Are Things Ok in Mr. Hova’s Camp?


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What Really Happened In Jay Z & Solange’s Elevator Scene…

 | May 13, 2014 0 Comments

Jay Z x Beyonce

News has finally surfaced in relation to Solange’s attack on Jay-Z the night of the Met Gala.

Though everyone everywhere has speculated on what the issue between the two actually was; the actual story, reported by The Daily News, isn’t as intense as what you’d think.

Yesterday we got a taste of what went down when TMZ posted a minute long video of the elevator scene followed by an extended version lasting 3 minutes. In both however, you see Solange wildin’, a body guard restraining her, Hov trying to restrain himself, & Beyonce… well, just there.

The real story goes as follows:

Following the grand event that is the Met Gala, Rihanna was hosting an after party that Jay Z insisted on attending, for obvious reason, but Beyonce’s sister did not agree. The fight in the elevator shows result of a fumed up Solange after a group of her lesser known friends showing up to the event uninvited & in plain clothes. The group caused a scene outside of the venue and wouldn’t leave. They continuously name dropped Hov’s name which caught the attention of management who then went to Beyonce’s bodyguard saying there was a problem.

Jay got wind of what was going on and went to Solange saying “don’t use my name,” which upset the singer who turned sullen and was ready to leave the festivities. Sources say that on the way out, he mentioned that he would be headed uptown to Rihanna’s party & had his came call ahead of time to let them know what he wouldn’t need extra security because Beyonce wouldn’t be attending the party.

From there, Solange began to press the couple saying “Why can’t you go home?” and to Beyonce “Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?”

Jay snapped back with “You’re one to talk,” which ultimately set it off for Solange resulting in the punching & kicking we saw in yesterdays video.

No official comments from the trio as yet, but what do you think? Was Solange overreacting or should Jay haven’t went home with the family?

*Word to Solange: MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

Here’s the full story from the Daily Mail site:

22 comments on “Are Things Ok in Mr. Hova’s Camp?

  1. KingoftheTeddybears says:

    I know I’m a bit late but who the hell designed that dress for Solange? it looks like badly stapled together silk bedding


  2. Alex says:

    Love your website, is this the default theme or a custom one?


  3. Tyrone says:

    This country is in deep trouble, the planet even more. All the foul ish going on right now, and media wasted a week talking about a non-story.


  4. adeen says:

    I wonder what made Solange want to beat the crap out of Jay Z. I am not a fan of Jay Z but what Solange did is uncalled for. And I find it suspicious that Beyonce just stood there and didn’t defend her husband.

    What really went down? No one knows but them


    • truthangel07 says:

      I actually felt sorry for him.


      • mswanda says:

        Don’t feel sorry for that bw beater. Truthangel, you should know better printing this lie. This comes from Jay-z pr team. The shopping for jewelry was a pr stunt. Solange probably was not drunk and she is not crazy. Unlike Beyonce, Solange has a backbone. Everyone know Jay is sleeping with Rihanna and he was disrespecting his wife. He wanted to go to her after party alone, not with his wife.


      • truthangel07 says:

        MsWanda, some acquaintances of mine were talking about this and we all agreed that this was the business transaction that Beyonce sanctioned. She knew what she was getting…


    • truthangel07 says:

      The talk is that he’s sleeping with Rihanna. The fight resulted reportedly because Jay wanted to go to Ri’s after party–and that’s when Solange lost it.


  5. TorontoGirl says:

    This is nonsense. This can’t be the reason seriously? No, it’s something else or Beyoncé wouldn’t have left with her sister. I know Bey knows how to fake it, she’s had a lot of practice. Something is going on! And they said she argued with Rachel Roy. Hmmm


  6. Jay and Solange were seen shopping together after the fight. Hmmm…….that’s interesting.


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