(10) Things White People Do That Irritate Black People!

There are times when things need to be said.  And this is one of those times. In a nutshell, Black people are tired of White folks and I feel it is time, yet again, for teaching lesson for the ignorant whites who don’t seem to GET IT when they say or do something to a Black person that has to be checked, because of their innate pathological arrogance, aided by the audacity of White Privilege.  Thy really don’t think we know when their trying to “hide being racist.”  A subliminal insult to our intelligence.

As life would have it, I, like many Black people have had my share of moments with white folks that could have gotten ugly, had it not been for my upbringing.  From my experience, it just appears that Black people and white folks live in two entirely different parallels and our perspectives about life are birthed from them.

Really, haven’t we all been asked dumb questions by white folks?  And why do these people approach us with such ignorance of who we are as a people? 

Years ago, I once had a white coworker ask me if all Black people know each other.  Seriously.  I was floored.  And don’t even get me started on being complimented by some whites because, clearing throat…”I speak well.”  Why the hell wouldn’t I?

Well, I’m in (that kind of mood) today and I’m going to drop a bomb today and educate some who really want to understand why they got cussed out by one of their Black coworkers last week:

So without much more adjure, I’ll just get to the point:

The Ten Things White Folks Do That Irritate Black People

  1. Putting your hands in a Black woman’s hair.  An absolute no-no
  2. Asking personal  or just outright dumb questions without the benefit of study
  3. Assuming every Black person knows each other just because we speak to each other
  4. Following us in stores but never asking if we need help
  5. Staring.  What the hell are you looking at me for?
  6. Being condescending and aloof
  7. Assuming every Black man is a criminal.  Really?  And who f*cked up the economy again?
  8. Assuming Black women with long hair have weave.  Yes!  Black women have long hair.
  9. Getting mad at successful Black people
  10. That ALL Black people are uneducated

These are just a few of mine, but I’m sure, many can understand where I’m coming from.


8 comments on “(10) Things White People Do That Irritate Black People!

  1. marion says:

    I do not even know how I ended up right here, but I assumed
    this submit used to be good. I do not recognize who you might be but
    certainly you’re going to a famous blogger should you are not already.



  2. Adeen says:

    I agree with this list especially with the touching Black woman’s hair. I am tired of people touching my hair


  3. Great list sis! I love it!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Kushite, it’s not easy living in Georgia. For the first time in my entire life I can honestly say I’ve been profiled, discriminated against (directly and subliminally); condescended to, provoked and directly attacked (not physically) by Whites. And I’m from Chicago. I guess it took me some time to assess this culture down here; but know that I have–IT’S ON!


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