The Call of The Warrior! Arise Black Men!


As an African American Woman, I’ve been moved for more than 2 decades to speak about the things that I’ve witnessed that has impacted the Black man, his women, his children, and his community.

There has been a plot hatched from the first day a Black man set foot on American soil to enslave his body, control his mind, and destroy his spirit.

Looking at headlines over many years, I’ve just naturally come to the conclusion that the Black man is seen as the enemy and must be destroyed by any means necessary.

Is that so?

We’ve responded in many ways throughout the centuries, but I feel that the most effective way for Black men to conquer their enemies is to reclaim their African heritage–and re-learn the ways of our ancestors.

Once upon a time, Black men ruled the earth.  Links:

The names are many–some known, others hidden, but the fact is this: Black men were once mighty.  Your history did not begin in slavery.

Many lives have been taken as some type of malevolent sacrifice to demons as an offering to maintain White Supremacy.

This can no longer be tolerated.

It is time for ALL BLACK MEN of this nation to re-dedicate yourselves to the knowledge of your forefathers and re-learn what has long been forgotten.

Reclaim you manhood and esteem your women and children.

Black women have always stood with their men.  We are not your enemy.  We are natural allies.  Embrace that–and you will conquer your enemies for we are strong women, born to be equals with our male counterparts.

We have your backs, brothers.


And reclaim your dignity, your woman, your children, your people, and pride.



16 comments on “The Call of The Warrior! Arise Black Men!

  1. Marie pinder says:



  2. Tyrone says:


    We don’t need any more black leaders…Lord Knows! All too often, we give our freedom away to blackmen that are really advocating another man’s workdview. Most blackmen in politics are paid puppets, can’t vote how they want to, speak their mind on controversial issues, etc. Sistas, all the time and money spent on books, seminars, conventions, Why? You see these lost men out and about, how did they come to be this way? A blackman has no valid reason to hate his black sisters, but too many do. For the past 50+ years, african-americans have been controlled by white progressives/liberals. My Uncle gave me (The Autobiography of Malcolm X) to read in middle school…read from cover to cover in 3 hours. Brotha Malcolm laid it out for me, saved my life. Never been a book type of person in that way. I observe human beings, that’s how i learn. No human being can mess with my mind, i safeguard it like a newborn baby. Tyrone don’t need a million experts in his ear to function…Simple=Freedom. My advice to other blackmen…find a quiet place, close your eyes, and think…It Works!


    • truthangel07 says:

      That’s true. Deep thinking can do wonders.

      And I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X when I was around 22 or so.

      Middle school, huh? You’re advanced.



      • Tyrone says:


        As blackmen, we know what needs to be done to right the ship. We get it done or not? Simplicity is beautiful to me…2 Tha Point! No confusion, chaos, delay, etc. Too many brothas sit around debating back and forth about what we need to do…Just Do It! A few months ago, i was listening to Tariq Nasheed on YouTube, and he was going off on blackmen who constantly cry and complain about racism. His comments struck a nerve with me. “Finally, another blackman that can see thru the fog.” I’m a blue-collar brotha that lives in the hood, deal with the foolishness day in and day out. These professors and scholars that pollute my tv, can’t tell me jack. All i ask of them is to ensure the safety of our people all over this country…That’s It! The other stuff, we can deal with it. If we’re six feet under, the other ish don’t matter…Real Talk! Sistas, it’s frustrating like hell for ya’ll, you have every right to be angry with us. It’s not about battling other men, we gotta defeat the evil in our own ranks first…Ditto!


  3. Tyrone says:

    A lot of blackmen have been broken down by whomever and whatever. This psychodrama has manifested itself over time, and we witness the results today. I could have been a self-defeating brotha like many, but i chose a better path. Always been independent-minded, never followed the crowd, etc. With all of this being said, the key to black male freedom and advancement is and always will be thru blackwomen. Our women define us, make us who we are inside and out. Whitemen and other men want us to fail because they fear us, envy us, and lust our women…Bottomline! We lack racial awareness, so, the chaos and bull are evident.None of this is complex to decipher, brothas take a look around, what do you see? Truth, if i could wave a magic wand and hypnotize every blackman, i would. Us loving ourselves and our women is our greatest challenge.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Tyrone the reason why so many Black men struggle is that many have walked away from God. And that’s really the truth.

      Ancient Africans worshiped God long before Christianity; some Black people don’t even realize that many people being talked about in the Bible are African.

      Knowledge is power. And if Black men want real power–they must get re-connected to the power source.


      • Tyrone says:


        I can vibe with that. But, we deal with so much bs from the outside. Sis, in order for me to maintain my sanity, i had to divorce myself from the culture. A lot of blackmen hate themselves, we’ve been in denial about this for decades. The poisoning of our bodies with drugs, cigs, alcohol, suicide, gun violence, hatred of blackwomen, etc. Spirituality plays a part, but, that can only show itself if we’re of one mind with our women. Racism is not going away, ain’t no post-racial crap going on. White liberals can shove that stick up their blank blank! It’s about holding each other accountable. If i mess up, let me know, so i can get right. Thank You Sis!


      • truthangel07 says:

        That’s true, Tyrone. But what will it take to turn this around?

        Black men don’t have real leadership anymore in many communities.

        We lost a lot of strong brothers over the last generation.


  4. adeen says:

    So true because so many Black males think us Black women are the enemy and seek non Black women as partners and put them on a pedestal. It bothers me. It really does. We need to stick together and stop these gender wars, out of wed lock births, lack of unity etc. This time is now!


  5. originalwoman13 says:

    This is a strong and powerful post! We hope that many who haven’t heeded the call will heed it soon before it’s too late. I just looove pictures of black people like those you posted. I have the last pic hanging on my wall!


  6. Wow! Great photos!


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