I Can No Longer Tolerate The Weakness Of Some In Our Race!

The one thing I was taught as a child is: It’s not what you put into life–IT’S WHAT YOU TAKE.

If you want respect…STAND UP and carry yourself like you deserve it. You teach people how to treat you.

I’m so…so…tired of the weakness that I hear and see in Black America. What happened to the strong voices of the past? Yes, many old warriors have passed away, but where are the new generals to take their place?

No one wants to lead. Everyone is a follower. People don’t take initiative to create new platforms–they keep rehashing old, washed out ideals that have long expired.

Be bold!

I learned from the strong. The people in my community set the example of what true leadership is and the importance of empowerment.

The Black community in certain areas is weak because of the lack of courage of those in those communities to take initiative and make their voices heard.

White folks have no real power over us any longer. The problem with some Black people is that many traded in their values and began to become enamored with the standards of a culture that quite frankly; has no sign or redemption, humility, compassion, spirituality and on certain levels, basic humanity, for its fellow human beings. Black people have been contaminated by too close association with a race of people that does not and cannot value anything beyond its innate and pathological narcissism and arrogance.

Once upon a time, not so long ago…I actually heard a white man tell a Black man that white folks may fight over various things, but Black people fight each other.

Uh…ya think they don’t notice how we work against each other? Divide and Conquer is a game that the white man has mastered and we keep getting played.

The Tea Party is a good example of this. White men destroyed the economy. Let’s be real about it. But strangely, Black people have the highest unemployment. And yet, white folks convinced our newly elected, and first Black President, that they…and THEY ALONE were being hurt the most. And they did something about it. They voted and got people in the White House now who are selling their pain to the powers that be.

Black folks chose not to vote. Many of those elections last November could have been to the favor of Democrats, but a lot of us just shrugged our shoulders and stayed at home.

What Happened To Black Power? Ambivalence costs a hell of a lot. And yet, Black folks are the ones who need the cash the most. White folks pick pocketed us again.

I don’t blame white folks for Black failure. If Blacks fail today, it’s because far too many have not dedicated themselves to building up their own families, communities and gaining political power.

Enough is enough.

Get off your texting, Twittering asses and DO SOMETHING about your issues.

4 comments on “I Can No Longer Tolerate The Weakness Of Some In Our Race!

  1. Adeen says:

    Sadly all I see are people trying to make a buck exploiting the issues in the Black Community such as Al Sharpton. Or we have coons like Clarence Thomas who would do anything to please his White masters. No one really cares about our condition and worst of all, we don’t care about our own condition.

    Our weakness is wanting to assimilate with the enemy and lack of personal accountability for why our community is in the mess that it is in right now. We try so hard to be like them from the way we wear our hair to the way we dress and even the way we talk that we forget where we came from. Worst of all, we never look ourselves in the mirror and wonder why the community is in such a mess that it is in.


  2. Not just Black people, but Amerika has been pacified to the point where as long as cable is on we good. Black folk have become used to mistreatment until we have become our own worst enemy. We have been naturalized.


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