Black People Don’t Read Enough And It’s Hurting Our Children!


One of the things that I’ve noticed over the last decade or so is the lack of interest in reading in our community.

Quite frankly; if it’s not entertainment, sports, or gossip, Black people aren’t interested–and this is taking a toll on our children.

“Literacy—the ability to read and write—is essential to fully developing a sense of well-being and citizenship. Children who are solid readers perform better in school, have a healthy self-image, and become lifelong learners, adding to their viability in a competitive world.”

“To know the future of Black America in 15 to 20 years, one need only look at the dismal academic performance of 3rd- and 4th- grade Black students today. The 2007 National Assessment of Educational Progress Report reveals that only 16% of African-American 4th- grade students in Illinois read at a proficient level or above. Unfortunately, Black students throughout the rest of the country do not fare much better.

As a group, without the ability to read well, no future exists for Black children in America. The real tragedy is that Black American students are no longer just competing against White American students. They are competing educationally against the best and the brightest students globally. And Black students are failing miserably.”

Statistically, it is shown that by the 4th grade, Black children do not read as well as their white counterparts, in large part due to the lack of communication (words spoken) to them from their parents.  This most effects young Black boys who are twice as likely to drop out than white males.

From observation, white children do seem to be more verbal than Black children and it’s very disturbing to accept that the reason why so many young Black children are failing is due to the lack of assertion of reading and communication in their homes.

How can we fix this problem?

I’ve been an author over 10 years now and I can tell you that writing a serious book (my first book) and writing fiction (new one) really didn’t make any difference.  It’s hard to get Black folks to read anything that isn’t BS.  They want grime and dirt–nothing uplifting, empowering, or educative.

This doesn’t discourage me, but when I think of the trick of slavery that denied my ancestors to read (making it against the law);and  the sacrifices that were made by our ancestors to achieve in spite of their suffering; this generation of Black people are an insult to them.

I wonder what they’d say to us.

Success is a choice.  One has to be motivated to achieve.

But if one can’t read; then one will have no future.

This will impact our community–HARD!

Black parents much enforce their children to read more–spending at least 60 minutes a day reading with them–and allowing them to choose books they’d like to read.  Give books to them. Have them read a book they like to the family.  The bottom line: It all starts in the home.

My mother took me to the library when I was 4 years old and obtained a library card for me.  I can tell you that since that time, I’ve never not had a library card–and I’ve lived in 2 states since then.

You wonder what propelled me to become an author; it was because reading was encouraged at a young age.

A mind truly is a thing to waste.



20 comments on “Black People Don’t Read Enough And It’s Hurting Our Children!

  1. Sabrina says:

    I like to read. I didn’t start emerging myself into reading until I was 18. I’m only interested in black history and black social issues. Those are the only categories I will read. I’m re reading this book for the 2nd time called “Nyansasam: A revolutionary of calendar thoughts.” This guy is unapologetically African.

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    • Sabrina says:

      I also think there should be a pay day for black people to motivate them to read. I will say if it were up to me than I would pay them to read based on how how much time they’ve spent reading. If they read for an 1 than that’s $60, if they’ve read for 2 hours, than that’s $90, and if they’ve read for 30 minutes than that’s $30. If this is how much time they spent reading every day than that’s a pay check every day. I know this is spoiling them but there’s just so many intelligent black authors and scholars out there with legendary books to die for and it’s a waste to have it just sitting on shelves, not being read. I’m taking advantage of it, I’m going to buy a book from Amazon. I’m still not sure yet. I don’t know if I want to buy The miseducation of the Negro first or another recommendation.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        I encourage reading. It’s one of the best things you can do for your brain. My mother got me my first library card at 4. I’ve had one ever since. I’ve read a lot of books in my life; and there are many more than I will be reading in the near future. Great writers…READ!


  2. mswanda says:

    I decided Friday that I will take her out of school. I only have to work 2 days a week and I can devote the rest of my time to her. It’s gonna be a sacrifice but its what I have to do. I’m also gonna devote more time to my home business. I make lotion, soap and candles. So hopefully that can fill in the gap of me not working full time.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Do what you have to do, Mswanda. You can be the teacher you want your child to have. And good luck on the business. Go for it, girl!

      And welcome to the blog.


      • mswanda says:

        I’m so happy and relieved. I’m teaching my daughter African-American and African history. I feel so relieved. We have been doing this for a week and I’m so impressed by my child. She is so smart and eager to learn. I guess when you have someone telling you that you can learn can work wonders.
        I’m also doing so much better in my home business that I can devote more time to my child lessons. I feel confident in myself and that I can do this. I’ve always homeschooled on and off but I kept putting my child back in school because I had other Black women telling me what I could not do. They believe the lie that the enemy can do better than I can. I will tell any sistah who tells me that in the future to kick rocks. More Black people should take there children out of school. Original Woman was right, schools are just a pipeline to prison. Depend on what state you are in you can form groups to teach our own children. Az has a very strong homeschool community but very few Black people. But for you who live in a Black area you can do it.


      • truthangel07 says:

        For a long time I’ve felt that we really need to take on the responsibility of teaching our children. Our school hierarchy system is designed to keep the children of the privileged educated; while destroying those at the bottom; in order to exploit them.

        I read between the lines a long time ago.


  3. mswanda says:

    I’m debating taking my child out of school. White female delibertly try to fail Black students. I live in AZ and it is so hard to raise a Black child around such hateful white folks. My child is in the 6th grade and had been tested for the 8th and 10th grade level but her white teacher didn’t know that and said she is on a fourth grade level, Amazing! My daughter reads at least one book a week and they say she can barely read! I homeschooled my daughter and I had to work so I had to put her in school, The teachers are no smarter than me. My daughter told me that her black teacher told her that Madam C,J, Walker was Mexican. That was during Black history month! I’m also tired of her white teacher “losing” my childs homework and claiming she never turned it in. I feel this is such an uphill battle. More black people should take their children out of school.


    • originalwoman13 says:

      @ mswanda
      Your story is so sad. smh. I’m also reading that there seems to be a cross country phenomena to slowly push black children out of school and into prison system. This is why black people MUST take our children from the enemy ASAP. These so called people do not want our children to suceed. Its time to WAKE THE HELL UP!!!


      • originalwoman13 says:

        I hope that you will be able to take you child out of school and teach her yourself to save her sanity and hers.


  4. Really good post. I think the answer is to stop exposing your childrens to too much TV. It dilutes the imagination because its a gap filler. Too many black children have the TV as their 2nd or 3rd parent. Sad.


    • truthangel07 says:

      That is true, but I think it’s true for ALL of America in general.


      • originalwoman13 says:

        Reading should be MANDATORY in the black community. I found that many negroes treat learning and reading like its the plague. I have always loved to read and learn. I am a book finatic. Lol. I found that gaining knowledge of myself as an African is truly power.


  5. Adeen says:

    Great post. If we knew our history, we wouldn’t be in the position that we are in today. We would be in a better position and not rely on Whites for everything. Plus our children would be better off knowing their history too so that way they can learn to love and know themselves.

    Sadly most of us don’t know our history and it shows the way we act towards each other.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Adeen this is known–but what is the problem in execution? This is why Blacks in America are not respected in the world. We have so much power in our grasps; but we keep giving it away to the enemy. That is pure and absolute ignorance.


  6. Thanks for shedding your light on this subject! I agree wholeheartedly! Most of our children are behind from the very beginning because we fail to properly prepare then to enter into school being able to read the traditional sight words. We further cripple them by not challenging them outside of the classroom. We must do better if we want better for our future.


  7. Great post! I totally agree!


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