T.D. Jakes…Is He Becoming Too Mainstream?



When I look at the news, I see the controversy over the issue of gay marriage, child molestation is at an all time high, the endless reality shows that highlight the most troubled people in this country–paying them a lot of money to make fools of themselves, the lack of morals in our society, celebrities becoming more hedonistic than ever before; it would seem like a true Man of God could be of great purpose for this generation, but what if that too becomes tainted, then what?

I started watching T.D. Jakes a long time ago–before all of the fame.  He truly is an anointed preacher and I know he loves the Lord, however, as I’ve watched his celebrity grow, wealth, books, movies, and his Potter’s House becoming more of a place for the rich and famous; has this tainted him?

There have been times when I’ve actually questioned God about this.

Back in the day, just to hear him preach; he could bring the house down (still does) with the roar of his voice and the masterful way he tells biblical stories.  I watched on television mainly, but I admired this about him.  He had power.  God’s anointing was on him and in him.  His gifts were not a fluke.  But a roaring lion will get everyone’s attention and now that the “special ones” have noticed him; I am constantly wondering how long will Pastor Jakes be able to be a faithful servant of God; and not bending to the vices and temptations that fame can bring.

The discernment I have leads me to believe that many people are around T.D. Jakes that he would have never socialized with and these people may have dishonorable intentions.

Over the years, Pastor Jakes has had many personal issues that have made people wonder if God is trying to tell him something: His son was arrested in January of 2009 for exposing himself to two undercover detectives. Link: http://rodonline.typepad.com/rodonline/2009/02/antigay-bishop-td-jakes-gay-son-charged-with-exposing-himself-to-undercover-detectives.html

In June of that same year, there was a natural gas explosion at his home.

Some recent articles are questioning his style of preaching; even hinting that the pastor may even be secretly gay.  Lind above.

My own personal thoughts basically make me wonder who is the real T.D. Jakes these days.  I’m not sure what he’s about and his popularity with celebrities in particular have me worried.

The church has suffered greatly in recent decades, and sadly, this is the first generation of Americans that didn’t grow up in church.

Our nation is writing from lack of leadership, dysfunctional homes and communities, lack of fathers in the home, crime, hatred, lack of morals, etc.

Our churches have seemed to become tainted by the very people that lead them and fallen ministers don’t even raise eyebrows any longer.  Most people have become cynical and seem to anticipate the downfall of the next one.

Will that man be T.D. Jakes?

I don’t know…but I’ll close with this scripture: Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (verses 4-5, King James Version).

12 comments on “T.D. Jakes…Is He Becoming Too Mainstream?

  1. Tyrone says:

    TD Jakes is swimming with sharks, he better watch out. He has not hidden the fact that he wants a path for religous-themed movies in hollywood. His production company, TD Jakes Enterprises has released movies such as Jumping The Broom, Black Nativity, Woman Thou Art Loosed On The 7th Day, etc. He needs to remember this ugly truth about the industry. Hollywood is comprised of white socialists and marxists that have malice for our people. It’s a cesspool of the worst kind. The very group he’s mingling with are among the most anti-god, pro-gay, pro-abortion, anti-black individuals in the country…A Fact! Yet, black folk spend more than anybody, as it relates to ticket sales. I support Pastor Jakes in his objective to bring spiritual salvation to a modern day Babylon…A Challenge! We need to be wiser in how we spend our money. Personally, i spend money a few times a year to see black films of quality. Other than that, hollywood does not get one red cent from me…Period!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Good points, Tyrone and I rebutt with a question: Do you swim with sharks or does a wise fisherman know the water he’s fishing in before he lines his pole?

      I like people who make calculated risks with intelligent ambition.

      What is stopping smart Black people from starting their own Hollywood companies that cater to the audience they are marketing to?

      I many ways, I understand Tyler Perry’s point of “owning the gold” and making the rules; as opposed to be told what to do by ruthless men who love gold but hate the golddiggers.


      • Tyrone says:

        Great Points! Ownership Society…Black people create billions in wealth for others and not for us. Why is this a reality for a race of people so gifted? We should be runnin’ hollyweird, given that, black culture is so omnipotent. Unlike most black pastors, TD Jakes is for the people. I wish him godspeed.


      • truthangel07 says:

        Me too, Tyrone. He’s on my prayers list.


  2. […] Source: T.D. Jakes…Is He Becoming Too Mainstream? […]


  3. originalwoman13 says:

    One more thing, that scripture you provided at the end fits this subject perfectly! Amen! This is what these “Christian” people working for anyone but God is out there doing.


  4. originalwoman13 says:

    Another Great post, sis! According to many sources and using my own critical thinking skills and analysis and watching what is going on, I do believe that T.D. Jakes has sold his sold to the devil for fame and fortune. I remember Kushite Prince, provided a link on his site some time ago in which some wm by the name of Texe Mars discussed T. D. Jakes as the new religious front man for the illuminati, replacing Billy Gramhn. I would also like to note that I found in my research into the Illuminati that Bill Grahmn is a 32nd (or 33rd) degree mason, satanist, and mind control handler. In addition, my research has revealed that the illuminati is all up in Christiandom, sis, using the church in a fierce campaign attempt to convert the world to satanism. I also believe that many of these other so-called televangelist and preachers in the mainstream have sold their souls as well. Joel Olsteen, Joyce Myer, etc. You would think that these people, if they were really for God, would address in their teachings and sermons about the social ills of society, especially White Supremacy (Racism), the BIGGEST PROBLEM ON THE PLANET. But you never hear these people seriously addressing serious social ills, never! I come to find we can’t really trust anyone that has ties to the mainstream, hollyweird, etc. These people work for TPTB (the powers that be) keeping the masses in mass confusion and darkness. We need God more than we’ve ever needed him (or her) before!


    • truthangel07 says:

      Yes we do, Originalwoman. And the Bible warned of these times.

      I went to Sunday school when I was a child and I remember those old-line preachers speaking about how the devil will even use people in the church to trick God’s people.

      That day is now.


  5. Jamaican Princess says:

    Truth Angel, I changed my name on here to Jamaican Princess. I want to be anonymous now


  6. Jamaican Princess says:

    Personally I don’t know who this man is. I stopped watching those televangelists long time ago. I am tired of religion anyways. I want to seek spirituality.


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