Many Black People Are Lost And Our Enemy Knows It…

For many years I spoke about issues impacting the Black community on the old Black voices and many other Black oriented sites over the years. It’s been almost 20 years–that’s a long time. The reality of the topics I talked about back in the late nineties–and in the early part of the millennium, seem to now be coming to fruition.

When President Obama was elected as the new leader of this nation, what started out as a Disney movie coming to life; soon became the catalyst of a population of white folks who are dying; now finding a reason to form a coalition of bigots to remind white people that it was their ancestors that ran this country and this N*gger is about to change “their way of life” and they better do something about it now before it was too late. The Tea Party spread fear through the land–then the racist signs came out–then the charge that Obama wasn’t even American, and so on…and so forth. So, the President, feeling the heat of white fear; he began to use language that fed the racist appetites by saying that he “wasn’t just the President of Black people.” Suggesting that Black people better not even think about asking him to do anything to better many of our troubled communities, but everyone else could. What did that say to white folks? It gave them even more fuel to continue their subliminal abuse–so the Republican Party keeps it up in creating more fear through their attitudes against the President–blocking everything he did to try and better the economy. Lying about his healthcare plan, so on and so forth. But…he kept on catering to white folks.

And so do many Black people, particularly those that call themselves our leaders:

Any names that come to mind, people?

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • President Obama
  • Montel Williams
  • Condoleeza Rice
  • Clarence Thomas
  • O.J. Simpson
  • Tiger Woods
  • The NAACP(Quiz me on this one)
  • The Black Boule’
  • Many Black NBA and NFL athletes who date or marry non-Black women

Just to name a few.

Today, it’s going to be 88 degrees where I am in Georgia. I’m sitting by a window–looking out at the beautiful flowers and blooming trees and listening to my favorite jams. This thought came to me a few minutes ago(Luther’s Here and Now… is playing). Here and Now…I promised to love faithfully… Such beautiful words and I really do feel that this is the song that many Blacks in power or who have money and position are singing to White America. Cooning…and grinnin’, just longing for that pat on the back that says, “Now that’s a Good N*gger.”

Am I off base?

These days, you rarely even see Black culture on television anymore.  Like Sunday night while watching The Good Wife. Why is it that when they have Black people on these shows, they are sleeping with white characters? Same goes for the now defunct show, Off The Map, located somewhere in the islands, on ABC in which there is one Black guy in the cast and he’s sleeping with a white chick.  So, the subliminal message here is that if you’re Black and successful, you are approved to sleep with White folks?  This is yet the persistent resistance of Whites in media and Hollywood to show Black love. Why is that?

Scandal is not an equalizer but more so it appeases white racists and weak-minded Black folks of a Black woman being allowed to exploit the sexual myth of the high sexuality of Black women with the most powerful man in the world; but the white woman he’s married to is his beneficiary and will inherit his wealth. Who’s the fool?

Where is the backlash against the networks from our community?

And how can I not speak about the lack of “brown faces” on Oprah’s new network when she first debuted OWN. Gail doesn’t count. What was Oprah thinking about in neglecting the African American community? There is no excuse for this. We buy products just like everyone else and our buying power is not to be taken lightly. Yet, Black folks still watched.

Our president seems to have been advised, misinformed and betrayed by angry white males, hell bent on making him look weak, indecisive and something to make fun of rather than respect. And it’s all about respect. Everything he does is questioned, probed and analyzed by white folks. Can the man do anything right in their eyes. Yet, it was the greed, arrogance and criminal acts of white males that got this country in the economic crisis it is now in.

His predecessor, George Bush, had a faithful servant in the service of former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. She endorsed her President and never acted in opposition to whatever he chose to do–mind you that many of his policies hurt our community. Hurricane Katrina…anyone? And people know that there was no reason to attack and kill Sadaam Hussein. It was clearly an act of revenge for his father’s failure to destroy him in the War of Desert Storm.

And still yet, Black folks…wanna be like by white folks.

The NAACP was founded on February 12, 1909.  Link:  [url=][/url]

More reference:

But did you know that no Black was allowed to serve as Director until 1975. That’s right. Our oldest Civil Rights organization was headed by whites. How could an organization designed to help Black people, not allow Blacks to run it–and be allowed to do it? And why would white folks wish to be part of an organization for the benefit of Black people ? The only reason why whites contribute money to the NAACP is so that they can dictate policy. So, is our nation’s oldest Civil Rights organization really working for its people or is it a co-conspirator with our enemy?

“The civil-rights generation is exiting the American stage—not in a haze of nostalgia but in a cloud of gloom, troubled by the persistence of racism, the apparent weaknesses of the generation following in its wake, and the seeming indifference of much of the country to black America’s fate.”

One would have to be reminded of Jim Crow laws. It once was a law that if there were 3 Blacks or more, they could not be allowed to meet without the company of a white man. This is the truth. Some of you can attest to this in public and even on your job–if Blacks congregate; for some unknown reason, some white man or woman, possibly even in management, starts prancing around, looking and observing…trying to see “what you people are up to.” Some even are bold enough to insinuate themselves into the conversation.

The Black Boule’–Black versoin of the Illuminati. The Black Elite. Whatever you wish to call them…is a collection of about 4000+ of the wealthiest Black men in America–and none of them are doing anything on behalf of African Americans. Link:

There is a reason why Black people keep seeing issues like what happened with LA Clippers owner Don Sterling. I find it hilarious that all of a sudden, the Black players were insulted because he said he didn’t like Black people and didn’t want his mixed girlfriend to be seen taking pictures with them–yet–many of these ball players are not even married to Black women.

It’s duplicity and hypocrisy.

So, adding all of them together, entertainers, organizations and individual leaders that love to appoint themselves over us–WHO IS REALLY REPRESENTING BLACK AMERICA?

18 comments on “Many Black People Are Lost And Our Enemy Knows It…

  1. Alex says:

    Love your website, is this the default theme or a custom one?


  2. real sad says:

    Its not much blks can do.Do u want blks to be jobless?probably they are acting coonish to fit in more..but in secret they probably hate whitey more than you.If i had the choice ..i would be doing tons of sucking gotta learn how to play the game and fit in where you can fit in…and i say this as a militant blk.But marrying taking it wayyy too far.Tht is something i will NEVER do


    • truthangel07 says:

      I’m sorry, but you sound very weak and young to me.

      To gain respect; you have to have respect for yourself first.

      Black people who “kiss up” as you say…are always looked at with disdain. Those who SPEAK UP and stand for something are the ones who will be elevated. Why? Because white folks hate wimps and respect those who are willing to risk something in order to gain something.

      If you’re trying to play the game you say; don’t play any game that you haven’t yet mastered.

      True leaders know this well.


  3. Adeen says:

    Great post. The White population in America and worldwide is dying so that they doing very drastic measures to keep their race alive even if it means having children with Black people. You see, they use sellouts like Clarence Thomas to push their agenda that White is right. And we have people in our race aka sellouts who would sell you out for these people in a heartbeat because they want to improve their status in the system. It is sad. This is one of the reasons why other races look down on us so much.


  4. The Black NBA players past and present certaihnly didn’t quit their jobs and start a new league managed by black people or even stood up on their own (another white man had to punish Sterling). Yeah, I tried to to encourage other black people (they were “conscious”) to start business or fight causes in the local and international black communities, but all I got called was a “self hater” who didn’t know “thyself”- despite the fact that I knew all about their pseudosciences and theories. I begged them to stop with their fantasy land and to see the reality. But alas, they rather blame the white man on our situation and sit and do nothing.THese our the same ppl who ridicule other Black men and women who want to grow as individuals and a people. They hate ANY talk of successful black people who work within the “system”. The house niggas(oprah, etc) you describe are NOthing compared to the conscious black people on the street level who are literally tricking black people into being nothing in the name of “Black power”. I’m 19 and not a day goes by where I don’t feel like giving up.I’m disappointed and I’m not sure if I should be disappointed at the Black ppl who made it and still have self hate or blacks who haven’t made it and want to keep other blacks down. Black ppl can be poor or rich or “spiritual” yet still act like slaves. I have no choice


    • truthangel07 says:

      Don’t be discouraged young man.

      There is a lot to be dealt with in the Black community, but I want to educate people here, and I ask for you to check out this link:


    • Tyrone says:


      This generation of young sistas and brothas are what i refer to as Zombie Youth(Non-Thinkers). Being educated and informed is frowned upon for brothas as yourself. The ugly truth, is that, our people are controlled by external forces that seek our destruction. You’re wise enuf to know which group i’m talking about, i’ll leave it that. Is your life, freedom, and health sacred to you? Every human being has to ask themselves this fundamental question? Brotha, the politicos and so-called leaders failed your generation, they hate you. Save Your Own Neck, hoping and praying for Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, and the NAACP to right the wrongs that afflict us is time wasted that we can’t get back. In high school, i had the same frustration. I broke away from the pack, it saved my life…Literally & Figuratively Speaking! You’re Already A Winner…20/20 Vision!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Good advice, Tyrone.

        I too turned off the voices of my time that were not thinking about my well being.

        It was very clear before I graduated from high school that even some Black leaders are WHITEWASHED.

        You can’t listen to a message that is coming out of the mouth of someone that looks like you; yet, the intent of the message is speaking against you.


    • Adeen says:

      I am 18 and I feel that way too. I feel you but we have to stay strong!


  5. originalwoman13 says:

    I have been discussing this very topic a lot lately. I am so very, very SICK of these negros betraying the race. Black people have been dealing with this problem for 500 years. *sigh* When will it all end! I consider these so called black people to be WORSE than white supremacist. This is why most of the slave revolts were for the most part unsuccessful. Didn’t one congressman called out Justice House Nigger Thomas last week?


    • Tyrone says:


      No matter how much Clarence Thomas bends over for the other side, he ain’t special. The black elite in America assume they will escape the consequences of their betrayal. Boomerangs always find their way back home. Sane sistas and brothas should not waste oxygen in trying to persuade the lost ones. The world is a dangerous place, it’s cut-throat. Knowledge is a necessity in this day and time. A lot of our people are already dead and gone…Mind Over Body!


  6. tmbonner says:

    Thank you for the “like” of one of my posts. Your essay was awesome and TRUE. I’ve been saying this stuff for years and find that many black people clam up or get irritated when you bring things like this up. But we can’t stop bringing these things to the light. Our survival depends on it.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Yes it does. And I’ve been in the game for a very long time, trust me–I know the prevails of reactions from folks when you hit them with the truth, but the TRUTH will set us all free.


      • Tyrone says:


        Nigeria is a vivid example of why selling out does not accomplish a damn’ thing for our people. Blacks who stab us in the back will suffer just like the rest of us. All the dirt that has been swept under the rug is coming up now. Those that lack racial awareness will pay a heavy price.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Oh, yes they will…Indeed.


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