Aaliyah vs Beyonce…What if?



Today, on facebook, I asked the question…if Aaliyah hadn’t died so tragically in that plane accident; would Beyonce even matter?

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 12 years since that happened.  At that time, everything was going right for Aaliyah–then tragedy struck.

My favorite Aaliyah Album is One In A Million.  I still have it.

Beyonce soon began her rise…but is she overrated?  She’s released a lot of music in the last 18 years but some say that Beyonce had help.

There isn’t a lot of competition out there getting the same type of promotion.

Aaliyah’s beauty some say was flawless.

Beyonce is equally attractive, but I give the slight edge to Aaliyah because she was original and her songs fit her style.

What if fate had been different?

*I’d like to have a debate on this*

10 comments on “Aaliyah vs Beyonce…What if?

  1. Nunya says:

    This is an old topic, but I agree with the thought. In a lot of ways I consider Beyonce “Plan Bey” instead of “Queen Bey.”


  2. Tyrone says:

    Everybody is not strong in the same way. The demonic forces in the music industry are persistent. Beyonce began her career as a so-called good girl, and then she hooked up with Jay-Z(Nati Baby). Coincidence, Aaliyah was dating Dame Dash. The brains behind Roc-A-Fella… Interesting! Honestly, i think Aaliyah would have been pushed to promote sex just like Bey and Rhianna. Stylewise, I lean towards Beyonce. I liked Aaliyah, but was never a huge fan in that way. Sadly, we’ll never know the final outcome.


  3. First let me say I can’t stand Beyonce, so this maybe a bit biased. I think it would have came down to who was willing to get down in the dirt and show the most ass. Ass sells and talent is secondary at best. Look at Rihanna; that girl ain’t no clothes on since 2008. Now I like sexy women as much as the next, but you get tired of seeing Black women with their asses out all the time like Beyonce and that Rihanna. I do however think that Aaliyah would have taken the high road and would have had to leave music for acting to make a living.


  4. Adeen says:

    Honestly I do think if Aaliyah hadn’t died, she would be in Beyoncé’s spot and position in the music industry today. I loved Aaliyah growing up and I loved her music. I was so sad when she died so young at age 22. Personally I think the Illuminati has something to do with this.

    I respect Beyoncé and her style but I prefer Aaliyah.


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