we love use and impegnate you as much as possible and leave your ass. i have a buch of kids most to white b****s. there is nothing better than have a white b**** to provide for you. while you go out and impegnate other white b****s. all my buddies do this.we teaching our sons, cousins and nephews to do the same.a couple of them got some of them white pregnant. lol stupid white b****s everywhere spreading thier legs for us.

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  4. What I don’t get is why would a white woman want to be with an AA man when statistically speaking, she’s going to end up singe and on welfare when she get’s pregnant and if she marries an AA man, she’s twice as likely to end up divorced.

    97% of biracial children with African American fathers and White woman are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance.

    Biracial marriages between an AA man and a White Woman are 200% more likely to end in divorce than a White man and White woman. On the contrary, marriage between an AA Woman and a White man are 44% less like to divorce than an all white couple.

    You can Google these statistics and they come from reliable studies.

    Oh, and by the way, when a lion takes over a pride, he kills all the cubs and chases away all the male adolescent lions.

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    • Rocky Reed says:

      That “97%” study you cite is NOT from a reliable study. It’s from a fabricated study that someone simply wrote up and posted on a website that accepts all submitted studies regardless of validity. Spreading lies doesn’t change the fact that they are lies.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        There are probably a lot of things that are subjective and can be debated but the one thing I do know; White women are not the substitute for a Strong Black mother who raises her child to KNOW their culture, God, and to love themselves unequivocally and unapologetically, in a world that tries to convince them, every single day, that there is something wrong with them.


  5. John Rose says:

    my wife is korean, i gave up on american white women long time ago. i can also understand why black men like white men better than black women, white american women never choose, the hard working, caring nice guy, they just want a thug… white women never care about the family unit.. if white guys would wise up, they would dump all the fat ass white women, and let the brothers have them, its no fun being with a stupid ass white women.. a women is supposed to make the home, the man is supposed to take car of her. i dont see this with black men and white or black women….


    • Ran Wise says:

      @John Rose – ????? While I cannot criticize your personal experience, nor opinion, do you feel it’s fair to say this about ALL white women? because I know some white ladies who have a lot on the ball. And I believe they care about the family unit. it’s true that some white women like the thrilling rollercoaster of thuggish black men, but so does some of my sistahs. I just think you were a little hard on white women. A woman is a woman Mr. Rose. I’ve heard Asian men refer to Asian women as sneaky and bossy, but you’re with one. Maybe she’s the exception? IDK


  6. as a white male in his early 30’s – not racist, i have dated outside my race several times – i admit initially it was this pressure and lust from all the rap videos i was watching as a teen – also my longest relationship was with an indian girl – i have to admit i would stay away from a white woman with mixed kids.. my reasons are as follows:

    1. External pressure from the outside world (family/friends/career etc..)
    – me being with a white woman and a black kid that is not mine, would definitely put me back in some social circles.. you either get it or you don’t..
    – please note the same would not apply if i was with a black woman with my own kid, on the contrary it would be looked at as a modern family.

    2. Past experience: I have dated a white woman with a mixed girl, i have dated two white women with white kids. The entire black thing gets old after a certain age.
    -Let’s just say, night/day difference. after you hang out with a certain type of people for a long time (thugs not back dudes that take care of what they need to), you start maybe acting like that.. and it’s just overrated.
    -On the facebook of the one with the mixed kid, there were pictures of the court order against the dude, there were pictures of her face after beat her up, and pictures of the 20 nike shoes she bought her kid, next to a Louis Voiton bag that she bought with the first and only CS paycheck. this is just a small sample of her wall. my favorites were her silly 2 cent quotes about ‘real men’, maybe you do not understand these things, but i find this behavior very trashy.
    -On the facebook of the other two women, there were pictures of the child on his first swimming class, there were pictures of them (mothers) with the kids at a zoo, at the movie ‘cars’, at some amusement park, and they never spoke bad about the fathers around the kids, especially one of them that had all the reason to do so.. (abusive relationship).
    Bottom line: let’s just say that not my cup of tee

    3. As i said, in the late’90/early’00 i was drawn to black women, i don’t know why, but i have a feeling that it had something to do with rap .. lol.
    – i had my thrills (crunched the thirst)
    – i saw differences (core cultural differences – not color) differences in everyday procedures, how we speak to people, how we answer the phone and how we react to differences of opinion.
    – i understood that a thrill is a thrill and my life is my life and the life of someone else is the life of someone else..

    At the end of the day, believe me.. it’s very hard for a white dude to face his peers with his white gf and a mixed kid…
    I know there are stories with happy endings, but i intend to leave further relationships with white women with mixed kids at that.. a happy ending…



  7. Marco Urso says:

    If you go black stay there.


  8. Jat says:

    Sadly many in the white community act Like Nathanxx. My wife’s family came to my house and called me a nigger after insulting me and the black race every time I saw them. They raised my wife specifically to stay away from blacks and it didn’t work. Sorry white dudes say it’s about the sex all you want I feel it’s because many white makes have inferiority complexes that comes off as trying to be superior. My wife cut her family off just like that after all that nonsense. When we told them we were preggo they were irate never gave any support. Then when my child was born and had lighter skin and blonde hair they tried to redeem themselves. We said sorry we can’t support that what if our next 1 cones out darker we obviously see how their treatment would differ. But to you I’ll conceived analogy on why black men date wite women. I’ve dated Asian, Cuban, Black and never really dated white slept with them but didn’t date. Me loving my wife has to do with the fact she made me better. Many white boys have such an inferior complex about how much smaller their penises are that’s why they get mad and say I don’t want them now. Starting in 20 13 more whites started dying then wete born in America so by all means stay away. 50 years Merica will be 80% brown and finally supremacist movement over.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      When Black men marry white women and suffer racism, honestly, l don’t have anything to say about that. You chose to be with that. Therefore, you suffer the consequences.

      White Supremacy is an evil that sadly, many Black people have been indoctrinated into subliminally.

      I’m a proud African American woman and all I can offer to you is that for whatever it’s worth; I hope the sacrifice deserves your loyalty. Because in my honest opinion; when you marry a white man/woman, automatically, you accept the consequence of rejection.

      They are genetically inferior to Black people. And they are currently at negative birthrate.

      White women are literally becoming the Battle of Waterloo for the white race.


    • pr3ss3d4tim3 says:

      Inferiority complex huh? Sounds like a game of you spot it, you got it. I just had to respond to this because it fed into the darker part of my character… Ego, pride, arrogance, etc. I have to start out by saying, that for most of my life, I’ve advocated for blacks for so many reasons, even when I’ve been faced with hostile opposition from my own race. I’ve been called a passive white boy and an Uncle Tom., or worse. I find myself regretting it lately, especially after spending so much time in the south and being greeted with a “you owe me” type of mentality. My father is Anglo European and my mother is Puerto Rican, but at first glance, you’d simply assume I was white. I’m from Los Angeles and I have to say, the black culture out there is a 180 degrees different. I grew up poor and still am by many of societies standards. It’s more of a one love type of attitude out there regardless of the fact that racism exists even in Cali. But the South is on a whole different level with the bullshit. I have to laugh at it sometimes. I’ve had many black friends over the course of my life, few that are very close to me, and I’ve had two black girlfriends. My parents raised me to be color blind. And I live by that. But homie, you’re on some ignorant bullshit yourself. There isn’t a supremacist movement in the white community any more than there is in the Black community. Nothing legitimate anyway. But there is a CLASS movement in both. Both sides will and have sold out their own people for money. With whites, it doesn’t surprise me. But with blacks, I’m a little surprised and disappointed. And no, I’m generalizing either. Not everyone fits in a box. Penis envy… I don’t think so! I’m a very well endowed white boy, and have nothing but 5 star reviews in the comment box as well as returned customers from every race of women if been with. And NO HOMO, but I played sports and seen some white boys that put the black dudes to shame. Lmao! I have to say too, that it seems to me that black men are seriously intimidated by a confident and hard ass white male. Black men seem to think that all white men should be scared of them and that simply isn’t the case. Just kickin real shit that’s all. It’s about respect for me. I experienced the same things you did when going over to have dinner at my girlfriends’ houses to eat dinner or hang out. I always heard ” what the hell’s the matter with you bringin this cracka over to the house”… or “don’t be callin me to babysit when that baby comes”. Anyway. I’ve tried breaking the walls and barriers down, but it just seems like most people don’t really want to break them down. Too many resentments and misconceptions. But this inferiority nonsense is a joke. It sounds like you’re calibrating character based off of superficial bullshit that you allowed the white demon to indoctrinate you with. That’s why I stopped listening to hip hop. It use to have a message. Now it’s all about glorifying punk ass superficial nonsense like stacks, bread, drugs, bitches, fuckin some other mans girl, “FUCKIN THE DUMB WHITE SIDE BITCH”, which every rapper coincidentally has in every song now, because black baby moms just too much drama… I mean seriously. The white team has quite a few bad marks on the board, but the black team isn’t doing any better. You guys shit on each other just as much. And someone ranted on in the thread about a negative birthdate in the white race, as if that’s a bad thing. Lmao. Really? Can’t figure that one out. I’m gonna wrap it up with this though. You point the finger at someone, there’s always three more pointed right back at you.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        You know something, I really get tired of people like you! Trying to sound as though you’re part of something you can’t identify with culturally–all the while, as you so casually attempt to feign advocacy, but masking your disdain–then with mark precision, pulling the white privilege and white supremacy cards; just in case you get mistaken for a Nigger. Right?

        I despise your kind!

        Get the hell off my blog!

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    • Grandus11 says:

      Blacks only make up 12.5 % ofthis country that is roughly 36 million the number of blacks have been dropping unfortunately your 80% brown is just a pipe dream if anything we will have more latin americans that AA or WA, sorry to bust that racist bubble.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        You don’t know anything about statistics or Black people. The numbers you quoted have been parroted for over 20 years. In actuality, the number of AA total over 50 Mill–the census never counted me or my family, nor families in my community, thus, the number indicated is just a presumption, sweetie.

        As for Latins, you are not a monolithic group, and if Donald Trump is elected president, I advise many to leave this country–your lives will not be very pleasant. For the record, many Mexicans are returning to Mexico. Immigration has been declining. Guess you didn’t get the memo.

        There is nothing racist about me; but I am blunt and I have a tell-it-like-it-is approach to social topics, particularly those that impact African Americans; thus, I highly advise you to take a look at the front page of my blog, and read the disclaimer.

        Although I believe in free speech and welcome commentery, if it’s intelligent, but If you make any negative or derogatory comments about my people or try to bring your bias here; I will ban your ass with a quickness.

        Do you over-stand me?

        Try me!

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  9. Adam says:

    As a white male I have to see I say the hell with them. So what if black men have bigger clocks does this justify every white girl spreading her legs and getting pregnant. White women are nothing but glorified size queens, they don’t care about love they just want to get stuffed with any black guy. When a Black man was beating up his white girlfriend at Denny’s I did nothing. As a white male I am not going to Jail for a “hate crime” if I made a complaint it would be oh he is racist he is angry white male that the white women are giving it up to black men. So if your a white women and your being killed by a black man I will look the other way. You made the choice no go live with it. Go be the new black mothers and single

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I’ll allow your comments.

      Many of the followers will be interested in responding to it.


    • Nathanxx says:

      I also saw one being beaten by her black boyfriend and I did nothing. White women who go with black men are making a very strong statement. They might as well join the black community because I will not support them even if they are being burned alive. I also wish the saying once you go black you wont go back was true. When they are used up they want to come back. Just don’t come back esp when you have a bunch of ugly half breeds and/or AIDS. Get another black man.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        I assume you’re white.

        For now, I’ll allow this comment even though I don’t tolerate this kind of disrespect on my blog toward my community.

        I’ll let my followers respond to you. And believe me…THEY WILL.


  10. curtis says:

    Well I have 16 kids in total n 14 of my kids r by 14 white girls, my oldest is 12 my youngest is 8months. 2xcondom burst, 9x they were supposedly on the pill but I must have super sperm cz they just ended up pregnant, 2x I didnt even know I was the father till the boy was 3yrs n other one was 8yrs n the other girl did it to set me up.. However I have repent from my old way n am married to my african queen n we have 2youts n I no longer eat pork lol

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  11. kathy says:

    wow all of that racism is too much, hey guys its 2015 not the ancient days. who ever a person decides to be with it’s their choice.


  12. Amy says:

    Single mothers are vilified regardless of the race of their offspring. I’m not convinced it’s necessary for one group to feel sorry or not. Do you find these kinds of jokes amusing? I don’t – I think they’re nasty and racist. I’ve never gotten the impression that white mothers of biracial children are made out to be victims – my impression is that the national discourse seems to agree that the woman got what was coming to her for her “crime” of race mixing. I do whole wholeheartedly agree that the media portrays white single mothers in a much more positive light than black single mothers and this is disgraceful. Would you consider the offspring of such unions welcome in the black community?


  13. paul says:

    Grow up people it has nothing to do with races. It’s the character of the person. I was married to a german female and she done me wrong when I done everything right for an by her in every kind of way. It’s all about how you pick a fruit off a tree. There’s good and bad in every race I prefer being with a white female for all my reasons that might not be someone else reasons. Kill the racism people.


  14. Toni says:

    J.m you need to move to a more diverse neighborhood. Don’t ya think?


  15. Johnson Muller says:

    My wife ex boyfriend was black and they had a lovely daughter. Few months back I remember one old lady asking us if we had adopted our daughter from Brazil. My wife was nearly in tears. We are Christian and we truly believe that our little girl is a gift from God. However the worst time came when we moved to our new neighborhood. A lady asked Sarah if her mother had slept with a donkey. Some other time our girl told us that all community kids who where asking her if her mother was a mudshark. At school she is treated like trash also referred as a half breed polluting white genes. May God help us with this difficult moments as we do not know which door to knock anymore for help. God Bless America and God Bless the Republic.


    • truthangel07 says:

      This is proof that white people are intrinsically evil and filled with hatred.

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    • gozancorp says:

      That is truly horrible and I am so sorry to hear that. You have to really do what you can to see poor Sarah through all of this. This breaks my hearts. She’s in my prayers.


    • RL says:

      Your wife is pretty stupid and you’re somewhat enabling her stupidity. I would not even want to get with a white woman who can’t even make simple life decisions like not get with a black man, whose illegitimacy rate is around 70%. Average African American IQ; 85. Also, no thanks, I’d prefer to keep my grandchildren looking like me.

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  16. Adeen says:

    Hahahaha, that is what they get for going after Black American men and thinking that they are better than us. Honestly, I laugh at White women with single biracial children. White women just fall for Black men because of the mandingo stereotype and the need to satisfy their lusts for a Black man. And Black American men go for them because they think White women have less attitude and are more submissive. At the end, these relationships don’t work out because Black American men don’t culturally relate to White American women and White American women can’t relate to her Black boyfriend or husband. Plus they get together for the wrong reasons too. Thus the Black American man belongs with a Black American woman and a White American woman belongs with a White American man.

    Once you go with a Black American male, you end up a single mother!

    I would rather date a nice African or Caribbean Black guy anyways. I never hear or see Caribbean or African men putting down Black women or their race. Or have I see them put non Black women on a pedestal. Plus many of them value education, have jobs and build their own businesses. And most of the ones I have met and dealt with loved and preferred Black women above all.

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