Power! The Only Cure For Powerlessness…

Power.  There’s something about that word that has always resonated with me.  Even as a child, deep within; it was in my nature to gain complete control of a situation–even by manipulation if necessary (before my spiritual conversion).  I’d size a person up first–figure out how to get what I want from them–then do it.  I am a born master.  I have natural charm but if you cross me; I can easily flip the script and destroy.

Does this make me a horrible person?

Remember that cartoon Pinky and the Brain.  Well, I was the little mouse;always the strategist and trying to figure out how to get what I want.

About 18 years ago, I read a book that literally changed how I think and also helped me to understand myself innately.  It was the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.  It is a “must read”.


I don’t trust people easily and I’d never hurt anyone maliciously,however, I will not allow anyone to dominate or dictate to me either–no matter how much I like them.  I value my freedom and that of others however, I am quite the realist in knowing that if you choose to get in relationships, one must become either the leader or the follower.  I choose to be the leader.

Some people are afraid of power.  Why?  I feel that having power only indicates your commitment to mastering something so creatively and uniquely; it literally poetry in the way people will be attracted to you.  You are unique and you have a consciousness that stimulates the minds of others.  You listened to the voice within and trusted your gut to get you where you want to be.

The reason why so many people are powerless is because they don’t trust their inner voice.  They allow the narrow minds and thoughts of others to lead them into areas where they aren’t fulfilled.

You have heard many people quote the great war general Sun Tzu but how many people have employed his methods into their daily lives?  How many even know what power is?  Power is defined as the ability to act or perform effectively.  Also it is defined as a person, group or nation that exercises great influence or control over others.

Applying Sun Tzu methodology to everyday life is wise:


Being empowered simply means that you have the power to enhance the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.  Essentially, the true nature of having power is when you can give it away.

And this is what motivates me each time I write on this blog.

Read and grow good people.  Knowledge is power; information is critical.

When you’re motivated.  You can move mountains.

2 comments on “Power! The Only Cure For Powerlessness…

  1. I read this book years ago. I suggest ALL black people read it! You will definitely learn something.


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