A Deep Thinking Black Woman…



Ooo-oohhh-ooohh…I’m listening to the outro of the late Aaliyah’s I Care For You that was on her last album and it’s just one of the songs on my playlist that prompts my memories as I type on my computer each day.

What’s on my mind?   A lot.  I think a lot–even when I was a little girl.  My mother thought this strange for someone so young, but hey! I was a deep child; as this blog proves, there was a destiny and a process for me to become this person.  Yes.  There is a reason for my passion expressed here: The motivation I have is to express these thoughts of mine in order to bring about a change in my culture and generation.

I’m not trying to be famous, as my image is not all over the internet.  In 15 years, I’ve managed to keep that a secret.  It’s the words that I want publicized and read, thought about, and debated, that matters.  Words have power and can stretch into millenniums.

People are so distracted and can’t keep their mind on one thing for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Always rushing to get somewhere but not knowing where they’re really going.

Can I help you get there?

I don’t know…but rest assured, I’ll never give bad directions.

I appreciate those of you who follow this blog and those who have become constant contributors.

You are the reason why I’m here.





8 comments on “A Deep Thinking Black Woman…

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  3. Tyrone says:


    All human beings are not born thinkers and independents. God chose you as you were forming in your mother’s womb. Deep thinking women are a necessity in these times. Women have the power to bring good into the world…Strong Minds Sew Good Fruit! A blessing to us all. The female mind, a complex web.


    • truthangel07 says:

      Thank you. I was a curious little girl–like Dora The Explorer. You wouldn’t believe this…but I really was very shy and wouldn’t talk at all. However, God gave me the gift to write and an excellent memory. My mother never coddled me; she pushed me to always “get involved” with the other kids and do things that would bring more confidence in me. Over time, it worked.

      And yeah…I was that kid that was always picked at church to say the Easter speech. 🙂

      Call it serendipity or whatever; but everything that ever happened me, prepared me to be who I am know.


      • Tyrone says:


        The shy ones are internal, we marinate in our own stew. I was a shy yungin’ as well, but, i grew out of it at a certain point. I’m an Aquarius, so, we get lost in our own world sometimes. As always, women are the rocket fuel that propels us to greater heights…*Wink*


      • truthangel07 says:

        I’m really surprised sometimes at how I’ve matured and become more expressive. Although I still maintain a certain reserve toward people I don’t know; I will however initiate conversation and take the pulpit if necessary–something I wouldn’t do when I was a young child.

        I’ve come a long way, baby…*wink back* 🙂


  4. absentfathers says:

    Thanks for being a thinking woman and sharing your thoughts with the public.


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