Message For a White Chick Named, Cit Cat…GET OVER IT!!!


For over the past 6 months, some crazy white chick named Cit Cat has been stalking this blog on an old post: 10 Rules For White Women Married to Black Men.  Basically, the thread is a humorous and blunt list of the things that irritate Black women and lists those observations.  This was her first post back in October:

CitCat says:

I am a white 52 year old woman, married to a black 52 year old male. We celebrate 6 years this Sunday of being married. He has character above reproach, more self esteem than one person can handle and far from broke. He is a strong black man. We did not get married to prove a point, we got married because we love one another. I am proud to be this man’s wife and cherish every minute we have together. We were brought up in the segregated south, born in the 1960′s and live here now, we have never had a negative comment said to our faces from any black or white people. We enjoy our life and life every day to the fullest. Just wanted you to know.

And her last (deleted) was in April, 2014.

Well, the negative comments that I allowed,came mostly from  women involved with Black men.

Oh, you know how white folks do: they have to scold us when we’re talking about things that we’ve experienced or observed, demanding our apology for calling them out.


Not here.

This is my blog.

Well, Ms. Cit Cat has decided to go on a tangent and try to stir up trouble…or so she thinks. This woman has categorically been posting messages–that I delete.  And her attitude is that she has to stop the message–by any means necessary.  How in the hell can you get so wrapped up on a topic that is not really inflammatory, and then try to justify your behavior in the same process?  She’s obsessed with this thread.  It was written last summer.  Uh…I’ve moved on.  Why can’t she.

Take it to Stormfront and spread your message of Black male love.

Can someone say: White Privilege gone a muck?

Why are white people always shocked when we expose them?  Or just speak candidly about various issues relating to them?  Sounds very much like a natural response to anyone or anything that doesn’t promote White Supremacy.

This is my blog, honey.  There is no democracy.  Anyone that I allow to post has been given a privilege; there is no obligation by me whatsoever to allow people on it that do not represent the demographic I’m speaking to  (African American) and can’t relate or contribute to cultural discussions related to our personal experiences.

Cit Cat apparently lives in the North Atlanta area of Georgia.  I guess this child doesn’t know that her I.P. can be traced right to her doorstep which is revealed each and every single time she posts.

For those here who have technical skills; if I see her post one more ignorant message, I’m going to post her I.P. here and allow those she offends to track her.

As for myself: I said it best to one of the white women on that thread that if you have something to say; start your own blog.

I rule here.

Cit Cat better make her noise some place else.

This is her LAST WARNING!!!

Addendum:  CitCat has returned. You can view her comments on the listed post: 10 Rules For White Women Married to Black Men.  As I promised, if she continued to post after I’ve warned and banned her MANY TIMES; I’d post her personal information:   She lives in the Atlanta metro area:


25 comments on “Message For a White Chick Named, Cit Cat…GET OVER IT!!!

  1. Anthea says:

    Choosing to treat others as you would like to be treated is not ‘sweeping things under the carpet’. In fact, a few years ago our police force was declared ‘institutionally racist’ in a landmark inquiry after the brutal murder of a black man by a gang of racist thugs. Some white people found it hard to accept, but many others took it as a sign that we needed to shape up.

    I have run across some, a very few, black people in the UK who have decided to blast every white person en masse. But that’s in a minority. My parents did a great job, they taught me “Don’t punish a white person on Tuesday for what another white person did to you on Monday.” That’s realistic — acknowledging the pain someone has caused, seeing racism in all its ugliness; then deciding to acknowledge the humanity of others, deciding not to be ugly in thought or deed. It has not always been easy for me, but nothing worth doing is easy.

    This comment is so interesting: “loving people does not change the reality of people hating you just because of the color of your skin.” Loving people does not change my past, but it opens the door to a future that is better for me, whatever my circumstances. Hating white people for the colour of their skin the essence of unforgiveness, and I see from your site that your believe in God who commands us to forgive. Hating is like drinking a cup of deadly poison, and hoping that the *other* person will die.

    I know that the treatment of black people in the US is so bad that it would try the patience of a saint. But for your own sake, I would plead with you to avoid taking up the weapons of the racists — generalising, stereotyping, caricature, condemnation. They won’t care if you hurt your own soul by behaving like them. In a week I shall be 50 years old. My life is so much better because I heeded my parents’ advice. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I write, but I would ask you to prayerfully consider that my words are based upon experience of reality, and that there might be something in them that would benefit you. Please excuse me if I don’t become a regular reader of the blog. I stumbled across it while researching a topic, and was simply grieved enough to make a passing comment, based on my initial impressions. I don’t have time for Facebook and all that sort of stuff.

    God bless you in your writing endeavours.


  2. Anthea says:

    This is really sad. So different from the UK. We have a terrible problem with class and snobbery, but thank goodness, the racism is nothing like what I have seen on this blog. It is shocking! I was googling a topic, and saw this blog. I thought it would be positive, but instead saw so much hatred. As a black woman, I am saddened to see people sniping at each other like this. How can you hope to live together if these insults are being thrown around?

    Love yourself enough to be able to love everyone, black brown yellow, whatever.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Is the UK different than the U.S. or do you sweep things under the carpet?

      I’ve talked to many people of African and Caribbean descent who tell me otherwise.

      Americans have a history that was built from slavery and Jim Crow. There is no one anywhere in this world can deny that Global white supremacy does not exist or affect the lives of Black people.

      I will not accept that.

      Rainbows are found in the heavens, as relates to human beings, loving people does not change the reality of people hating you just because of the color of your skin.

      That is a reality in America and abroad.


  3. Greetings! Very useful advice within this article!
    It is the little changes that make the greatest changes.

    Many thanks for sharing!


  4. Kitten says:

    Originally from ATL….Let me tell you CitCat is not walking around the South Happy and Proud on the arm of a Black man. They must live right in the middle of ATL, because anywhere pass that border…is not safe for him or her. Deep seated hatred and his female family members are not welcoming (she didn’t mention that). My nephew tried to bring home a “Becky” once, he worked with her and she was all over him. Handsome, clean cut, professional black man in upper management with no kids and exes hanging off his paycheck…she was on it. His female cousins reminded him from whence he came…We never saw that “Becky” or any other “Becky” again. Engaged to a beautiful black woman, just got her PHD…so proud.


  5. Joannie says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.

    You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence
    on just posting videos to your blog when you could
    be giving us something informative to read?


  6. Smitha883 says:

    Though it is true I enjoy your writing style, I don’t agree with your main point of view about this one. I do delight in your website nevertheless. feebaadekkgdkddd


  7. Johnd555 says:

    An interesting dialogue is value comment. I feel that it is best to write extra on this subject, it won’t be a taboo subject but generally persons are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers aadeeekdcbde


  8. hqas says:

    Oh la la la!!! Loved your post, you rock and remember there are many in solidarity as we too are sick of white people’s attitudes.


  9. Tyrone says:


    I love your spirit Sis, i wish you much success. The brothas on this site the real deal, we got your back. An intelligent, informed sista that can burn in the kitchen…You A Bad Woman! I enjoyed conversing with you today. Be Good Mama!


  10. Tyrone says:

    Real Talk…Whitewomen Are Lost Souls! Rejected by their white fathers and brothers during slavery, hated by them simultaneously, wandering from one group of men to another, hating blackwomen while desiring to be a lighter version of the real thing, and so forth. Her black husband must be proud of himself, not fully realizing that the joke is on him. Brothas who lust whitewomen are weak to me and crazy. This chick has it bad, she blowin’ up your server with the foolishness…Hooraaaaay for Beeeeecky! Sistas, rejoice in your splendor. Sun Girls Have More Fun.


    • truthangel07 says:

      “Sun Girls Have More Fun…”

      Tyrone, I’m gonna put this on a t-shirt. Love it!!!

      I’m glad you’re a member of the blog.

      I welcome your intellect, brotha (and I don’t call every Black man this…) *wink*


      • Tyrone says:


        Yes, Sun Girls Do Have More Fun! Sis, you can make some money with that slogan. Blackwomen don’t have a problem, Others are the ones with the problem. A never-ending soap-opera, everybody wants to control you, exploit you, monopolize you, sex you, imitate you, etc. The life of a black female is never boring, Never! Thanks for the compliment Sis, i’m happy i found your blog. I support you and other blackwomen without apology. Black female advancement is sacred to me…It Matters! I love my black sisters deeply, i want you and every other sunkissed woman to know that. Loving You Is Priceless…No Doubt!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Much obliged, brother.


        And I’m serious about that slogan.

        And this sistah cooks “Down Home” style everyday, baby. Yes, sir…


  11. Expose that bitch. And nothing thing you should do consider is always allow their comment to be seen because they’ll help you make your point.


  12. adeen says:

    Cave women’s anguish. Lol, they are so funny. They hate hearing the truth about themselves. I am glad that you banned every post that that woman posted. We don’t need them on here. I come on here to read your posts and comment not interact with them.


  13. originalwoman13 says:

    The stalking of your blog by Cit Cat or should I say Shit Cat (Lol) says a few things about her as a white woman: 1. She is the typical white female white supremecist, 2. She has to always be in control (as most whites do, at all times), 3. Being romantically involved with a black man DOES NOT make her anti-racist, and 4. Telling white people the truth about themselves literally seems to make them go crazy! and more.


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