You Gon’ Make Me Love Somebody Else…


Hey, Old heads!

Remember that song by the Jones Girls (Title)?

I was thinking about all the relationships today that go sour before they get to sizzle.

Do people have unrealistic expectations in each other?

Most of the couples I know seem to only be together just to help each other pay bills–basically, they just hooked up for financial benefit.  There is no love involved or intimacy.  Just occasional sex for selfish gratification.

Sorry…I’m not feeling that.

So many people give up on love.  Some say love doesn’t exist–people are only together for companionship and economics.  Others think that the benefit of marriage has nothing to do with being with someone.


So.  If there is no emotional attachment; why have children with someone that you don’t love or doesn’t love you?

Today’s society is very bizarre.

Relationships are so counterfeit.

Maybe that’s why so many people are inspired by the Obamas:  They are a real family and have genuine love for each other.

I don’t know the key to happiness in a relationship but part of it has to be the mutual understand of both people that you only get as much as you give.  If you only see doom in marriage; it will become a self-fulfilled prophecy.


You have to work at relationships as all other things.

No one can make you love someone else–that’s a choice.  But the beginning of real love is to love yourself first.


2 comments on “You Gon’ Make Me Love Somebody Else…

  1. Adeen says:

    That is how I feel about Black American men these days. I am always mistreated by them one way or another by being called ugly, too dark etc. I am tired of it. And I am not rude, ugly in person either.


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