Who Dares Challenge My Wonderful Self?


*Warning*  This morning after I said my prayers; suddenly…I had a sense of fabulousness take over me.  It engulfed my senses.  Everything and anything that didn’t remind me of just how great I am–HAD TO GO!  Thus, I’m basking in absolute narcissism right now.  And I don’t have time for any haters (GO AWAY!).  It’s all about me, but I feel generous–and I want all those who read my words to experience the wonderful in me in all of its glory.

And now…my soliloquy:

God was in a great mood when he made me.  The angels all rejoiced at my birth.  The earth welcomed me–glad for the gift of joy in me.


Listening to Raashaan Patterson.  He just gets me in the mood.

Now, what I’m thinking….just how wonderful the world is that I’m here.  Oh, yes…and if I were a song…doo-be-doo-be-doo…everyone would feel so high and groovy.  We’d be driving down the road in a convertible with the rooftop down; and if you didn’t want to have fun–you couldn’t come.  No.  It’s all about feeling the flow. I gotta get you to know…when I’m around–it’s alright.   Yeah.  It’s ok.

When people see me–they smile at me.  No matter where I go.  It’s like…they feel better just seeing me.  Their world becomes better.  Because they can feel the music flowing through me…it makes them wanna dance–and they can’t stop the feeling.  It’s infectious–like the flu.  They are now part of an epidemic.  Another one under the potency of my spell.  I’m so classy.  Yeah.  I am. Even little girls notice and want to be like me.

And the music plays…it makes the body feel good all over.  ME.  First cord. OoooooohhhhME…Yeah–yeah.   Suddenly, you hear yourself singing: MEMEME!  In ME is the place where you find happiness.  Forgive me….but I just had to say it.

Being super-fabulous is not easy.  But I give it my best shot each and everyday.

Who dares challenge my wonderful self?  Who?

Heaven must be like this….yeah–yeah.

Fabulous people keep the world turnin’, baby.”

*And the groove keeps on


2 comments on “Who Dares Challenge My Wonderful Self?

  1. melissa nechvil says:

    Lolol wow get her back on her meds and fast.


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