Her Baby Doesn’t Like Dark-Skinned Black People…

On Saturday, March 10, 2012.  I sat in my company break room…just chilling out.  I wasn’t really hungry.  I had been sick for the past week, so I just settled for a cheap frozen meal and watched CNN news.  About 10 minutes after sitting down to eat; a coworker (who shall remain nameless) came into the break room.  She’s a young white girl (trailer trash) who is living with a Black guy and has 2 children with him.  Another young coworker; a young college student who happens to be Black, began a conversation with the white girl.  Somewhere during my attention to the news; my focus was averted by  the white girl when she made a comment to the Black girl, as she stepped out to go to get her lunch:  the white girl, for some unknown reason, chose to reveal to the young Black girl, that one of her babies didn’t like dark-skinned Black people.  The Black girl was dark-skinned as well.  I just glared at her.  She went on…and on…about how if her baby saw a dark-skinned Black person, he would cry and scream. OMG!  Was this really happening?   I was having an encounter.  There were 5 Black people in this section of the company break room.  3 Black males as well as myself, and the girl who stepped out to get her lunch.

First of all, as I stared at this girl; I had to really take a 60 second break and check myself before I jumped up and slapped the hell out of her.  When I composed myself internally, it was at this time that I confronted her.  I demanded to know what in the hell gave her the audacity to make such a statement–with such impunity, in a room filled with Black people?  I then told her that her comments were out of line.  The racial issues in America right now, as well as in the past, should have served as a meter stick as what to say and not to say to people, particularly if one was not educated about such perimeters.  She tried to defend herself–of course.  Her attempts at trying to justify what she said were absolutely comical–but no one was laughing.  During the course of this exchange, she had the nerve to say that “all of her friends are Black” and that her baby would not have a problem with me (I’m not dark-skinned).  Oh, how magnanimous of you to say this to me.  Sort of like putting more sh*t on top of bullsh*t, ya think?

White folks, particularly in the south, have a reputation for liking lighter-skinned Black people–and per usual; how typical white folks try to justify what they do–when they realize they’ve been caught “thinking like a bigot.”

What struck me the most was the ignorance in this young woman.  She really didn’t get it.

This would have been very hurtful even if a Black person had said this, but the fact that it was coming out of the mouth of a white chick was absolutely incendiary.  She had no fear of any kind in making the statement, which led me to conclude that she most definitely felt as though she would not be challenged.  *The Audacity of White Privilege*

This is one of the reasons why many African Americans detest white women and interracial unions in general.  What are these women passing on to their offspring?  To have a child that harbors such a bias can only be attributed to certain behaviors, cultural cues and bigotry being perceived by one or both parents.

During slavery, skin color was used as a Divide and Conquer strategy as a way to keep the slaves separated, as not to become a threat to their white slave masters.  This is a fact of history.

What really galled me the most is that not one of the Blacks in that break room spoke up–even though this white girl was disrespecting not only Black people; she had no sense of shame in what she said and thought nothing of their feelings.

Yes, you can still be in an interracial relationship and still be a racist.

I’m living in Georgia.  And I can say that one of the things that I despise about this place is how Black people, still, in 2014, are so afraid of white folks, to the degree, that they would sit in silence as some ignorant piece of white trash basically dumps crap on them.  It’s one of the reasons whites in the south think they can say anything they want to or about Black people and not fear retribution.  The sad reality here is that Black people who allow this still must harbor deep intrinsic feelings of inferiority and have low self-worth.

I was raised in Chicago, IL.  I have respect for myself, and no one; and I do mean NO ONE. is going to make racist or ignorant statements, as this woman did, and walk away.  No way!  It is my responsibility as well as other Black people to check racism when it is being demonstrated either directly or indirectly.

Honestly, I could have gotten this woman terminated, but you know what; I really didn’t want to do that.  The greatest punishment she can receive is to have to look me in the face every single day…knowing that she’s been exposed.


27 comments on “Her Baby Doesn’t Like Dark-Skinned Black People…

  1. Moanika says:

    Colorism and Colorstruck in full bloom hellish picnic basket. The lovers of ttgirls encourage them to showoff their racism/privilege towards poc. Their colorful lovers are ignorance/self-hatred/broken enough to become the new slavepet. The child would grow up confuse on black culture and avoid poc like a plague. You seriously need talk about the 15 generation of making white people. Look at Rabbit Fence,Tiger Wood,Girl from the Fresh Prince talk about human evolution aka milking/breedout,etc video,


  2. Real sad says:

    This just proves tht non blacks can be racist even tho they are with a blk person and have kids with them.I dnt trust nonblacks act all!!! “Colored” or not..they all the same to me.If i was there i would have cursed that white bitch out.This is the reason why mixed people are so fucked up in the head..because they got these self hating blk parents and these racist non black parents too.Just nothing but a fucking mess smh.


  3. TTNYCRN says:

    All I got to say TruthAngel is what the heck?

    Just goes to show that integration and its cousion of interracial unions seems to be more of a poison than a help to black people.


  4. hqas says:

    So sad and appalling at the same time, people really don’t know how to behave in company of diversity, first of all. Rest is all pretty clear, white supremacy and typical bigotry. thanks, for your wonderful blog and amazing posts. I am going through them, bit by bit so fascinating to see someone with very similar thoughts like myself.
    I dab my hand at blogging at http://saadiahaq.wordpress.com if interested.
    Thanks again.


  5. […] Her Baby Doesn’t Like Dark-Skinned Black People… […]


  6. Tyrone says:


    What are whitewomen really trying to accomplish by birthing half-black babies with self-loathing blackmen? I don’t understand the logic and reasoning of their behavior. So, they view themselves as superior to our sisters, yet, don’t want to bring forth white babies. Seek to bring colored babies into existence, but, want them to hate blackness simultaneously. Claim to be the epitomy of womanhood while being jealous of blackwomen. The same race of women that suffered for their comfy lifestyles and white priviledge. In all honesty, whitewomen are just as sick as the whitemen they claim to dislike so much. “Her baby does not like dark-skinned black people.” Is the father of her child light-skinned or biracial? As we know, in certain pockets of the country, the high-yella crowd has their own caste-system. They tell their flock to not date/marry cola and brown-skinned blacks…They Gotta Stay Light! This nonsense is why i will never support mixing with whites. They will always hold a grudge for being pale-skinned, while everybody else is colored. We can’t change their color, this dysfunction is on them.


  7. wow that is crazy,but not surprising. People get bolder and bolder with their bs. They will say things right in front of u, the sad thing is seeing black folks not saying anything about it. I bet the guy she is with allows her to say these things and u know some of these sell outs will tell these non black people how much better they are. she probably thought she could say those things because of the self haters allowing her to get away with it. Let’s be honest if someone attacks a dark skinned person hardly anybody would defend them, if somebody attacked black women hardly anybody would come to their defense.

    People see how we treat each other within our communities and think that gives them the green light to disrespect us. so if u have some sellouts on youtube attacking and making fun of dark skinned blacks then these mofos will think they can join in.

    I had this Puerto rican chick call me and another sista burnt and she said it to 2 black males, but they kinda ignored it. people really think they can say these things because they know we have colorism issues within our community, and they play off of those weaknesses to pit us against each other. so they will say negative things about black women or dark skinned black people because they know those are two groups within the black community that are demonized the most. And it just shows u how racist they are even though they are with a black person, so no it is not love, when u love someone and love their culture as these people love to claim then u DO NOT EXPLOIT weaknesses and cause division. but try to build people up not tear them down, she basically showed how she wants to be separate and sees people as other, and her mate and kids as the exception.


  8. I gotta post this on tumblr.


  9. I think that trash is lying. Babies are not born with that kinda shit. If anything she’s one that doesn’t care for dark skinned Black people of which I am one. And this further begs the question; what the fuck kinda coon made a baby with you? Twice. But of course negroes will laydown with anything.

    The reason she felt comfortable saying that in front of all those Black people is because she knows they suffer from low self-esteem. She knows they kiss white ass and she knows there’s very little wrong she can do in their eyes. She needed me sitting in there. I would put something on her ass Clorox couldn’t take off.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Oh, I have many other experiences that I’ll write about but this one was just so blatant.

      This child really didn’t even think about what she said–it was as natural to her to talk this way as blowing wind out of her ass.

      I was astounded at the cowardice at the Negros in that breakroom that day. It changed my attitude and opinion toward those people.


      • You can’t blame them. I know the people in that part of the country and they see themselves as less than.


      • truthangel07 says:

        They really do and whenever you try to talk about anything empowering–as most Black nationalist are prone to do; they just look at you like you’re crazy. They can’t even connect because they are ignorant of not only their history, but have no true self worth.

        It’s sad.


      • It is sad, and I have family that same way. Only thing they care about is food and Jesus. Jesus gonna see them through their troubles. They never ask, why isn’t Jesus stopping their troubles. But please, let’s not even get started on that whole mess.


      • truthangel07 says:

        The message of Christ, the gospel, and self-respect should be synonymous but you can’t expect people to understand the Freedom of Christ’s message if they willingly allow themselves to be enslaved mentally.


      • I think they are more afraid than anything.


      • truthangel07 says:

        That’s it. The south really hasn’t been emancipated–not mentally among Black people. They are still afraid of white folks down here–it’s so obvious, but when you go to a club–anywhere, especially in various parts of south Georgia where I reside; it’s so interesting to see how the Black people will fight and kill each other–then having those clubs closed down because of their behavior. It’s really misdirected stress–they are angry with their oppression and lash out at those that remind them of what they hate–THEMSELVES.

        Deep analysis,but when you hear white folks make the same observation of how Black people treat each other; you realize just how powerful perception is.


      • This white girl is full of $HIT! I get so tired of their nonsense! It’s a wonder we even put up with these bastards! Nothing but trailer park trash! And this black buffoon that slept with her really needs his head examined.lol


    • Self hatred is a sad thing to see. It will make you do silly things. It will make you leave ignorant racist comments unchallenged. I can’t tell you how many co-workers I’ve put in their place. I don’t put up with that crap anymore. I let then have it. I’ve had it out with whites and Mexicans. I even put a Chinese co-worker in place for making a Shaka Zulu joke. I don’t play when it comes to disrespecting my people. That’s where I draw the line. My father told me not to let any man disrespect me,my family or my people.


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