We Still Miss Tupac!

I’m blessed that I witnessed the life and death of one of the greatest talents that ever came into the Hip Hop scene.

From the beginning, I knew that Tupac was special. Had had “the gift”. He had the “It Factor”. All eyes really were on him and still are even in death.

I chose today to play the postumously released album, Makeveli.

He is gone, but not forgotten.

The other video posted is just words from people who missed him so much; they still think he’s alive.

Sorry, but Tupac is no longer of this world.


2 comments on “We Still Miss Tupac!

  1. Tyrone says:

    Tupac was ahead of his time, will never be another like him. The ability to blend both ends of the spectrum is rare nowadays. A blackman can be intelligent and ghetto-fabulous at the same time…Duality!


  2. Adeen says:

    RIP Tupac. I loved his music. I wish there were more rappers like him


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