White Folks Keep Taking Pot Shots At US!

There are days when I sometimes wish I was Olivia Pope.

Been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of deep issues and all I can say is that if Black people expect white folks to say I’m sorry for calling us N*ggers, putting us in slavery, denying us jobs, housing discrimination, stereotyping us, profiling us, hating us for no reason, ect., etc., etc.  I’d love to just “handle them–like Olivia Pope.”  Create some kind of world calamity and destroy them all.

Ever since Obama got elected; starting with the Tea Party, then all of the crap the Republicans were dishing out on the President, the repeal of the voting rights act, now the racist comments from Cliven Bundy and LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, and discussion of dismantling the Affirmative Action law; what’s the real message here?


Why are White people always shocked when a white person is exposed for their racist thinking?  Paula Deen’s fall from grace was just a peep show into the sick pathological thinking in most white folks regarding Blacks and other minorities.

What is the problem?  The REAL PROBLEM?  Come on…let’s get it out.  What is it that bothers white folks about Black people?  Why are they obsessed with their hatred of us?  What is it intrinsically?  It’s got to be sub-conscious.  There’s a hard-wire in that brain that makes them act and think the way they do.  But what?

I’m tired of trying to psycho-analyze these nutty people.  And it’s not an overstatement to say this.  How many of us know of any white folks that aren’t taking some form of drug for personality, mood, mental or psychiatric disorder?  Xanax, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Zoloft and God only knows how many more…they take so much of this stuff; it’s like candy to them.  They can’t cope without drugs.   Lawd!  And all of them are now bipolar…now.  They always have a justification for their behavior. And what about the drug of choice: alcohol.  If you ever want to find out what white folks really think about you; just go out to a bar with them and let them get drunk.  It’s pitiful.  They’ll really tell you what’s in their head–then claim a hangover the next day; feigning innocence because they were inebriated.

Yeah…right.  And we’ll buy that one, right?  (smirk)

And we’re all supposed to believe that we live in a post-racial America.  And who came up with this one?  A white liberal I’m sure…whatever the case; it’s their version of the realization that Natural Selection is trimming the fat once again and their asses are going to be the minority in this country for the first time in its history before most of you become grandparents.

Truth: In my honest opinion, white people are spiritually toxic.  They lack any conscience and don’t have the ability to empathize with the people they hurt.  It’s a sickness so deep; some might actually call it evil.

Don’t know about anyone here, but I’m really tired of white folks and it’s high time for Black people to get some backbone and begin to speak the unadulterated truth to their faces.

Malcolm X was absolutely correct: White people are depraved and we are fools to expect anything more from them.


7 comments on “White Folks Keep Taking Pot Shots At US!

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  4. originalwoman13 says:

    @ Truthangel

    “What’s the real message here”?

    White creatures are telling black people EVERY DAMN DAY that they have absolutely NO LOVE for us. This has always been and always will be. It’s imperative that negroes get out of post-racial illusions of grandeur that one day these creatures will get a heart and soul to love us.

    “I’m tired of trying to psycho-analyze these nutty people.”

    Sista, the psycho-analyzation has already been done by Dr. Welsing and others. Some of us who haven’t already just need to stop being lazy and read their works/listen to lectures to overstand that these are a race of melanin deficient satanic sociopaths,,,Bottomline!!!

    “How many of us know of any white folks that aren’t taking some form of drug for personality, mood, mental or psychiatric disorder? Xanax, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Zoloft and God only knows how many more…they take so much of this stuff; it’s like candy to them. They can’t cope without drugs. Lawd! And all of them are now bipolar…now”

    I’m telling ya I believe if negros who REFUSE to understand the nature of white man/woman will find themselves in the same shape if they don’t become smarter and wiser in their dealings with these creatures. Dr Welsing stated, “No black person on this planet qualifies for mental health under the system of white supremacy.” Now, black people got enough mental issues dealing with these creatures, however, Black people are the strongest minded people on the planet for dealing with the white psychopathic personality for thousands of years and not being any more mentally ill than we already are.lol


    • Tyrone says:


      A large segment of our people are mentally ill. The self-destructive behavior that we see is residue from slavery, especially in blackmen. Continued contact with whites has messed us up even more. I limit my association with them to protect the sanity of my being. Are all whites bad people, not necessarily. But, the vast majority will never fight to dismantle white supremacy in our lifetime. Sadly, too many amongst us are too deep in the hole to climb out of it. This is our reality at the moment. Black People…Divorce The Culture!


    • truthangel07 says:

      There is something wrong with these people and smart, conscious and God-centered Black people see it.

      As a child, my community was blessed to have strong Black people who raised their children with strong values and education of how white folks really were.

      We paid attention and I thank God I haven’t allowed these sociopaths to get near me or my family.


  5. Tyrone says:

    Whites don’t love themselves…Simple As That! Hating another group of people because they’re skin is darker reflects badly on them…Not Us! I love being black, would not sell my melanin for all the money and diamonds deep down below. If i was white, i would be pissed as well. Sistas & Brothas, stop trying to understand that which cannot explained. Whites will never be happy, it’s their problem to worry about.


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