An Open Letter To Black Athletes…


To All Black Athletes in the ALB, NLB, NBA, NFL, NHL (wink), et al,

You’ve been blessed with tremendous physical gifts and have been made rich because of it, however, there are some things that needs to be said.

White men made you–and white men pay you.  Thus, you are their employees and to make statements about the Black community (one in which many of you don’t even live any longer); you represent a frame of thought that is fueled by white supremacy–not Black pride, knowledge of self; Black culture, and African/African American history.

Kobe Bryant’s comments in the New Yorker only fueled this argument.  And the push-back has been fueling many respond to Kobe’s comments.

Let me tell you something, the attitude expressed by Kobe Bryant truly exposes just how ignorant he is about Black history in this country. First and foremost; all human beings can have an opinion; however, when wisdom does not guide your comments; people will question the intent. Kobe Bryant seems to miss the point that being a Black man in America, particularly in the Obama age, could get you killed–literally.   I have never seen so much hostility(Tea Party) from whites until Obama got elected.  Is that being emotional? No. It’s being intelligent. You are guilty before proven innocent if you’re a Black man in this country. I could get into this more in depth; but the bottom line here is that Kobe Bryant himself was accused of rape in 2003 and Black people defended him. When has Kobe ever concerned himself about Black people? He’s been about Kobe only from day one. He represents a conglomerate–not Black people. Black athletes are not spokespersons for our community; they represent a business built by rich white billionaires. White men made them and white men pay them.  So if he speaks such words; it fuels white supremacy–not Black consciousness.

Kobe: You need to get educated, young man. You really don’t even understand the head game that is being played on you. And based on current reality: YOU COULD BE THE NEXT TRAYVON!!!

When Black athletes fall, all too common, they receive little sympathy and are judged just as harshly as any other Black person by the white media.

 I  commend the Miami Heat for taking a stand regarding something that could have been swept under the carpet.

People like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, etc, could care less about Trayvon Martin or issues impacting the Black community.  They’ve been bought off.  Equally, none of them are married to Black women, so, their attitudes of ambivalence is reinforced by the women they bed.  They marry women, many of who are not even educated, put them on pedestals, then prance them around as if they’ve just got the white unicorn.  It’s sad to see.  The money they have will go to the white community when they divorce these women or die.

Black athletes today are selfish, overpaid, arrogant, and don’t deserve any respect from the Black community.  The only time they care is when they get in trouble; and WE come to their defense each and every time.

You get what you settle for in this world and I think it’s high time that Black people stop allowing people, including Black athletes,to shit on their lawn.

However, no matter what anyone thinks of us, the Black community must respect themselves more.


25 comments on “An Open Letter To Black Athletes…

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  2. Tyrone says:


    What happened to your cousin is a cautionary tale for all black male athletes. His spirit was broken due to him seeing sports as his only ticket to prosperity. In reality, only a few make it to the Pros. Meaning, brothas gotta have a backup plan. The 4-Year Scholarship is a yearly proposition. It’s based on performance, so, if brothaman does not ball…Bye Bye! As blackmen, we can’t continue enriching white folks without little or no benefit for our people.We’re more than the stereotypes that are forced on us from the other side.


  3. A buddy of mine sent me this great email about Kobe. It’s really on point! I thought you might like it.

    Here are five disturbing realizations about Kobe Bryant that we should keep in mind. It might help put his sloppy words about Trayvon Martin into their proper context:

    1) He, quite frankly, appears to be a selfish a**hole: I won’t even go into the oddities of Kobe’s sexual assault case many years ago, where he was revealed to be the married man having unprotected sex with a woman he’d met an hour earlier just a few years after Magic Johnson announced that he had HIV. If sleeping with random women unprotected and risking your wife’s health isn’t the root of selfishness, I don’t know what is.

    We can also talk about the way Kobe Bryant’s spent his career jacking up ill-advised shots and attacking his teammates in public. I’ve always loved Kobe’s game when he’s playing well, but I’ve never wanted to meet him. Kobe is like the 14th century astronomers who thought that the sun revolved around the earth. But instead, Kobe believes that the universe revolves about himself and won’t hear anything different.

    2) He’s one-dimensional: For LeBron James, life appears to be a mixture of possibilities, with as much meaning to be found off the court as on it. Dwyane Wade is every bit as committed to fatherhood as he is to dribbling and shooting. For Kobe, there is nothing but basketball, basketball, basketball and more basketball. He drives his teammates insane with his “win or die” mentality, and it probably makes him very difficult to play with. While this might be what it takes for him to win NBA titles, it can also make you into a horrible person. Once again, I ask you to take a look at Michael Jordan’s hurtful, nasty Hall of Fame speech as a great case-in-point.

    3) He’s arrogant: Kobe’s confidence has served him well throughout the years, helping him rise to some of the most significant achievements in his sport. But arrogance can also rob you of your ability to empathize with others. Kobe’s decision to engage in ad hoc social commentary on an issue so important to so many people is reflective of a man who simply doesn’t give a damn. I was hurt by Kobe Bryant’s remarks, since it’s sad to see one of our most prominent black men have more commitment to making McDonald’s commercials than he has to saving the lives of young black men like himself. Kobe could have just said, “no comment.”

    4) He’s materialistic: If a corporation were to pay Kobe to say something, he’d say it without hesitation. Men like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan would buckdance for chicken if there is enough money involved. But the mere idea that standing up for your community is the right thing to do seems to escape them, like trying to teach a ballerina to shoot an AK-47. Maybe black people just aren’t as profitable as the white ones.

    5) He’s disconnected: Jim Brown made compelling points about Kobe’s lack of connection to the black community during a recent interview on the Arsenio Hall Show. Brown, like Muhammad Ali, is one of the greatest athletes of all time (as good or better than Kobe Bryant himself), and it wasn’t just because he dominated men on the field. Brown is one of the greatest because he understood the importance of using his power to elevate the circumstances of the community that had given him so much. Kobe’s inability to commit himself to something greater than himself makes him an extraordinary athlete, but a pathetic human being.

    I hope that Kobe Bryant retracts his statements and keeps his social commentary to himself. It’s ironic that a man who begged for sympathy after cheating on his wife with no protection can’t provide a lick of understanding for an unarmed teenager who had his future stolen by a deranged, racist, vigilante. People didn’t support Trayvon just because he was black. They supported him because it was the right thing to do.

    I also find it ironic that a man like Bryant will remain completely silent when it comes to speaking up for black America, but becomes bold and vocal when given an incentive to trash us. Sitting on the bench in the fight for racial justice is bad enough, but it’s even worse when you work with our enemies to deliberately sabotage progress that is being made. This turns us into Django and turns Kobe Bryant into Samuel L. Jackson’s character, who got shot in his a** at the end of the movie. It’s a myth to believe that a racist has to be white…there are black racists all around us.

    Kobe Bryant, grow up brother, it’s not always about you. This one is about the black community.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Your friend really was passionate in that e-mail (thanks for sharing it).

      Honestly, I didn’t think about Kobe until I listened to the Tom Joyner Morning Show after the New Yorker interview and he commented about it.

      I did my research. And spoke about my feelings on it.

      Kobe Bryant is one of those people that life is going to have to kick in the ass.

      He just doesn’t get it. But one day he will–THE HARD WAY!


      • I’ve always been a Laker fan,since living in LA. But for some reason I never liked Kobe. He seems so arrogant and full of himself. Even though he’ s a great athlete his personality stinks! Even though many black people supported him during his rape trial. He shows NO loyalty to us. I say screw him!!! The rape trail should have been his “wake up” call. But he went right back to his old arrogant ungrateful self. He really does need a kick in the ASS!!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Something is wrong with Kobe. Do you remember when he sued his mother for his memorabilia a few years ago? I thought that was odd.

        I don’t know. Perhaps this will make him start taking a harder look at himself. His comments really angered a lot of people.


      • Yeah I remember that. He definitely has some “issues” he needs to work


      • truthangel07 says:

        I’ll pray for Kobe. There’s something very sad inside of him. He’s truly lost.


      • Yes he does. My sister saw him walking around Laguna Beach about six years ago. He was walking all by himself without his family. My sis said he looked lost. Like he was staring into space. I think a lot of the celebs and athletes are very stressed. I think they feel empty inside but would never admit it though.


      • truthangel07 says:

        He needs Jesus. If I could get to him in some way, I’d speak to him and invite him to church. I’d also introduce him to the Black community that he’s so distant from. Imagine…he doesn’t know the beauty and richness of the culture his is a part of.

        Being around white people can drain one’s spirit, Kushite. Seriously. Have you ever seen Black people who love to hang around them? They start to look lost–acting like detached zombies.

        This is what is happening to Kobe.

        His spirit is dead.


      • Yeah his spirit is dead. And he will probably retire after this upcoming season. He’s still injured right now. Should be interesting to see what he does after retirement.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Let us both pray for Kobe. I just feel led to do so. I grew up in the Pentecostal faith and it’s an urging on my spirit right now to pray for him. So, I’m going to be obedient. There is a lot going on in my life right now: I’m trying to market and promote my new novel, my mother has been battling some health issues, I’m considering retiring young in order to commit to my writing career (scary); as I said…a lot. However, I’m also concerned about people, and I want to be there for those who need help the most.

        Kobe is not a bad person, he just needs to be educated.

        We all make mistakes. I can forgive him of his as I ask God to forgive me of mine.

        Perhaps you should talk about what we’re discussing on the blog pertaining to Kobe. The Black community must take charge when even one of us is lost.


      • I see the point you’re making. I guess money and fame don’t make you happy. You have to find inner peace. material wealth can’t heal all the wounds. The problem is most rich people think they have it al figured out. That’s why they are so confused as to why they feel so empty. I feel what you’re saying though.


      • truthangel07 says:

        That’s good, Kushite. Let’s allow both of our prayers to help Kobe find Jesus. I had a premonition of him getting saved yesterday for some reason. I literally saw it in my mind’s eye. I believe God is dealing with him.

        I’m very serious about this.

        If you ever meet Kobe; stop him and invite him to lunch and have a talk. I’m seeing this encounter coming to you. You never know..


      • That’s funny you say that. Hear in Cali you see celebs quite a bit depending on where you are. I’ve met my share. I’ve met Queen Latifah,Paula Abdul,Rod Stewart,Blair Underwood,James Avery,Glynn Thurman and Tyrese. And just three weeks ago I met former basketball player John Salley,rapper Biz Markie and Jessica Alba at a Natural Products Expo. I don’t get too startstruck


      • truthangel07 says:

        I’m sure you do. Something tells me that God will put a natural spiritual link between you and Kobe. I see him approaching you–as if he knows you.

        Let’s see if that happens.

        Boy! The story you will tell.

        I can’t wait to see if this comes true, Kushite.

        Someone very powerful is about to enter into your life.

        If I were you…I’d get a journal. Something tells me that you are going to have a lot to write about this year.

        And tell your sister to get my new novel, Butterflies in Bronzeville. She’ll like it.



      • Thanks a lot sis. I will do just that. I’m actually thinking of writing my own book. I just haven’t had the time. I need a really good subject though.
        Your prediction?? Will it come true? We shall


    • Tyrone says:

      @Kushite Prince

      Appreciate the info brotha, as always. Your friend is very insightful. Selfish is the word that best describes Kobe…Me Me Me Generation! As we know Kushite, disloyalty has always been a terrible trait in us as blackmen…Always! Our own black brothers in Africa sold us to the Europeans because of tribal conflict and other ish. This aspect of black manhood has not changed all that much…Sadly! We complain about these sellouts, but, still run to buy Air Jordans, Jerseys, Jackets, etc. When i say that i’ve given up on sports, It’s Real! During the NFL Season, i watched one Dolphins game from start to finish. Have not watched one regular season basketball game in 2 or 3 years. Stopped watching ESPN, Fox Sports, etc. I don’t buy sports merchandise, refuse to attend games…Detoxed! Growing up, i loved football and basketball, with a passion. But, the thought of being amongst blackmen like Kobe was too much for me. My football ability was good enuf to make it to the pros, but, i let sports fade to black in high school. In hindsight, it was the right call. Can’t be around dudes like Kobe, my spirit won’t allow it. Will never understand why any blackman can hate our race like some are known to do. These whitebois jacked us up real bad Kushite. Kobe’s blackness is what allows him to ball as he does, got him an attractive non-black wife, millions in the bank—but blackness is still not good enuf for him and other self-hating blackmen. The irony of it all…if someone gave these brothas some white paint to bleach their brown skin, they would decline. Basically, Kobe can live the life, smash random blondes, eat the best food, etc. Meaning, they’re Babylonians=Excess. Sex and Money will always be a noose around the necks of blackmen in sports and entertainment. All they care about is cars, weed, clothes, and groupies. This convo is long overdue, about damn’ time.


      • True indeed brother! I can’t argue with that!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Tyrone…I lost a cousin a few years ago who was an All-American football players (Derek Andrews). He had a full scholarship to UCLA but went out there, got caught up, then got arrested for selling drugs on campus–kicked out–back home, got fat, became a baby daddy 2X–different women…Then got a job as a janitor. He never tried to better himself after that. He died in his sleep of an apparent combination of a heart attack/stroke in 2008. He was only 45. It hurt me deeply.

        Sadly, it takes life to kick some people in the ass before they learn.

        And this is what is going to have to happen to Kobe.


  4. Adeen says:

    These days, I don’t care for any of our athletes or celebrities because most of them are just kissing White ass. We need to call these athletes out on their foolishness especially Kobe of all people. His whole statement was out of hand because it was US who defended him when he was accused of raping a White woman in 2003. Now he wants to throw us under the bus and not speak out for Trayvon Martin’s cause. Shaking my head here


    • truthangel07 says:

      What’s really sad here is that Kobe has gone out of his way for his wife Vanessa’s Mexican family; and Mexicans are extremely racist toward African Americans. He makes no sense at all.

      Frankly, He is an embarrassment and we should treat him like we do Tiger–Persona Non Grata. If we don’t mean anything to him; he means nothing to us.


      • Tyrone says:


        The race of the other woman does not matter, the mindset never changes. I never allowed myself to get caught up in the women of color dynamic that has been pushed on blackmen. If she’s not a blackwoman, it’s selling out just the same…Why? Blackwomen gain nothing from these unions, so, Vanessa being a so-called latina is irrelevant. Basically, Kobe is building up their people, not his own. This is why I don’t support blackmen mixing with other women…does not advance the black family unit.


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