Angry Black Woman? Try Strong Black Females With No Apology!


“Africans were the first to inhabit the earth. Fossil records as well as DNA analysis give scientific evidence to support this fact. Therefore, the first woman to give birth was a Black African woman. It is from us that all humans have come. The other races of humankind all evolved from Black Africans.” 

In the land of our forefathers, Black women were queens.  We were women that were esteemed and in African culture; we were revered, respected, and sometimes feared.  We were never relegated to subservience, but recognized for our intelligence, wisdom, and beauty, from the very beginning.

However, Black women today are labeled as ANGRY.  And this has made many sistahs take pause of late; becoming intimidated by perception rather than the intent of this stereotype presumed upon us by those who don’t like Black people.

First and foremost, yes!  I will cuss you into hell if you get on my bad side.  I’m human.  I love.  I hate.  I sing.  I dance.  I shout.  I is…what I is…and I don’t make any excuses for who I am to make others comfortable.

The angry Black women label is nothing more than a racist attempt to neutralize the Black voice–and Black women are known to be the most creative when we speak.  But think of the power of that.  We are not wallflowers.  We don’t just sit by when we see something wrong.  We get our behinds in gear, call up the girls, get the word out in the neighborhood, churches, and other social functions, and spread the word: that IT’S TIME to get busy about some thangs.

People are such cowards today.  It’s a sign of weakness to be concerned what others think about you.

Black women are bold.

And if I can get deeper:  Lions come from anger.  When has anyone ever seen a lioness cower from anything–they do the killing, baby.

Such as it is, being a Black woman comes with automatic responsibility.  Our fore-mothers have been the victims of both sexism and racism, in addition to other forms of abuse. Everything from our hair to the defense of our femininity and beauty.  Our men haven’t always been able to protect us; so…sometimes we have to overcompensate.  And thank God for that.  It is by that strength within us that we have been able to keep our families and communities together–although some fragmented; Black women have not abandoned those they love.

We’re not taking trips around the world to “find ourselves” like our paler counterparts. If we have a need to do this all we do is look in the mirror.

Facing yourself takes courage and I don’t think any Black woman on this earth has to apologize for any damn thing.  We didn’t ruin the economy.  Black women aren’t serial killers.  We aren’t the ones molesting young teenagers in the classroom of our society.  Black women aren’t terrorists trying to destroy the nation internally.  There has never been any Black woman arrested for treason–as far as I know.  Black women aren’t murdering their husbands and children.  We’re maintaining through everything that has been thrown at us.

But do intelligent, rational minded people have to be told this?

We’re strong women–period.  As a matter of fact; we’re the only group of women on this earth who are recognized for being strong–as well as being the only group that routinely out-perform our men.  Yes.  We are strong women!  Get used to it.

And this is one Black woman that will never apologize for being so.

14 comments on “Angry Black Woman? Try Strong Black Females With No Apology!

  1. yes angry the black woman label has been used to try to silence us, the same way they try to call black men thugs for speaking out they call us angry for speaking out. our strength intimidates people, they try to attack black women because if it is a strong, intelligent, wise, black woman she may produce wise, strong, intelligent black children.

    They call us angry black women because we hate injustice and let the world know about it, remember emit tills mother kept his name out there and bravely spoke out and let people see what was done to her son, they are quick to label black women angry because we won’t be quiet. mary turner spoke out and protested when her husband was lynched and she paid with her life as well as her unborn baby’s life. then there are amazing women like Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Bessie Coleman, Ida B. Wells, Mary McLeod Bethune, etc all women that spoke out and acted out against injustice.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Yes they did. You are well schooled. 🙂


    • Kitten says:

      Yes I agree Whwn i spoke up at work my manager had the nerve to tell all the white folks that I was an angry black woman…behind my back of course. But you know they have no loyalty, not even to each other so you know they told me. She was fired and who got promoted…The Angry Black Woman…Not fired because of what she said about me, due to her own incompetence.


      • truthangel07 says:

        When I saw your name, I almost deleted your comment until I read your comments. I’ve been having a little problem with some crazy white woman who goes by the name of CitCat. Apparently, she can’t handle the fact that I am a strong minded, intelligent Black woman, and I won’t defer to her “mighty whiteness”. She’s married to a Black man–OOOOHHHHH…and she’s got to put this uppity Black chick in “her place.” She’s been stalking my blog for over a year, but I’ve had enough and I told her I wouldn’t warn her again.

        White women have an intrinsic need to “save something” because this is their typical behavior when their white husbands and children stop paying attention to them. They can’t handle not feeling as though they are needed.

        Please…don’t become the pet project of a lonely white woman!


  2. Adeen says:

    Can I change my name to Jamaican Princess on here? I want to be more anonymous these days.

    Anyways this is a good post


  3. absent fathers says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve enjoyed your blog.
    Over time, I’ve concluded we, black men, owe our feminine counterparts an apology for not protecting her then and now. How was the black family make-up pre-slavery, in particularly, the dynamic between black husband and wife/wives? That part of our history is cloudy to me. What I do know is it was of paramount importance that the black woman de-clings from her black man in the making of a slave (from a natural state to an unnatural state). This was done via psychological tactics employed by the slave owners. The subsequent results have been astonishing proficiently used to the benefit of everyone except black people.

    What I actually hear when I hear the phrase “angry black woman” is “black man, you can’t control your woman,” which of course is the design of the system. Certainly black women outperform black men. You all are rewarded by whitey because you all are vital to rearing up the next generation of slaves. I have a personal survey going that includes me asking newly acquainted black women how they feel about homosexuality and lesbianism. 8 out of 10 see no problem with it at all. And it all makes sense because the system has to have black women in compliance with the agenda at hand since black women are head of our single-parent households. How often have we heard a black woman say she doesn’t need a black man? That is the exact mindset “the matrix” wants our black women to have. It’s all a bi-product of psychological trauma induced upon us then and is still being induced upon us now. Take for example the elevator showdown between jayz and solange. That was simply designed to show black man and “angry” black woman divided. I wonder how many of our young impressionable sisters have more courage to fight black men now after seeing a clip of the elevator fiasco?

    Way back in the day, upon arriving on these shores, the black woman was physically and psychologically traumatized into a new mental way of thinking that was polar opposite of her natural nature: going from being dependent on the black man to being independent of him. It hurts me that black man lost control of his black woman; subsequently, she has been dependent on the white man ever since and finds herself having to overcompensate for our lack of presence, as evidenced by her actions, attitude, appearance, and anger.

    Black woman, thou art strong. Stronger than what thy natural physical and psychological disposition calls for but we are in unnatural times. I’ve been fortunate to see many couples in my immediate family, as well as friends of my family, who have been married 30, 40, 50, and even 60 plus years. Most of the women come across as love, humble, kind-worded, peaceful, and meek (at least in public,.,.lol). So I grew up with a skewed and naïve view on the ways of the world. My vision growing up of sweet sweet black woman was created using everyday samples from a pool of women who had husbands (their children’s father) in the home then and now. Looking back I realize these women are more in line with the natural order of things. Men and women of my generation have no inclination of the conscious effort it takes to fight the system; to go against unnatural present day naturals; rather and instead, black single-parent female-lead households reign supreme.

    It’s all by design; yet, I hear the sounds of the trumpet proclaiming a new day. But first, let me apologize to my black sisters on behalf of myself and other brothers who know we failed to prevent and protect you, family, and our culture from falling into this Unnatural Age.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Thank you for your words.

      Trust me when I say this: THIS BLACK WOMAN is not being used by any white man. No, sir…

      I’ve seen the BIG PICTURE for a very long time.


  4. Tyrone says:


    Sistas, never allow anyone to mute your righteous anger…Never! Other women may be okay with being submissive and passive, this does not apply to women of african descent. The black female is a Lioness in every aspect. She’s the glue that holds everything together. Hated simply because she’s sun-kissed and beautiful inside and out. Other women envy you and men want to control you…The Matrix! Truth, all of us are not blind to the fact. Brothas in my family, we love our reflection. Hating you is unacceptable, always will be. As a race of men, we have a debt to repay you…It Will Be Paid Come What May! Thank You Sista—Always


    • truthangel07 says:

      And we appreciate brothers like you, Tyrone.

      I’ve been noticing how many are starting to speak out against those black males who have decided that the KKK now has a diversity program and they have asked for membership via their relationships with white women.

      Not all of us are asleep and we are more than prepared to deal with the traitors.


      • Tyrone says:


        Simple Logic…We Live For Our Women! As a blackman, i don’t wanna bring tears, pain, violence, and bloodshed to the doorstep of any black female…Period! Once the vast majority of us grasp this concept, everything else will fall into place.


  5. […] Source: Angry Black Woman? Try Strong Black Females With No Apology! […]


  6. originalwoman13 says:

    Great post, sis! Very powerful points about who we really are! I remember a few years back when some ww wrote some book about what was supposedly going on in the Obama white house; potraying Michelle Obama as an angry black woman. Remember that? In response, many black women discussed how like any other person with good sense bw will defend ourselves if attacked. However, when a bw does defend herself against attacks she’s angry. The sistas went on to say basically the same thing you said,”The angry Black women label is nothing more than a racist attempt to neutralize the Black voice.” It’s like damn if we do, and damn if we don’t. smh


    • truthangel07 says:

      Originalwoman, I learned as a child in my community from some of the smartest and strongest Black people once could know: You’ve got to be bold in this world and SPEAK UP for yourself. If you don’t; people will tell their own narrative of who you are supposed to be. And the view will always be skewed.

      White women are jealous of our strength and that’s why they try to attack that. We are what they can’t be: RESPECTED. Period.


  7. Real sad says:

    Yes i agree with u truthangel.I like ur blogs..keep making them 🙂


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