Over 200 Years Trying To Humanize Whites! For What?

My mind is racing with so many thoughts lately; I can hardly keep up with them.

Black people all over the country post on social media expressing their anger, confusion, hurt, rage, etc., about white people, but what are we really trying to achieve?  What do Black people expect or want from white people?

So many of us have become latent historians and educators (myself included); we should all be given honorary degrees from Harvard.

The exhaustion.  The tedious work that has been put in.  And for what benefit?  The nobility of Black people to be enforced after it is finally accepted that ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL?

Frankly, I’ve been pondering so many theories, looking and analyzing our history, studying words and actions closely.  What’s the real message?

Do people realize that collectively as a society; we have been trying to humanize white folks since The Civil War?  The efforts taken have been radical>>The Abolitionist Movement, The Civil War, etc.  Black slaves were freed, but the damage done to them was still yet to come in future generations of our people:  Drug Addiction, Violence, Broken Families, Poverty, et al.

Let’s scan back to the Vietnam War.  A disproportionate amount of Black men died in that war due to the high levels of enlistment.  But here our men were fighting for the freedom for people in another country when their own people were being treated like dirt in America–and they had the worst positions to be assigned in that war.  Racists leadership all around–as high as 5-star generals, yet, they served with pride.

What price have Black people really paid?  And for what?  Why have we been the target of white people?  What led those early white men into Africa?  Initially, it was to trade gold; but then something else happened.  They had empires to build, and they chose African to enslave in order to make that happen.  And Africans assisted.  Why?  What force was at work?

Oh, Lord!  The Devil had a plan and it began in the pit of Hell.  God’s first people would be enslaved–their true history hidden.  Lies would become their truth and for over 5 centuries they would toil; serving a barbaric people–who once lived in caves.  They would change their once noble identity by the mechanisms of fear, violence, economic oppression and deprivation of respect or love.  They would hide knowledge from them of their great kingdoms and kings and queens.  The plot was thick. It gave way to ideologies that would further enslave the once mighty people–who loved the almighty God from the beginning.  Somebody tell me, what does Satan know that my people still haven’t understood?

The white man is inherently evil.  This is no misnomer–it is a fact.  Malcolm X said it.  He said they were depraved by nature.  They love the Devil–Satan fascinates them.  They worship him. Dance with him.  Make love to him.  Give their children to him–sell their souls to him–and why? Because they love power, money, sex, and war.    They can’t stand the truth.  Oh!  What did you say?  White folks get mad as hell when you tell the truth, the whole truth, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.   And who hates the truth?  SATAN! They love to mimic their father.   They feel so alive on Halloween.  Dancing in cemeteries and dressing up like ghouls.  It’s their nature.  They love their daddy.  He is their Supreme Ruler.    And they want to be just like him.  They hate God with a passion.   Remember it was white folks who took prayer out of the schools.    And now kids get shot up and die!  What the Devil forgot to tell all of civilization’s possessed rulers is that ALL POWER COMES FROM GOD! Romans 13:1   The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.  Psalm 24:1  Praise God!

And yet our people sang and danced through the pain on Soul Train.

And the beat goes on.

Lord!  Y’all know I’m speaking the truth.  It’s all over me.  I have no patience for deception and lies.

My God!

I think of those poor Black folks who sang in the fields. They worshiped the Lord.  They knew that God would not forsake them.  They trusted him when it was the most dire; hoping that one day that the people that whipped them would be paid back in the future and the Master’s heirs would serve the people they enslaved.

This is a fantasy.

Black people are still enslaved (in the mind).  We still look to white folks to validate us.  Even when we achieve.  And so many of us have, but they still serve the master.  IT’S OBSCENE!

We are descendants of the Homo-Sapien species (highest).  White people are descendants of Neanderthals.  What would make a superior race intermix with an inferior one?  This is the quandary.


The trick of White Supremacy is that it turned this question into a riddle, wrapped in mystery.  But the TRUTH has been staring us in the face for a long time:  The greatest trick of white folks evil is that they convinced our people that they were not doing anything wrong; yet, they were still screwing us.  Their greatest trick: Racism no longer existed.  Really?  So why are laws needed to protect minorities?

*Shaking my head*

I don’t know what some people want to do, but this woman feels that it is high time to consider the directive of the late Dr. Chancellor Williams (The Destruction of Black Civilizations): We need to De-caucasianize.  We must detach ourselves from these peole–and not apologize for it.

Yes, I do believe that evil is operating in many whites, but that evil has contaminated our people as well; and we must recognize this demonic force for what it is, exorcise it and CAST IT OUT!

Resist the devil and he will flee says the Lord. James 4:7

On this, I will not assist the movement to integrate with a group of people who by all tenets of war; should have been destroyed.

When you want to be yoked up with your oppressor; you have truly lost all sense of your own self worth.



7 comments on “Over 200 Years Trying To Humanize Whites! For What?

  1. Truthhurts says:

    I was born in the 90s and I find it crazy that folks tell us to forget our past. How can I look past something that stills exist? I educate myself on my history because they only discuss partial bits of African American/African History when I attended grade school. But I can tell you plenty of “white folks” accomplishments.

    Why is their a such thing as race?

    Culture doesn’t divide us. Culture bring us together. I have friends whom grew up in the Philippines, Bosnia, & etc. Our differences brought us together.

    I live in the so called “hood.” Many homes are falling part, no local businesses, & I witness police brutality only a daily basis. This is reality. I say the only difference between now & then are the laws that supposedly protects minorities.

    To be in a workplace and have to correct your supervisors, managers, & others because they refer to “black folks” as y’all. I am human just as you are because someone who resembles me by “color” doesn’t mean we have many similarities.

    Why do they call me black? My skin color is not even dark.

    If you think we’re not living in a white vs. black society/world and assume it to be rich vs. poor. Kill yourself ! I don’t come from a poor/rich family. I see racism and inequality with my own eyes. I’ve experienced it. Therefore it still exist. I laugh at it because its amusing to me how one can look down upon another “race” like we don’t bleed the same. We all are going to die one day!! & “black folks” are stupid. No, I disagree. We’re strong because we put up with this foolishness.

    This life though, the American dream right?

    Or am I just living in a White Man’s World?


    • truthangel07 says:

      The reality of being African American in America escapes white people because they have used tactics over time to oppress people of color.

      It’s all about power, and if Black people think that white people are going to give them power just because it’s the right thing to do, let me tell you, I have some land in the Jersey swamp that I’d like to sell you.

      Our people need to WAKE UP and stop expecting Black benevolence to inspire white redemption. We are not the parents of white folks; this relationship is unequally yoked, sick, and the cord needs to be cut.


      • RayMore says:

        Definitely my sister. The matter with Bruce Gender Bender Jenner is a sick one. The powers that be are trying to promote perversions such as transsexuism, pedophilia, homosexuality, and bestiality as normal. We MUST MUST MUST detach ourselves from such sickness. Elijah Mohammed and Malcolm X even said so for our own benefit. I am sick and tired of integration hungry Kneegrows trying to preach interracial relationships with the enemy. As Gods anointed, we must not allow ourselves to be yoked to the spawn of Satan.


  2. tristan says:

    Wow this is really offensive. But I do see your point of view . I would like to tell you as a white man that I’m not evil I do not worship the devil nor do I agree with half the shit that has happened . What YOU need to realize is that whites aren’t angels blacks are not either . Yes there is enough supporting evidence that white people are shitty I get that but to be classified as a whole is morally wrong destroying yalls race may have been a goal in the past but its 2014 so let’s be realistic. Not all white people are evil and not all black people are angels that’s my point here . I would like to know what it would take to get you to realize that not all of us are like this . I also acknowledge the wrongs of whites I feel that it was very premature of my race but you should not classify us as a whole as I do not classify what a couple black people do as a whole. To sum it all up there is good and bad in every race do the research . I value your opinions though I get where your coming from


    • truthangel07 says:

      My response to you first of all is someone who is intelligent and realize logically that not all whites are evil; however, many are. And history documents the extent of that behavior. Worldwide–the cruelty of people of European descent is offensive, extreme, purely hateful, and condemns all Caucasians–be they good or not. The bottom line is that ALL WHITES have benefited from White Supremacy and I dare any one to say that it isn’t true.

      Black people have had to fight to control our own narrative and break the chains of perception that were perpetrated against our history, our culture, way of living, and most of all, our humanity has constantly been attacked. For what? The color of our skin. And yet, white people spends millions on trying to get suntans.

      This article is just a stance. Basically, I’m saying: Either you are for us or against us. There will be no more walking the fence.

      It’s a no-brainer that there is good in bad in all races; but here is the kicker: It’s not Black people that need to be told that.

      Again…why is Trayvon Martin dead? And Jayson Davis? And so many more young Black men that were shot down because white men ASSUMED the worst about them and acted out violence against them.

      Yes. White people like you are always shocked by OUR TRUTH. Then again, the truth, as everything else is a matter of interpretation if it doesn’t impact White Privilege.

      However, I appreciate you “knowing where I’m coming from.”

      Much obliged.


  3. I have wonder what it is that I would like to see in a just society. I can’t even step outside my reality right now to understand what I want.


  4. Adeen says:

    Europeans write the history books, own the media outlets and educational institutions so they can control their image and make themselves look like the good guys in history. They have been doing that for centuries. And still are. Luckily for us, their ”kingdom” is falling in America and Australia as the majority of the population shifts from majority White to majority mixed race and Latinos.


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