9 Reasons Why You Should Fire Your Doctor!


Link: http://health.usnews.com/top-doctors/articles/2011/07/26/9-signs-you-should-fire-your-doctor

There is nothing worse than a bad doctor.  You know the kind: they want your money, but don’t have time for you.

My mother recently began seeing a doctor that I recommended based on the recommendation of some friends.  Thought I’d tell her about him.  On her first visit, she loved him.  But on the second one: He was very impatient with her, somewhat condescending, didn’t listen, and we didn’t like his staff.

My mother is 74 years old and it’s very important for doctors to take time with the elderly.  Mama didn’t want to go back to him after the second visit and I told her after a third appointment was scheduled that if he hadn’t changed in his doctor-to-patient manners; then she should seek another doctor.

While thinking about this, I just happened to look online about reporting a bad doctor.  You report them to the state medical board.  And also, you can post on WebMD as well.

I found this article in U.S. News that opened my eyes and would you know…my mother’s current doctor has over half of these traits.

*Calling mama*


4 comments on “9 Reasons Why You Should Fire Your Doctor!

  1. Let me hi-jack you blog one more time; I had a doctor that my ex and I used to call, “the medicine man.” This dude would listen to you when you went in, but never touch you. I swear we had a drawer full of prescriptions and samples this fool would hand out like Halloween candy. I told my ex, this muthafucka trying to kill us. For reals.


    • truthangel07 says:

      A friend of mine just told me a couple of days ago after coming from a funeral that the woman that was being eulogized had been on 22 medications. 22! That is absolutely outrageous! The doctor who prescribed her those meds should be prosecuted for manslaughter. It’s totally unreasonable, pernicious, and downright sleazy.


  2. Adeen says:

    And Obamacare has made things worse……..


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