I’m Calling People Out!


*Bobbing my head to EPMD’s So Whatcha Sayin’?*

Hey, You!  Yeah-YOU!  I’m talking to you!

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions so long ago; but this year, I have a plan of response to any and all M’f’s who want to try me: TRUTH BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Yes!  I’m radical.

There was a time in my life when I took no prisoners but I thought I was going through a spiritual edification process and I became unresponsive to behavior that in different times, would have brought on my wrath.  I tried to be cool, philosophical, biblical–even forgiving.  However, the transgressions of the wicked do not stop–neither does the work of Satan–thus, after many confrontations with people who have vexed my spirit; their Grace card has now expired and…I’M BACK!

You damn Skippy!  I’m not playin’ wit’cha.  Just try me.  Look at me wrong…do something and I catch you–I’m gon’ snatch your ass up with a quickness.

See…there is a time and a place for all things, and it is a big mistake that people make when they think all they have to do is pray for folks, meditate, then hope the person that is annoying the hell out of you…is going to change.  Uh-uh.  You’ve got to have reinforcement when they just don’t want to comply.

Well, I’m there.  And some folks have already found out that I’m not playing.  I’m holding people accountable and if you are so inclined as to think you’re going to ruin my day; I will casually tell you that I won’t hesitate to pull out a can of WHOOP ASS on the behind of the offender–wherever it is.

Call 911.  I dare you.  But if you do, know this: I will have backup as well.

Try me!

And for those of you who are FED UP with ignorant m’f’s that just don’t want to quit; GIVE THEM WHAT THEY’VE BEEN ASKING FOR!

Can you dig it!


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