Black People Better Think Twice About Supporting Gay Rights!


Education is a must in this day and age.  There is simply no excuse for Black people to be supporting the ideals and values of European descended people–that conflict with the family values of African people.  By and large, African Americans are a religious people and still hold to the tenets of scripture to dictate our morals and values more than any other group.

I came across this video on YouTube regarding the history of Europeans and it is very graphic–I warn you.

The issue of gay rights has become the demonic movement by white Europeans to further their agenda of genocide against not only the family (which God created) but it is also a cleverly designed covert plan to instill behavior that is intended to provoke genocide on people of color if they follow this sect of behavior.

Malcolm X stated bluntly that white people were depraved by nature.  What does depraved mean?

  1. morally corrupt; wicked.
    “a depraved indifference to human life”

Intelligent people know what is right and wrong.

Gay rights is not the same as Civil Rights.



When you have no control of your body; it indicates that someone or something is controlling your mind.

Take some time to watch this video–then I’d appreciate your comments or debate.

8 comments on “Black People Better Think Twice About Supporting Gay Rights!

  1. Solid Sol says:

    I was going to ask you this but I see I don’t need to. My family have been watching Ayo Kimathi’s videos and following his site for a while. You can’t even dispute what he says it makes so much sense.

    Good job TruthAngel!


  2. Tyrone says:

    Memo To Black People…We Bow To No One! I have no hatred of homosexuals in my heart, i disagree with their worldview and lifestyle…Bottomline! Being black and being gay have nothing to do with each other. Black liberals/progressives got a lot of nerve pushing this insanity on our people. For the record, Tyrone is not a Democrat/Liberal/Progressive Blackman. So, those who disagree will not be confused. Homosexuality is a form of soft genocide, killing us without weapons, no different from race-mixing. Amazing how The Black Elite are always supporting policies that do harm to our race…Abortion, Gay-Marriage, Illegal-Immigration, Islamic Radicalism, etc. Poor and Working-Class black folk need to wake the hell up. These college-educated fools like Michael Eric Dyson are our biggest obstacles to freedom. None of them deal with the crap i experience day to day…They’re Human Pacifiers! Keep us deaf and blind, so, we’ll go along with the Dixiecrats/Demoncrats. Truth, we gotta be specific in our outrage. The NAACP has been stabbing us in the back for years, an organization that was founded by whites. We have a political crisis within our race that we continue to ignore…The Enemy Within!


  3. originalwoman13 says:

    @ Truthangel
    This post reminds me of Dr. Ishakamusa Baranshango’s (ever heard of him?) books Afrikan People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide, Volumes I & II. Besides discussing the depraved origins of european holidays he also gave detail discussions of the depraved behaviors and customs of white people in addition to him stating as you have said here “European ideals and values are in conflict with African ideals and values.” I suggest you check out his books on amazon, but rather (if you decide to) order from Afrikan World Books at or call 410-383-2006.


  4. I agree with Tariq Nasheed in this video! He is spot on! Black people better be aware of the deception that’s going on!


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